A Big Beast and Big Problems

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Again in 2007 I wrote a slim, little e book titled Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Wild man. It was on the not-so-well-known story of a scary, ape-like creature seen in January 1879 at Bridge 39 on England’s Shropshire Union Canal. 5 yeas later, I adopted up Man-Monkey with Wildman! The Monstrous and Mysterious Saga of the British Wild man, which was a 300-page research of all the varied, so-called “British Wild man” instances on document. There isn’t any doubt that the U.Ok. has in its midst a variety of scary and controversy-filled creatures that, within the area of cryptozoology, have turn out to be often known as “Cryptids.” They embrace the Loch Ness Mystery beast, the lesser-known Morag of Scotland’s Loch Morar, so-called “Alien Massive Cats,” out-of-place wallabies (which aren’t actually cryptozoological in nature in any respect, however which have definitely obtained lumped into the matter), and the resident lake-monster of England’s Lake Windermere. Its title is Bownessie.

There may be, nonetheless, no extra controversial a creature within the area of U.Ok.-based Cryptozoology than the aforementioned British Wild man. Why? Nicely, as I level out in each Man-Monkey and Wildman!, there’s not a shred of fossil-based proof to recommend that such issues have lived in what’s now the U.Ok. – as in ever. No bones have ever been discovered. We now have no specimens – alive of lifeless. Considering the dimensions (or, extra appropriately, the lack of dimension) of the U.Ok., it could be wholly inconceivable for colonies of such Goliath-sized animals to lurk and stay within the U.Ok. and by no means get caught, captured or killed. And once I say it is inconceivable, I don’t go away any room for doubt. Large flesh-and-blood ape-like beasts can’t and don’t stay within the U.Ok. However, this is the factor: individuals see them on a surprisingly common foundation. However, how can that be? Nicely, if we take a strictly “it is some sort of ape” method, it cannot be. Except, that’s, the beasts are much more supernatural than they’re bodily. And, in fact, that brings up the not insignificant problem of how, precisely, we outline what the phrase “supernatural” actually means. In my expertise, that phrase means many issues to many individuals, and all relying on the individual you communicate with.

Though a British Wild man can’t exist, the witness testimony – at the least – does recommend it is “actual” in some sense. Of explicit curiosity is the truth that a lot of the reviews which have surfaced are in shut proximity to perceived sacred websites, reminiscent of previous stone circles, historic burial grounds, bridges, crossroads, ruined castles and what John Keel (of The Mothman Prophecies) termed “Window Areas.” As a few examples of many, I’ve a variety of reviews of a creature seen on the east-coast of England often known as the Shug-Monkey. Quite a lot of such reviews emanate from none apart from the location of the U.Ok.’s most controversial and well-known UFO eye witness encounter: the 1980 “UFO touchdown” at Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. There have been plenty of comparable encounters in sure areas of huge high-strangeness in England’s Cannock Chase woods – and notably in near proximity to a sure cemetery on the Chase. So, why do I point out all of this? Learn on.

Simply a few days in the past, I obtained a Fb message from a man named Rob Hampton. Whereas visiting mates within the English county of Oxfordshire, a couple of weeks earlier, Rob had a really bizarre eye witness encounter. The situation was the Rollright Stones – which I’ve written about right here at Mysterious Universe on a earlier event and which border Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. In keeping with Rob, whereas within the fast neighborhood of the stones, he had a fleeting (very fleeting) sighting of what he may solely time period as “Wild man.” The creature, stated Rob, was a hulking seven-to-eight-feet in peak. It had silvery, gray hair which flowed lengthy from the top down, and that lined its complete physique – apart from its arms and ft, which had been of a noticeably vivid pink colour. Rob advised me that the beast was strolling steadily and rapidly, under no circumstances in contrast to somebody on a mission. It gave Rob a sideways, piercing look, which he stated made him really feel “humorous” (however positively not from an amused perspective), after which it merely blinked out, as if it was by no means there within the first place.

Rollright Stones 96100107 640x408
The Rollright Stones

Rob did not elaborate. And, he did not inform some wonderful story of epic proportions: it was only a transient description of an equally transient occasion that shook Rob up and which – like all such instances within the U.Ok. – left me feeling puzzled. The largest frustration in regards to the British Wild man phenomenon is the truth that irrespective of how wonderful, how long-lasting, or how close-by the encounters are, we study completely nothing from these sorts of experiences. All we will say is that individuals report seeing one thing that they positively ought to not be seeing or reporting. The outcomes of transient time-slips to eras lengthy gone? Tulpas? Who is aware of? I’ve no solutions in any respect, simply case-files upon case-files. And that is the issue with the British Wild man. It defies common sense, however those that report it most positively don’t come throughout as missing in common sense. I will not cease investigating the British Wild man controversy. However, do I feel there’s a chance of fixing the riddle? Probably not, no. It’s, nonetheless, that million-to-one, unlikely probability that one thing simply would possibly sooner or later floor which nonetheless pushes me on. Holding my breath? Nope, not but. At some point? Perhaps…

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