A British Bigfoot: Hoax or Reality?

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Again in 2012, I wrote a e book referred to as Wildman!, a research of a phenomenon as weird as it’s perplexing. We’re speaking about Man of the woods-type studies within the UK. I be aware within the pages of my e book that the British Man of the woods is clearly not a flesh and blood animal. All of the instances I’ve investigated have an air of the supernatural, the paranormal, or the Fortean hooked up to them.

I am personally satisfied that the overwhelming majority of the individuals I’ve interviewed on this very controversial topic are solely real and are simply on the lookout for the solutions to their extraordinary experiences. There are, nonetheless, one or two incidents and people that I’ve my suspicions about. As in suspicions of hoaxing. Gavin, who I met personally round 2000/2001, claimed a really sensational sighting with a Man of the woods-like entity in England’s Cannock Chase woods, and particularly at considered one of its most well-known points of interest: specifically, the Glacial Boulder.

Glacial Boulder Cannock Chase 570x428
Glacial Boulder

Made out of granite, the boulder is each giant and spectacular. Additionally it is made extremely curious by advantage of the illuminating incontrovertible fact that there aren’t any pure granite out-crops wherever within the space – in any respect. Certainly, the closest rock of this particular kind could be discovered throughout the picturesque confines of the Lake District, which is greater than 120 miles to the north, and on Dartmoor, Devonshire, a minimum of 165 miles to the south-west.

The boulder itself, nonetheless, has been matched conclusively to a rocky outcrop at Cniffel in Dumfries & Galloway, which is over 170 miles from the Chase within the Southern Uplands of Scotland. In some unspecified time in the future over the last Ice Age, it’s now usually accepted, the boulder was apparently carried by the good glaciers down the size of the British Isles and to its current location – and what would show to be its remaining resting place – on the Cannock Chase.

As Gavin defined his sensational story to me, it was on a winter’s night time in 1997, when he and his girlfriend had been parked in his automotive close to the boulder, doing what courting {couples} have at all times executed for the reason that invention of the auto, when his girlfriend abruptly set free a loud and hysterical scream: standing atop the boulder was a big bushy man, waving his arms in a wild, crazed trend on the star-lit sky. Gavin rapidly jumped into the entrance seat of the automotive and floored the accelerator.


Tires spun, filth flew into the air, and the automotive shot away at excessive velocity, however not earlier than the creature supposedly succeeded in leaping onto the hood of his automotive. For 5 minutes, it valiantly held on, earlier than lastly being thrown to the bottom. Gavin appeared in his rear-view mirror and was horrified to see that the creature was already again on its toes and working at high-speed into the depths of the encompassing countryside.

In equity to the extra skeptical-minded, it have to be stated at this level that a number of different individuals who have additionally met Gavin are satisfied that his story is solely that: merely a story (of the very tallest selection) and nothing extra. For his half, Gavin has been cautious – again and again – to level out in response that he has nothing to realize – and completely every little thing to lose – by fabricating such a horrific and unbelievable story.

And in that respect he’s most actually not incorrect: claiming to one and all that you’ve got seen a Man of the woods-type entity roaming across the Cannock Chase’s Glacial Boulder at night time is, sadly, unlikely to lead to something apart from the rolling of eyes, a definite shaking of the top, and overwhelming hoots of each derision and laughter. However, and regardless of of such criticism, Gavin continues to face by his story.

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