A Family’s Bizarre Encounters with the Bigfoot of Japan

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Studies of mysterious furry hominids originate from a variety of nations, locales, and cultures, from all corners of the globe. They go by many names and are available many sizes and styles, however whether or not they’re referred to as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Almas, Orang Pendek, or any of their different myriad names, one factor that these furry homnids share is that they flip up all over the place, from excessive snowy peaks, to tropical forests, in alpine forests, to the deepest, darkest swamps, and even deserts. Nevertheless, typically we get experiences of Bigfoot or another kind of furry hominid from locations the place they actually appear to have no enterprise being. Hawaii has its model of Bigfoot, as does England. Is the island nation of Japan, too, house to its personal model of North America’s Bigfoot? There are various experiences that appear to level to that conclusion, and one of many strangest is one which I personally managed to trace down. Here’s a story that’s unique to this text, and which one can find nowhere else, regarding a really weird sequence of sightings of Japan’s very personal Bigfoot.

Earlier than we start, let’s take a look at the creature at hand. The “Japanese Bigfoot,” generally known as the Hibagon, is alleged to lurk within the forests of Mt. Hiba in Northern Hiroshima, from which it features its namesake, in addition to its surrounding wilderness. The Hibagon is often described as being reddish brown or black in coloration, and typically reported as having a patch of white fur on its chest or arms. It’s mentioned to be a foul smelling and ugly creature, with a fierce face lined in bristles, a snub nostril, and obvious, clever eyes. The ape-like face is typically mentioned to be lengthy and considerably protruding somewhat than flat like a human’s, and the pinnacle is usually reported as proportionately giant, and formed considerably like an inverted triangle.

The Hibagon is far smaller than its North American counterpart, the Sasquatch, and is mostly reported as round 5 to six toes in peak and estimated as weighing about 180 to 200 kilos. The creature can be reported to be extra ape-like and animalistic than the Sasquatch as effectively. The Hibagon is usually described as wanting extra like a gorilla or big monkey than human-like, and though it’s most frequently seen shifting bipedally, many experiences inform of the creature shifting about on all fours fairly simply. Some eyewitnesses even declare the animal was hopping alongside “like a monkey.” Different notable options of experiences are the Hibagon’s obvious curiosity, its lack of concern of individuals, though it’s simply spooked by sudden noises and remains to be fairly elusive, and the overall absence of any form of vocalizations within the experiences.

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The Hibagon is generally identified from a sequence of sightings within the Mt. Hiba space lasting from 1970 to 1982. Most likely the primary Hibagon sighting account occurred in early 1970, when a gaggle of elementary college college students out choosing wild mushrooms within the forests of Mt. Hiba had been terrified to return throughout an ape-like beast noisily crashing by brush close by. The creature turned perturbed on the presence of people in its neighborhood, and made some threatening gestures and snapped some branches, very like a gorilla’s bluffing show it could be famous, earlier than darting away into the underbrush. The kids instantly rushed again to their instructor to report what they’d seen, however upon additional investigation the creature was gone. All that remained in its wake had been swaths of smashed underbrush and branches that appeared to have been twisted aside, one thing that might take much more power than a college little one would possess. A sequence of sightings would ensue, and one of many strangest is the one I managed to trace down.

I used to be first launched to the witness by a Japanese fan of my articles, who reached out to me with the case of a witness he knew who had by no means come forth publicly together with his story. I managed to make contact with the witness, and as he didn’t need to be named on this article, he’ll stay often known as merely “Mr. Saito” for this piece. Mr. Saito was somewhat shy and hesitant to  discuss to me, probably not keen to inform his story at first, however as we talked he warmed as much as the thought, and a really weird story would start to unfurl.

The setting for this story is an easy farmhouse nestled in opposition to the aspect of Mt. Hiba in the summertime of 1980. In entrance stretch rice fields, and behind a tangle of wilderness sweeps up the mountainside. On this space the homes are removed from one another, with the closest neighbor typically far away, the homes easy picket constructions with conventional tiled roofs. It was in one in every of these modest homes that the witness to this story was residing on the time of his unusual story, residing a easy life together with his spouse and two younger kids. It was a quiet, serene place, far faraway from the bustle and enterprise of massive cities like Tokyo or Osaka, a spot the place everybody knew one another, the place doorways remained unlocked, and the place sometimes not a lot ever actually occurred in any respect. But this was about to alter for the Saito household, and their lives had been by no means to be the identical.

It began fairly innocuously. Someday Saito went out into his modest vegetable backyard behind the home to seek out that a few of his greens had been dug out from the bottom and brought. Now keep in mind this was a protected and rural little city the place crime was an entire stranger, so he knew that an individual wouldn’t have stolen his greens. Saito’s first quick thought was that this was the doing of Japanese macaques, that are ubiquitous in lots of rural and suburban mountain areas of Japan and which will be fairly a nuisance, raiding trash cans and gardens. Saito had had issues with the monkeys earlier than, having even erected a scarecrow on the property to ward them off, so this was his first guess as to who the perpetrators had been. He determined to hold out a stake out of the backyard, ready by the window to catch the little rascals within the act, however he would quickly discover that the perpetrator was no Japanese monkey.

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Japanese macaques

The strangeness actually started on a heat night because the solar was simply beginning to dip beneath the mountains with the approaching of evening. Saito had been ready on the sliding door overlooking his backyard for a number of hours and seen no monkeys, so he was starting to assume he may attempt once more within the early morning hours, when he heard one thing transfer by the comb past the tree line. Peering by the timber within the fading gentle, he nonetheless had sufficient gentle to see, and totally anticipated to see the macaques lurking about. The sound of the comb being disturbed got here once more, and it was considerably furtive and subdued, as if no matter was making the sound was attempting to be stealthy, maybe even conscious of Saito’s presence. The farmer continued obvious out into the forest when he noticed one thing there within the timber, of which he would clarify:

I noticed a darkish form huddled close to a tree, and it may have simply been mistaken for a tree trunk or rubbish pile by anybody else, however I knew my property. I had lived there for years and knew that this huge black form was not imagined to be there. I used to be curious greater than something, and I received as much as go on the market and see what it was, and that was when it moved. I used to be startled, and started to assume it was a black bear. We didn’t see these usually round there and so they had been very uncommon, however not extraordinary.


I used to be questioning what do when the form moved once more and stood up. I may see that it was pretty giant, perhaps 175 cm (5.5 toes), most likely taller because it was form of hunched over. It took a few steps after which form of plopped down once more to take a seat or squat there, and I may inform that it had somewhat longish darkish hair and a head that form of cocked to the aspect as if it had been finding out me. I may really feel that it was watching me, however couldn’t see its face clearly within the fading gentle. I didn’t know what it was, however I knew this was no bear. If I needed to say what it jogged my memory of, I’d should say it was most like a long-haired ape, like perhaps an orangutan. Though I couldn’t see it effectively, that was my impression. I attempted to quietly name out to my spouse within the subsequent room, and after I did, this factor simply bolted and began operating off up the steep mountainside. It was extremely quick and agile no matter it was, and by the point my spouse got here to see what I needed her to see it was gone.

Saito excitedly advised his spouse about what he had seen, however she simply advised him that it was most likely a bear, one thing he strongly denied. When his youngsters heard of it, they had been extra curious than scared, and so they chattered about what it may very well be all through the remainder of the night. Saito himself discovered himself misplaced to his ideas pondering what he had seen, and when he went to mattress, he determined to attempt an experiment. From the kitchen he gathered collectively a platter containing an apple, banana, some candy potatoes, squash, celery, and a little bit of chocolate out of sheer curiosity. He then introduced the platter out to the sting of his property and left it there by the timber, taking one final look into the pitch blackness and muttering “Eat this should you should, however depart my vegetable backyard alone,” earlier than heading off to a fitful sleep. The subsequent morning, Saito received up simply after daybreak and went out to verify the platter he had ignored, and would inform me of his discover:

The meals was gone. Or I ought to say a few of it was. The apple was nonetheless sitting there and the celery and banana remained, however the candy potatoes, squash, and chocolate had been all gone. I believed that if this had been monkeys then it could be unusual of them to depart behind something. They might have eaten all of it. That day I noticed nothing of our unusual customer, and that evening I attempted once more, placing out the identical choice of meals, and once more the following morning the candy potato, squash, and chocolate had been gone. For a number of nights in a row I did this, and no matter was taking the meals positive didn’t like apples, bananas, or celery.

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Throughout these nights and throughout the days, Saito noticed nothing extra of the creature he had seen, however this may quickly change. After 4 days of this, in the future his daughter got here to him as he learn a ebook and whispered that there was one thing out within the forest. He instantly went to look and will see that factor on the market once more, a lot to his amazement. It was now broad daylight and sitting lower than 100 toes away, so now he was capable of extra clearly see it, and he would say of what occurred:

I may now see that it was undoubtedly no bear. It regarded like some form of ape. It was squatting down close to a tree, its lengthy arms casually resting in entrance it. The hair was somewhat lengthy and unkempt, like that of an orangutan, and of a deep reddish- grey hue. It was fairly huge and muscular, and its head had a slight rise to it, like that of a gorilla. The face I may now make out and it was not like every ape I had ever seen. It appeared very human-like, however with a squashed, flat nostril and enormous mouth. Its eyes had been deep-set below a outstanding forehead, principally hiding them in shadow.


It was simply sitting there observing us for a while, after which it let loose a sound that resembled “oof oof.” It was a mild sound. It didn’t give me the impression of aggression. It referred to as out a number of extra occasions like this, “oof oof,” after which stood up on two legs. I may see now that it was round 180 cm (6 toes) tall, with huge shoulders and a little bit of a pot stomach, and its arms had been lengthy, dangling right down to its knees. It took a number of steps in the direction of us and that was the purpose that our curiosity turned to concern. My daughter and I backed away into the home and closed the sliding door. The sound of the door closing will need to have spooked it, as a result of once more it took off at excessive velocity into the timber and was gone.

By now Saito was utterly obsessive about this unusual creature, and started spending most of his time sitting there by his yard staring up on the mountainside ready for it to look once more. For a number of days, he noticed nothing, after which, remembering his daylight encounter, he determined to attempt placing the meals platter out within the daytime. He put collectively a platter of candy potatoes, squash, and chocolate, no apples, and positioned it by the forest edge, and he didn’t have to attend lengthy for a response. Inside thirty minutes of placing the meals out, he noticed motion from up within the timber, and the creature appeared, making its approach down the hill with clean confidence and agility regardless of the steep, treacherous terrain. This time it got here nearer than ever, strolling on two legs proper as much as the meals, and Saito may now see it higher than ever earlier than. He would say of the surreal scenario that unfolded:

The creature didn’t appear to be so afraid of me this time, as if it knew I meant it no hurt. It approached the platter of meals, a bit warily however not scared, and I may see it very effectively now. My spouse noticed it too this time, and she or he now knew it was not a bear. Its lengthy hair was a tangled mess, twisted up in locations, filled with twigs, filth and grass. The fingers had been tough and leathery, however regarded very human. But it surely was the eyes that struck me. I may see them now and so they had been filled with a eager intelligence. There was an consciousness there past a mere animal. It regarded proper at me because it approached and I may see that it was not aggressive and that it was finding out me as a lot as I used to be finding out it. It didn’t take these remarkably human eyes off me for a second because it reached out with its lengthy arms, plucked the meals off the plate, after which backed away. It then made its approach up the hill once more. It stopped as soon as, checked out me, and let loose one single “oof” sound. Then it went off out of sight into the timber. That was the final time I ever noticed it.

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Saito would proceed to look out by these timber, ready on daily basis to see it once more, however the creature by no means did come again. Perhaps one thing had occurred to, perhaps it had determined to not get too near people anymore, or perhaps it had simply moved on, wandering off on its inscrutable path. This story just isn’t solely weird, but additionally extremely distinctive amongst Hibagon sightings on the time. Through the quick time that the creature was seen, it was all the time solely fleetingly witnessed, keen to method individuals but additionally famend for being elusive and shy, by no means getting too shut. There isn’t any different report that I do know of that concerned a witness seeing the creature up shut or for an prolonged size of time, and positively none involving what appeared on this case to have been precise interplay. It’s so superb, in reality, that I usually surprise if any of it’s true. Nevertheless, contemplating that Saito by no means went to the information about it, stored it to himself, and so far as I do know has solely ever advised me, why would he make up such an elaborate story? What’s going on right here?

It’s arduous to say what the Hibagon phenomenon may actually be about, since it’s a kind of animal that might be one of many final issues anybody would count on to come across out within the woods right here. What’s the Hibagon and what did this witness actually see on the market within the timber and the way does it tie into the entire Hibagon phenomenon? Is that this all hypothesis, fantasy, and legend, or is there maybe one thing extra to all of it? What did Mr. Saito and the numerous others who noticed the Hibagon truly see, if something in any respect, and why did the sightings abruptly cease within the 80s? It appears like one thing we might not ever get the reply to, and the Hibagon and this report lie on the market in a real realm of thriller.

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