“A Goliath In The Shape Of A Man”

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“Why is it,” I used to be requested on a radio present just some days in the past, “that Wild man, if it is actual, has solely been seen for the previous few a long time?” These aren’t the precise phrases, however they’re fairly shut. The clearly uninformed host had no concept that stories of huge, furry man-beasts in the USA (and likewise in Canada) date again not simply a long time, however centuries. Certainly, even a cursory search on Google for “nineteenth Century Wild man Studies” will reveal a wealth of fabric. Evidently, for some radio-show hosts, the idea of a search-engine is totally and completely past them. Some “oldie” circumstances are extra well-known than others. Various are downright notorious – such because the horrific and very controversial case of “Jacko.” After which there’s this one…

In a 1908 version of the Alaska-Yukon Journal, there appeared a notable story from one Frank E. Howard. It was an article that advised of an incident that occurred throughout the summer time months, just some years beforehand. The situation was Alaska’s Malaspina Glacier. As he negotiated the perilous glacier, Howard had a disastrous fall right into a deep crevasse.


Fortuitously, Howard was not injured, however there was an issue. And, wouldn’t you simply realize it, it was a giant drawback, too. There was merely no approach for him to climb out the identical approach he had fallen in. So, there was only one choice left to him. He needed to comply with the crevasse, hoping that it could lead downhill and permit him to lastly go away the crevasse and make his approach down the glacier. That is precisely what Howard claimed occurred.

Howard advised the journal: “I arose and began down the slope with the thought of reaching the water and following alongside its margin whereas the tide was low, in quest of some crevasse main out into the open bay. I used to be certain the nice cavern was crevassed to the floor sooner or later past. As I saved going forward I seen a gradual enhance of sunshine, and in a couple of extra steps, I stood in a broad wall of blue mild that got here down from above and, wanting up, I noticed there was no clear opening to the floor. However objects had been now revealed a long way round.”

He continued: “Then an object rose slowly out of the glimmer and took kind – a spectral factor, with enormous kind, and lifelike motion. The article rose erect, a Goliath within the form of a person. Then, watching me with a slantwise look, it walked obliquely from me, till its kind pale within the gloom of the cavern.” It’s Howard’s remaining phrases that recommend strongly that the mighty creature was a Wild man: “With its shaggy light-colored fur and big measurement, the creature in some methods resembled a bear with bluish grey fur, however that it had a roughly human kind, and always walked erect.”


Ed Ferrell, creator of the guide, Horrific Tales of Alaska and the Yukon, says of the Frank E. story: “There is no such thing as a additional report of Frank Howard. But his account is per different stories of Wild man or Man of the woods.” Raincoast Man of the woods creator, J. Robert Alley feedback: “It appears believable that this occasion might have occurred in some kind or one other, as described…At any charge it’s an intriguing story, if not merely a very good yarn, and Ferrell’s summation, of the creature described as ‘per Man of the woods’ appears fairly applicable.”

A real eye witness encounter with a Wild man greater than a century in the past? Or a saga of Jacko-like proportions? Questions, questions. Regardless of the deserves or in any other case of such circumstances, we are able to say for certain that folks had been speaking about Wild man-like creatures lengthy earlier than Wild man grew to become a family identify.

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