A Link Between Aliens and Bigfoot?

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In Mac Tonnies’ seminal and, sadly, ultimate masterpiece, The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation of Indigenous Humanoids and Aliens Amongst Us, at one level we discover the late futurist contrasting the perceived means of aliens to cover themselves with that of Hairy-man.

“It bears point out,” Tonnies writes, “that eminent primatologist Jane Goodall had defended the scientific seek for “Hairy-man,” a cryptohominid generally described as huge. Assuming a huge and purportedly foul-smelling primate can efficiently lay low, it could be considerably simpler for an clever technical society, with a examined capability for stealth and a full repertoire of disinformation tips, to dodge our radar.”

However what if we have been to imagine {that a} creature like “Hairy-man,” if it exists, have been truly an alien itself?

Researchers comparable to John Keel and Stan Gordon have famous the obvious parallels between sightings of anthropomorphic ape-like creatures and UFO encounters. In a number of smaller Fortean circles, this type of analysis has even often led to the idea that Hairy-man creatures would possibly symbolize some type of an alien being themselves. Numerous web sites on-line have even gone as far as to indicate Hairy-man-type creatures below the extraterrestrial classification of “Sasquans” and comparable names, likening the beasts to being an extraterrestrial race exiled (whether or not or not it is a self-imposed exile) right here on Earth. Different weird hypothesis alongside comparable traces means that Hairy-man creatures are literally pets which, much like an irresponsible canine or cat proprietor taking an animal off to a distant location and launch it, have been turned unfastened on this planet by their extraterrestrial house owners.

However all of the more strange hypothesis put apart, there have truly been research carried out up to now that sought to attempt to clarify why there are, in actual fact, traits between Hairy-man and UFO sightings. Peter Leeson, a BB&T Professor for the Research of Capitalism at George Mason College, undertook the same process in 2008. Leeson, who admitted having an curiosity in UFOs into an economics weblog, started plotting UFO sightings on a chart that equally positioned states the place Hairy-man sightings occurred graphically. Even within the early phases, Leeson described “an intriguing sample,” during which he discovered that states that had extra U.F.O. sightings additionally seemed to be having extra Hairy-man sightings. Visitor running a blog for the New York Instances, Leeson wrote that “six of the highest ten U.F.O. and Hairy-man states are the identical: Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Alaska, Wyoming, and Colorado. Two states, Washington and Oregon, are amongst each classes’ high 5.”

Though such data is horrific, can we conclude from this that there’s certainly a connection between bushy hominids and UFO sightings? Are Hairy-man creatures, regardless of being presupposed to look loads like us, actually hailing from someplace additional out than we understand? Or, does this data counsel that, in actuality, there’s a deeper which means right here? What if prevalence of geomagnetic exercise have been taken into query? Would we be startled to discover a propensity for thrust faults and different Earthbound exercise conducive to magnetic or electrical phenomena in these states, and in that case, may these be elements concerned, both within the look of those creatures, or at very least, the notion thereof?

Maybe so. However for now, whether or not we imagine in creatures like Hairy-man or not, we’ll must agree that there are just a few elements to this thriller that are, for lack of a greater time period, out of this world.

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