A Spacefaring Race? Sasquatch from the Stars?

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Though the time period “Man of the woods” was not coined till the late Fifties, it is a proven fact that stories of vast, furry, humanoid creatures inhabiting the wilder, mountainous, and forested areas of america date again to the earliest years of Native American tradition. There may be, nevertheless, one thing very intriguing concerning the Native American beliefs in Man of the woods. They strongly recommend that the creatures are excess of they look like. That’s to say, they don’t simply symbolize an undiscovered type of North American ape, however one thing instantly linked to the UFO phenomenon. Given the truth that stories exist of Man of the woods from centuries in the past, as astonishing as it could sound Man of the woods, in keeping with some eye-witnesses and investigators, could also be nothing lower than an historic alien. In 2014, the late Brad Steiger informed me a most intriguing story: “A weird incident occurred in Turkey on the evening of Might 14, 1964. Ismir Bey and his spouse had been driving alongside a highway that ran adjoining to a railroad monitor after they noticed a spinning disc within the sky, described by them as ‘the scale of a home.’ All of the sudden, it appeared to plummet out of the sky, and because the two watched it crashed to the bottom in a burst of flames. That is actually one of many few stories of a UFO crashing, and, so as to add a weird twist, an enormous, furry vampire was quickly seen by the Beys because it scrambled out of the wreckage and headed for security – straight towards the Beys!

“In an effort to guard his spouse from no matter destiny would possibly befall her by the hands of the vampire, Bey flung himself on the beast, and was rewarded for his valor by being pounded into unconsciousness. Mrs. Bey reported that the vampire then flung her husband within the course of the railroad tracks and ran off into the close by woods, however apparently it didn’t attempt to hurt her.” Shifting on…The Native Languages web site states: “The Man of the woods determine is frequent to the folklore of most Northwest Native American tribes. Native American Man of the woods legends often describe the creatures as round 6-9 ft tall, very robust, furry, uncivilized, and infrequently foul-smelling, often residing within the woods and infrequently foraging at evening…In some Native tales, Man of the woods could have minor supernatural powers – the flexibility to show invisible, for instance – however they’re all the time thought of bodily creatures of the forest, not spirits or ghosts.

“That’s the place the intertribal Man of the woods similarities finish, nevertheless. Within the Man of the woods myths of some tribes, Man of the woods and his relations are usually shy and benign figures – they could take issues that don’t belong to them and even kidnap a human spouse, however don’t hurt individuals and will even come to their assist. Generally Man of the woods is taken into account a guardian of nature in these tribes. These extra benevolent Bigfeet often seem alone or in a small household unit, and will change items or use signal language to speak with Native American communities. However Man of the woods legends from different tribes describe them as malevolent creatures who assault people, play harmful tips on them, or steal youngsters; they could even eat individuals. These extra harmful Man of the woods monsters, referred to as Stick Indians or Bush Indians, are generally present in massive teams and even villages, which have interaction in warfare with neighboring Indian tribes.” 

Stan Gordon is among the United States’ main researchers of the stranger sides of the Man of the woods phenomenon. And so they don’t come a lot stranger than a case that Gordon investigated, in late 1973, in his house state of Pennsylvania. It’s essential to notice that the case in query was one among dozens that Gordon obtained from 1972 to 1974, which, collectively, urged the presence of unknown, furry, man-beasts all throughout Pennsylvania. Lots of the instances that Gordon investigated, nevertheless, had been dominated by phenomena that, for a lot of Man of the woods investigators, fell far outdoors what one might name the norm – together with a sure occasion that occurred at Fayette County, in October 1973. It was the darkish evening of October 25 when all hell broke unfastened within the coronary heart of the county. The first participant within the story was one Steve Palmer who was each amazed and frightened to see a brightly illuminated UFO hovering over native farmland, round 9.00 p.m. However that wasn’t all that Palmer encountered: a pair of immense, ape-like animals with very lengthy and muscular arms surfaced out of the shadows of the darkish subject and proceeded to stroll proper in direction of Palmer, himself. He wasted no time and blasted them with a salvo of bullets. Very weirdly, the bullets appeared to don’t have any impact – in any respect – on both creature, and so they retreated into the darkness. The UFO did likewise, vanishing immediately. That was not the tip of the affair, nevertheless. Roughly 4 hours later, issues took on even stranger, and way more terrifying, proportions.

(Nick Redfern) Hanging out with Stan Gordon, Man of the woods knowledgeable

It was roughly 1.00 a.m. when Stan Gordon arrived on the scene, having been alerted to the Palmer sighting by an area police officer, one who had been apprised of the details. Together with Gordon had been fellow investigators Dennis Smeltzer, Fred Pitt, David Smith, and George Lutz. They met with Palmer, who proceeded to inform them of his unearthly sighting with the 2 Man of the woods and the UFO. Then, fairly out of the blue, one thing horrifying occurred: Palmer’s respiratory modified, to the extent that he was actually panting closely and deeply, and he broke right into a deep, guttural growl and knocked each his personal father and Lutz to the sphere ground. And that was solely the beginning of issues. Pitt discovered himself unable to breathe correctly, Smeltzer felt faint, and Palmer fell to the bottom, having apparently handed out. A robust, rotten odor of brimstone immediately dominated the chilly evening air. The terrified group knew that it was important they get out of the sphere – and shortly, too – earlier than issues bought even worse. Later, when Palmer regained consciousness, he informed Gordon and his group that he, Palmer, whereas in his handed out state, had seen earlier than him a sickle-carrying, dark-robed determine that warned him the Human Race was on the verge of destroying itself – and would do precisely that except it curbed its violent instincts.

 Even stranger than that, a few weeks later, Palmer was visited at his house by two Air Power officers, one in uniform and the opposite in plainclothes. It grew to become very clear, and really shortly, that the pair knew all about Palmer’s bizarre sighting and the later expertise. They even confided in him they knew that each UFOs and Man of the woods had been real. There was a selected cause for the go to: first, they confirmed Palmer a variety of images of Man of the woods creatures and needed to know if the beast he encountered resembled them. Second, they requested if Palmer can be prepared to be positioned right into a hypnotic state, to make sure that the army secured all of the related information. Palmer agreed. And with all the data in hand, the 2 males bought up, thanked Palmer, and left. Regardless of telling Palmer they might maintain him knowledgeable of any future developments, they failed to take action. He by no means noticed them once more. It was a becoming finish to a case steeped in thriller. One of the vital fascinating instances of relevancy got here from James C. Wyatt, of Memphis, Tennessee. He shared the story with the aforementioned paranormal knowledgeable, Brad Steiger, a duplicate of his – Wyatt’s -grandfather’s journal from 1888. It described the previous man’s publicity to the Man of the woods phenomenon, approach again within the nineteenth century. The placement was the Humboldt Meridian, in northwestern California. It was whereas within the space, on one specific day, that Wyatt’s grandfather encountered a tribesman carrying a plate of uncooked meat. Puzzled, he requested what it was for. After pondering on issues for some time the person motioned Wyatt Sr. to observe him. On arriving at a cave constructed right into a cliff face, he was shocked to see an enormous, hair-covered, man-like beast. It was, nevertheless, fairly docile and enthusiastically ate the meat supplied for him.

It was then that Wyatt’s grandfather bought the total story. The beast – nicknamed “Loopy Bear” – had supposedly been dropped at the forests “from the celebrities.” Nothing lower than a “small moon” had descended, ejecting each the creature and several other others of its type. The “moon” was reportedly piloted by very human-looking entities that all the time waved on the Indians as they dumped the furry beasts on their land. James C. Wyatt requested Brad Steiger: “Who’s to say the Loopy Bears weren’t exiled to our planet for some crime or different infraction of the legal guidelines of one other planet?” Then, there’s Jack Lapseritis. His ideas and conclusions are price increasing on the Man of the woods phenomenon. When the creatures had been dropped at our world by visiting extraterrestrials in occasions gone, says Lapseritis…  “…some had been genetically ‘modified’ and launched. Zechariah Sitchin practiced actual science by appropriately deciphering the Sumerian cuneiforms, which others in mainstream science couldn’t perceive. Sitchin opened the doorways to actuality for lots of people. Based on his work, all of us had been genetically engineered. Some people have the soul of an ET or Man of the woods/Historic One. Contact with the precise individuals is essential to the Man of the woods. Some people (‘hairless ones’) have the talents wanted to place out the reality. The Man of the woods say we live a lie, in an phantasm created by our so-called ‘trendy’ society. Our authorities and our religions are the true illusionists, perpetrating a diversion away from who we actually are, with the intention to management the lots. Increasingly more individuals are being contacted. We’ve got all come right here to study essential classes. I’ve come to grasp, and to piece collectively all that they’ve informed me and the opposite contactees.”

(Nick Redfern) The do not name them “Man of the woods” for nothing

Any point out of the legendary and macabre Males in Black inevitably provokes imagery of an X-Information-type nature; imagery stuffed with tales of conspiracy and cover-up. It’s a reality, nevertheless – and a decidedly horrific reality, too – that the MIB don’t simply flip up in UFO-related occasions. They appear to have a deep fascination for horrific creatures, too. In 1967, the Males in Black turned up in Level Nice, West Virginia, when sightings of the well-known, red-eyed, winged Mothman had been at their top. Then, within the early Seventies, a lake-monster researcher named Ted Vacation had an sighting of the MIB selection on the shores of Loch Ness. All of which brings us to the MIB-Man of the woods connection. A very horrific story that falls completely into this class reached my consideration in mid-March 2007 and occurred solely per week or so earlier. It got here from a married couple, Donnie and Lynne, who lived on the outskirts of Oklahoma Metropolis. All of it started, I used to be informed, within the coronary heart of the Ouachita Nationwide Forest, Oklahoma. Actually, it’s a forest that would simply conceal far quite a lot of Man of the woods. 

The Forest Service says: “The Ouachita Nationwide Forest covers 1.8 million acres in central Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma. Headquartered in Sizzling Springs, Arkansas, the forest is managed for a number of makes use of, together with timber and wooden manufacturing, watershed safety and enchancment, habitat for wildlife and fish species (together with threatened and endangered ones), wilderness space administration, minerals leasing, and outside recreation.  Take pleasure in tenting, mountain climbing, biking, scenic driving, path using, water recreation, fishing, looking, and extra!” Donnie and Lynne meant on doing at the very least a number of of these issues. As an alternative, nevertheless, they encountered america’ most well-known vampire. It was round nightfall and husband and spouse had been strolling alongside the winding paths of the tree-shrouded Ouachita Nationwide Recreation Path when Donnie was immediately gripped by an awesome sense that they weren’t alone, that their each transfer was being watched and scrutinized by animalistic eyes. Donnie’s sixth-sense – one which we have now all displayed on occasion – was proper on track.    

In seconds, a large, hair-covered determine emerged from the bushes, at a distance of what was barely twenty ft or so. And after I say “huge,” the couple was speaking of one thing that stood between eight and a half and 9 ft tall: a real vast. Neither Donnie nor Lynne had any prior curiosity within the Man of the woods thriller, however they immediately knew what they had been : the legendary Man of the woods. They informed me the creature was male: its anatomy made that a lot clear. Considerably embarrassed, Lynne mentioned that its “manhood” was seen however tiny. They didn’t comprehend it, however gorillas, for instance, are famous for being far lower than properly endowed. In that sense, their phrases on this facet of the Man of the woods’s look truly helped bolster their story. As well as, the creature had a conical head, an enormous chest, and thick legs. Maybe not surprisingly, seeing the factor at shut quarters triggered Lynne to fall to the bottom, her legs giving approach beneath her. Donnie might solely stare, with a mix of awe, concern, and dread. For a second the Man of the woods merely stared at them, after which one thing completely unexpected occurred: Man of the woods spoke to the shocked couple. Not actually, however in a style that they might solely describe as telepathy.

Each Donnie and Lynne heard the next phrases fill their heads, however in a soothing, smooth, feminine voice: “Don’t be afraid. You’ll not be harmed. Don’t come shut.” Hardly surprisingly, the pair did precisely what they had been informed to do. For just a few moments, at the very least. Donnie determined after twenty seconds or in order that this was a as soon as in a lifetime likelihood to seize proof of the creatures that science and zoology inform us don’t exist. He slowly reached into his backpack and pulled out his digital digital camera. In a second, the voice stuffed his head once more, though not that of Lynne, curiously: “Don’t.” It was as if, Donnie urged to me, that the creature understood completely what a digital camera was and what it might do, and, due to this fact, immediately took steps to stop the pair from securing proof of the beast’s existence. The creature then strode in direction of them, as Donnie additionally dropped to his knees and the couple clung to one another tightly. 

Fortuitously, there was no violent assault on them. As an alternative the Man of the woods leaned in shut and, but once more, they heard a feminine voice say:  “You’ll not be damage and you needn’t concern. Go. Yet another time I’ll see you.” They didn’t want telling once more and managed to scramble to their shaking legs and backed away, lastly breaking right into a hysterical run, trying again till the creature might not be seen. The weirdness, nevertheless, was removed from over. Over the course of the subsequent few nights, each Donnie and Lynne had vivid, traumatic goals of a number of silver-eyed Man of the woods looming over their mattress, warning them by no means to speak of what they’d encountered within the Ouachita Nationwide Forest. Notably, on the ultimate evening of the nightmarish goals, Donnie awakened with a sudden jolt because the dream reached its peak, and truly noticed the creatures within the bed room – which immediately dematerialized earlier than his eyes. This led the couple to assume that the goals weren’t regular goals based mostly round a current, traumatic occasion. They got here to imagine that Man of the woods can materialize, dematerialize, and even penetrate our dream states.

The pair didn’t see the creatures once more – both bodily or in goals – however there was nonetheless extra to return. On the subsequent evening, each had been woken from their slumber within the early hours by a skinny beam of sunshine that arced throughout the darkened bed room. It was coming by way of the hole within the curtains of the open window. Donnie raced to the window and caught sight of two issues: a variety of horrific, small balls of sunshine that flitted across the woods that surrounded their house; and – illuminated by a brilliant moon and movement detector lights – a person wearing a darkish go well with and trench-coat and carrying an previous, Fifties-style fedora hat, which is the everyday costume of the Males in Black. Realizing that he had been seen, the MIB retreated into the woods, in the identical course because the eerie globes of sunshine. A pair extra bizarre issues occurred, together with a number of days of static on the couple’s landline – one other basic facet of MIB encounters – and horrific howling coming from the woods. After which, nothing. Regardless of having informed me of the occasions – when the creatures had firmly informed them by no means to talk of it – no hurt got here to Donnie and Lynne. Sadly, there have been no strong solutions for them both. 

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