A Standoff Between a Yowie and a Woman Armed With a Cricket Bat

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This may be essentially the most Australian factor that is ever occurred.  A girl is heading dwelling from cricket apply close to Nimbin in New South Wales. She will get out of her automotive to “have a pee” and finally ends up head to head, cricket bat in hand, with a 7-foot tall Yowie—Australia’s wild man— described as having glowing eyes and “bushy breasts.” I do not imply any insult to the Australians, let me be clear. Every part about this eye witness encounter is unbelievable.

The report comes courtesy of Dean Harrison’s Australian Yowie Analysis. It was reported anonymously—so, take it as you’ll any nameless report, whereas maintaining in thoughts that there are superb causes to not need your title connected to reviews like this—and considerations an occasion that occurred on March 5 of this 12 months. In response to the nameless lady, she had left cricket apply at round 6:30 PM and “detoured alongside a dust street and went over a cow crossing when [she] wanted to tug over to have a pee.” That is when her Yowie troubles started.

The girl says she had “completed her wee” and heard one thing transferring close to her, so she began howling at it. It howled again, and so she howled once more and it continued this manner till she heard growling, so she acquired out her cricket bat. The girl who despatched on this report may be essentially the most superb character on this story, this is how she describes the following little bit of the eye witness encounter:

“When it began doing tree knocking again at me, I believed ‘Oh yeah, it is somebody taking part in foolish buggers with me’, however there is no homes on the market, it is simply bush. I believed it should have been some good ass on the market taking part in a joke on me.


It knocked twice, so I knocked again twice. I knocked once more, and it did the identical again. I believed stuff this and did a howl and a scream – that is when every part went pear formed.”

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Man of the woods is available in all varieties.

She says the Yowie got here bounding out of the gully and he or she thought it may be a kangaroo, however it sounded heavier than something she had ever heard earlier than and says “it was like the bottom was transferring beneath me.” When it was 10 meters away, she says that she acquired “actually dangerous vibes” and jumped into her automotive. This is how she describes what she noticed as soon as the headlights had been on:

I do know it was no individual in a go well with. It was standing on the fireplace path, 6 to 7ft tall and filled with hair and it had breasts. I went for my telephone to take a photograph of it. I did not take my eyes of it once I was reaching for the telephone, after which off she went. Again down into the gully. It was scary.


When it was in my headlights, it was 6 to 7ft, it had a face with eyes about golf ball dimension, it had actually lengthy hair which as a guess would have been about 5″ lengthy.

As an alternative of being spherical like a human face, this was extra of an oval dimension. It had huge golf ball dimension eyes. Most reviews you learn inform of purple eyes, however these had been reddish-blue and so they lit up with my gentle bar on. It had a nostril that regarded pushed in sort of factor. It had a beard, and hair over its prime lip. One factor I discovered scary about it was the mouth. The human mouth is small, this one’s mouth was 5 to 7″ lengthy. It had an enormous mouth on it. I did not see any enamel as a result of its mouth wasn’t open.”

Positively a scary sight if it is true. The girl stresses repeatedly that she did attempt to take a photograph. So whereas it is a incredible story, it is not something near proof or proof. This is the factor, although. It is simple to say “oh positive you tried to take a photograph” and fully write it off, however all of this occurred in a really quick window of time, and whether it is true than any cheap individual would most likely be a little bit too deep into the fight-or-flight response to work their mobile phone that rapidly.

Wait a minute. “Cheap individual.” Check out this quote:

After I was reaching for my telephone, I noticed that its arms had been all the best way down in the direction of its knees. I am 6 foot – 7 inches, and my arms do not come down close to my knees. The arms had been enormous.

She’s simply as tall because the Yowie. Now, I do not need to leap to conclusions, however I’ll. Man of the woods has discovered the web and it is making an attempt to throw us off the path. They’re at all times one step forward of us…

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