A Strange Creature in Tennessee

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“Expensive Sir, My identify is James Meacham, I learn the article that you just wrote for True Journal,” started Meacham in a 1960 letter to Bigfoot investigator, Ivan T. Sanderson. “I’ve been planning on going to California in the identical space that your article was about. I used to be slightly shocked to examine such a creature as an abominable Snowman dwelling so near the place I meant to go to. I’ve all the time preferred to discover locations that different individuals care little about. I wish to know all you’ll be able to inform me about this creature when you can inform something greater than you probably did within the article. I’m certain a person of your standing will need to have extra details about this topic than was in these few pages. I’ll gladly pay the postage on the knowledge you’ll be able to ship. I can not supply extra as a result of I’m not working at this time.”

These had been the opening phrases of what turned out to be an enchanting story, and which continues as follows: “I’ve met a couple of unusual issues in my life; as I’m nonetheless younger, there are lots of extra I’ll most likely see. I wish to know when you can inform me something a few creature that appears like a small ape or a big monkey that has hair the colour of fur a reddish orange colour. I noticed such a creature after I was 15. A good friend was with me however didn’t see it. No matter it was didn’t have a tail like a monkey however it did swing like one by its arms.”

The story expanded to a unprecedented diploma: “This will sound like one thing that I believed I noticed however actually didn’t which I’d consider aside from a couple of particulars. I had a .22 caliber semi-automatic with me. I watched this factor for about 5 minutes so I’ve to consider it. I put fourteen .22 long-rifle shells into no matter it was. From the place I used to be standing I couldn’t have missed. We discovered 1 bullet within the tree trunk so 13 of them hit it. The half that sounds extra inconceivable is that no matter it was, didn’t even transfer whereas 13 bullets went into it. If I had missed all 14 bullets would have gone into the tree trunk. I’ve instructed many individuals about this however no one believes it. We discovered a couple of hairs the place I had shot, however nothing else besides the bullet. There was not a hint of blood.”

In conclusion, Meacham stated: “My accomplice thinks it was a squirrel however no squirrel grows that huge. If it had been one, 2 of these bullets would have stopped it lifeless. No matter it was didn’t even transfer until I headed for the p. 94 tree. It traveled by these bushes like an categorical prepare. I might hear the leaves rattle however couldn’t see it. I looked for it for a very long time after that however by no means noticed it once more. Nobody in that space is aware of something about it or has ever seen it. It had a cry that was sufficient to drive an individual loopy. That was nearly 3 years in the past and I nonetheless get up in my sleep generally when that sound comes again to me. Should you can provide me any recommendation as to what it might have been I’ll significantly admire it. If I had not shot it myself I’d not consider it, not having the ability to discover any blood. I do know you need to obtain numerous letters about this kind of factor, however all I wish to know is what animal in a marsh close to Jackson, Tenn. might maintain 13 long-rifle shells with out even transferring until you begin to come after it? That’s what began me on the lookout for issues most individuals assume can not probably exist. Yours really, James M. Meacham.”

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