Albatwitch is a Mini Bigfoot With an Arm For Apple Throwing

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What would you name a 4-foot-tall ape-like creature coated in reddish-brown hair that likes to steal, eat and throw apples? For those who dwell in Columbia, Pennsylvania, you would possibly name it a great purpose to carry an Albatwitch Competition celebrating an area thriller.

Columbia is in Pennsylvania’s Amish nation however the legend of the Albatwitch might date again 500 years to the Susquehannock Indians who lived alongside the Susquehanna River and have been recognized to attract ape-like creatures on their conflict shields. This space is dwelling to Chickies Rock, a preferred picnic spot within the 1800s the place the creature’s identify and popularity might have originated, in accordance with Rick Fisher, curator of the Nationwide Museum of Mysteries and Analysis Middle in Columbia.

These creatures, the albatwitch, would come out of the bushes and steal apples from the individuals who have been picnicking there. They’d eat the apples and throw the cores again on the folks.

The identify “albatwitch” is believed to be a variation on “apple snitch” from its fruity kleptomaniac habits. Whereas related in spelling, it has nothing to do with the Elbedritsch, which is a special delusion among the many native German inhabitants having to do with a creature with a goat’s horns, duck’s invoice, rabbit’s ears and squirrel’s tail whose “hunts” are a preferred April Fools prank.

Sightings of the albatwitch tapered off within the late 1800s however picked up once more beginning within the Nineteen Fifties with new stories of a manlike creature round Chickies Rock.

One witness is Rick Fisher himself, who claims he noticed an albatwitch on Route 23 whereas driving towards Marietta, PA. One other is Chris Vera, who says a boyhood good friend was pinned to a tree by one. Vera is president of the Columbia Historic Preservation Society and he and Fisher are the creators of the Albatwitch Competition, which was held on September 27.

Pennsylvania has an extended historical past of Hairy-man sightings so the albatwitch might probably be an analogous species, a Man of the woods little one or a smaller relative. Or only a delusion. No matter it’s, it’s an awesome purpose to carry a pageant.


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