An Indonesian Hairy Man-Beast?

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Located in South-East Asia, Indonesia is made up of an enormous quantity of islands; in actual fact, actually hundreds. A type of islands is Flores, which has a square-mileage of greater than 5,000 miles and a inhabitants of shut to 2 million. Its wild animal inhabitants is notable and contains the lethal Komodo dragon and the large Flores Colossal Rat. Flores could also be house to one thing far stranger, too.

The Nage folks of Flores inform of a considerably human-like entity known as the Ebu gogo. It was coated in hair and walked upright. At barely three toes tall they have been hardly on a par with Hairy-man, however that doesn’t take away the truth that, for the Nage folks, the creatures generated a substantial amount of folklore and historical past.

In keeping with the legend, the presence of the animals was first famous when a tribe of individuals arrange a village in an space referred to as Ua, sooner or later within the 1700s. The entire Ebu gogo on Flores lived deep inside an intensive community of caves, someplace within the central a part of the island, and which prolonged in size to virtually a mile.

Reportedly, the colony ran to round 4 dozen creatures. It wasn’t lengthy earlier than curiosity bought the higher of the Ebu gogo and so they made common visits to the village perimeter, watching the folks from a secure distance.

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The Komodo Dragon is native to the island of Flores

Over time, the Ebu gogo gained extra confidence and, lastly, have been invited to partake in a village feast. By all accounts, they ate and drank heartily, therefore the identify given to them by the villagers, which interprets as “ancestor who eats all the pieces.”

As an illustration that the Ebu gogo have been one thing greater than mere unknown monkeys, they beloved to bop, had their very own pretty advanced language, and will even mimic – to an eerie diploma – the phrases of the Nage folks. Though, whether or not or not they understood the phrases they mimicked could be very a lot a matter for debate.

It wasn’t lengthy, nonetheless, earlier than issues started to deteriorate and tensions grew. Not content material with the massive banquets that the Nage invited the Ebu gogos to attend, the grasping creatures started raiding the farms of the villagers, grabbing crops and killing animals for meals.

In keeping with legend, two kids of the village have been seized by the Ebu gogo and brought to the caves, the place the creatures demanded the youngsters present them the way to make hearth. Luckily, the terrified kids managed to escaped, fleeing again to the security of the village.

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Is Homo Floresiensis proof of the legendary Ebu gogo?

For the folks of Ua, sufficient was sufficient. They determined that the Ebu gogo needed to be exterminated, a technique or one other. They got here up with a plan: the village elders invited the creatures to an enormous feast, one by which the Ebu gogo have been inspired to drink as a lot highly effective wine as they may.

The ever-hungry beasts didn’t want telling twice and so they have been quickly stuffed and drunk. On the finish of the night time, the beasts staggered again to the caves, and fell into deep, alcohol-induced sleeps.

Then, when the Ebu gogo have been out for the depend, the villagers hauled an enormous quantity of palm fiber to the cave, set it alight and asphyxiated the creatures as they slept. Reportedly, nonetheless, two of the Ebu gogo – a male and a feminine – have been seen fleeing into the woods, one thing which suggests the likelihood that they didn’t turn into extinct, in spite of everything.

There’s a very intriguing footnote to the story of the Ebu gogo of Flores. In 2003, at a cave known as Liang Bua, in western Flores, the skeletal stays of a lot of creatures dubbed “Hobbit” have been discovered. Examinations of the bones confirmed they have been roughly three-foot-three-inches tall, humanoid creatures. They got the official title of: Homo floresiensis.

Vindication for the tales of the Nage tribespeople? Possibly…

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