Are They Really Ancient Djinns?

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In my earlier article, titled “UFOs, The Occult, the Paranormal and a Author Who Feared the Supernatural Aspect of Ufology,” I made a quick reference to the Djinn. I assumed that right now I’d current extra information on the Djinn and its potential connection to nothing lower than the Wild man creatures. Sure, you did learn that proper. Earlier than we get to the crux of the story, nonetheless, here is some background on these historic creatures. The Djinn are entities that collectively quantity to a major a part of historic Islamic lore and teachings. Definitely, they options prominently within the pages of the Qur’an. Muslim legend maintains that Djinns are shaped out of a type of smokeless fireplace. The late Djinn skilled, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, has prompt that this will have been an historic, early means of describing what, right now, we might time period plasma. The Djinn are stated to be lifeforms that got here into being lengthy earlier than the Human Race was wherever close to on the horizon. When it comes to their standing – in addition to their supernatural nature – in historic non secular teachings the Djinn are on a par with the angels.

In response to the outdated texts, after Allah introduced Adam into being, stated Rosemary, each angel was ordered to kneel earlier than him. Whereas they did precisely as they had been ordered, the Djinn didn’t. They had been the final word rebels. The Djinn overlord, Iblis, went towards Allah – as did the remainder of the Djinns.  The end result, for them, was catastrophic: they had been unceremoniously ejected from Heaven, however given the proper to rectify issues when Judgment Day comes calling on us all – a minimum of, in keeping with the traditional tales. After all, the story of Iblis, his rebellious followers, and their ejection from a heavenly realm carefully parallels the Holy Bible’s story of the Satan and lethal demons and their very personal hellish area. Would possibly demons and Djinn be one and the exact same, however given considerably completely different descriptions, and histories, in keeping with the teachings of assorted religions? Sure, very probably.  The aforementioned Rosemary Ellen Guiley suspected that the Djinn exist in what we’d name one other dimension, a realm which is as unseen to us as it’s impenetrable to us. However, for the Djinn, negotiating multi-dimensions is second nature – which is particularly why they spend a lot time inflicting havoc and horror in our actuality.

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(Nick Redfern) Rosemary Guiley and Nick Redfern

It is crucial to know that Rosemary stated within the pages of her e book, The Vengeful Djinn, that the Djinn manifest in quite a few different varieties, too. The lengthy checklist consists of aliens, the spirits of once-living individuals, fairies, creatures that fall into the cryptozoological area – corresponding to Wild man – and even angels. So intelligent, manipulative and crafty is the Djinn, it’s extremely troublesome to find out which of the above is actual and which is nothing greater than a Djinn in disguise. And, this challenge being relative to Wild man is a crucial one. Mainly as a result of there are parallels between the powers of the Wild man and the ability of the Djinn. In view of that, might they be the identical? Possibly. Whereas most individuals within the subject of Cryptozoology take the view that the Wild man creatures are simply unknown apes, there’s way more to the topic than that. Method greater than that. Let’s start with the matter of invisibility. Rosemary had a physique of knowledge that demonstrated the Djinn might develop into invisible. Apparently, there are legends that the Wild man can flip invisible, too.

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(Nick Redfern) Maybe they’re all Djinn

The Native Languages web site supplies us with this: “The Wild man determine is widespread to the folklore of most Northwest Native American tribes. Native American Wild man legends often describe the creatures as round 6-9 toes tall, very sturdy, furry, uncivilized, and sometimes foul-smelling, often residing within the woods and sometimes foraging at evening. Native American Wild man creatures are virtually at all times stated to be unable to talk human languages, utilizing whistles, grunts, and gestures to speak with one another. In some tales, male Bigfeet are stated to have the ability to mate with human girls. In some Native tales, Wild man might have minor supernatural powers – the flexibility to show invisible, for instance [italics mine] – however they’re at all times thought-about bodily creatures of the forest, not spirits or ghosts..”

Now, let’s get to the matter of meals. Sure, the Wild man creatures have been seen consuming, however – given their sizes – we must always absolutely see proof of large feeding for these enormous, cumbersome giants. Rosemary had a solution for this challenge: “They will eat human meals once they take human kind, however our meals doesn’t maintain them. It provides them pleasure.  They will take in the essence of meals, and issues just like the molecules from tobacco smoke, which offer enjoyment. Their fundamental supply of nourishment is the absorption of vitality from life varieties. The perfect is the draining of a soul, however is troublesome to do and is taken into account illegal.  It’s, nonetheless, practiced by sure highly effective renegade Djinn.  The vampiric absorption of the life drive might be fairly detrimental to individuals, and trigger well being issues.” For the reason that Djinn do not eat the best way we do, then – if the Wild man are actually Djinn too – it make sense that Wild man wouldn’t eat like us. Onto one other angle: Rosemary had in her recordsdata instances of each Wild man and Djinn with the ability to psychically “insert” voices into peoples’ minds. In some instances, this amazed the witnesses to the creatures. For others, although, listening to voices turned among the individuals close to insane, stated Rosemary. I ought to stress that none of this proves that the Djinn and the Wild man are one and the identical. I’d stress, nonetheless, that there are – on the very least – some similarities.

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(Nick Redfern) Wild man, Djinn and meals: a harmful parasites?

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