Are We Food Sources for Extraterrestrials and Paranormal Creatures?

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My earlier article addressed the likelihood that extraterrestrials may “feed” on human souls. Now, I am going to develop additional on this weird and unsettling perception system. It’s the time for us to attempt to attain out for some solutions on the matter of the various and different sorts of “paranormal parasites” that invade our world and that intentionally search us out and goal us for vitality and meals. Tales of creatures that invade our house and callously bleed us dry are usually not simply many in quantity: in addition they lengthen again into the very earliest years of human historical past. In different phrases, for so long as humankind has existed, these supernatural issues that exist in realities very completely different to ours have had the right, never-ending meals provide. Us. In mild of all this, and taking into account the theoretical tales of the genetic manipulation of early people within the distant previous, one has to surprise if we had been intentionally engineered to be the cattle of another person. Is the Earth only one huge farm for different entities? In that case, who or what’s the farmer? Have been our fates laid out for us lengthy earlier than we, Homo sapiens, even existed? And what’s the destiny of those that name the farm their residence at present? The questions are as essential as they’re disturbing. The solutions could also be even worse.

(Nick Redfern)  Is our world a farm?

If there’s one factor that may be mentioned with a excessive diploma of certainty, it’s that the overwhelming majority of the human race is woefully unaware of the unimaginable scale on which the feeding is happening – and why. It’s precisely the identical for the cows within the fields, who fortunately munch on their grass – that’s, till the time comes when they’re dispatched to the slaughterhouse. They, identical to us, are largely unable to understand what destiny simply might need in retailer for them. The cows could very effectively be fully oblivious to what’s occurring – till the final second. As for us, although, we all know that one thing is afoot. Or, a few of us do. The issue, although, is that we can’t see the complete scope of issues. We’re considerably conscious that there’s a curtain of secrecy, but it surely’s one which we aren’t absolutely in a position to penetrate and see what it hides. All we get are frustratingly transient glimpses of the opposite worlds and realms round us – which often happens when the entities themselves intrude upon our world, reasonably than the opposite approach round. Or, we dismiss your entire concern of supernatural ingestion as full nonsense; the stuff of legend, folklore, unhealthy goals, and never far more else. This denial, dismissal and ignorance of the agenda of the paranormal parasites has allowed this stuff to simply function in our world and in a approach which provides them carte blanche to do no matter they need, when they need, and the way they need. Because it as soon as was millennia in the past, when the likes of Lilith and the Incubus instilled worldwide concern and consumed individuals, so it nonetheless is at present, centuries later.

There’s anothervery essential factor to notice, too: there are sturdy indications that, regardless of the simple variations between a few of these parasitic issues, in addition they have deep similarities. This prompts the concept lots of them are semi-connected components of a better, mysterious entire. Most of the assaults and assaults made on us – as a method to safe energy-based meals – happen at evening, when the focused sufferer is asleep. The Shadow Folks, the Incubus, the Succubus, and the hungry ghost all sometimes assault within the early hours of the morning – which suggests a hyperlink between all of them. This clearly can’t be all the way down to coincidence and nothing else. What we’re seeing is all of this stuff surfacing from their other-worldly lairs and feasting on us once we are our most susceptible: once we are sleeping. There are different similarities too: when persons are confronted by these horrible issues, they fall sick – typically extremely rapidly. The Black-Eyed Kids, the Shadow Folks, the Djinn, the sinister Males in Black, and the hungry ghost seem considerably completely different in the case of the matter of their ugly, bodily appearances. But, that each one of them could cause the spontaneous improvement of extreme sick well being strongly suggests one other excessive diploma of commonality. Possibly, they’re one and the exact same factor – manifesting in radically completely different varieties for various eras, cultures and international locations. It’s maybe value musing on the likelihood that we’ve got by no means seen the paranormal parasites of their true varieties – solely the guises they tackle once they coldheartedly work together with us.

(Nick Redfern) The Shadow Folks: Strangers within the Night time

Let’s now check out the angle of soul-stealing in relation to the UFO phenomenon and the dwarfish Greys – and develop on what I mentioned in my earlier article. Right here we see proof that even when we, the general public, aren’t getting the complete story, sure components of the U.S. Authorities could know what’s happening. Or, in all probability extra probably, they strongly suspect why we exist and what our fates might quantity to. The references in extremely labeled information, to the human race as “containers” of souls, are as ominous as they’re chillingly thought-provoking. The likelihood that once we die our souls are in some way transformed into the equal of a type of energy-based meals is sufficient to give anybody nightmares. Big, never-ending, hellish factories during which human souls are devoured? Good luck anticipating the federal government to return clear on that one. I’ve to say that a few of this theorizing mirrors features of the situation in The Matrix film. Many UFO researchers are extremely crucial of presidency businesses for hiding the reality from the general public and the media. I say: strive placing your self within the place of those that are sitting on this horrible, earth-shattering secret. One can hardly blame them for not eager to launch a narrative that may, on the very least, be paradigm-destroying on a worldwide scale. So, the one factor they’ll do is to bury your entire concern as deeply as potential. There might be a way of “what the individuals don’t know received’t harm them.” Till the day arrives when it does harm them, in fact.

Possibly, even the world of Cryptozoology has a spot in all of this, too. The Chupacabra is, apparently, a vampire that may be invoked by human blood – one thing that energizes the lethal beast and offers it a better foothold in our world. Wild man, in the meantime, makes use of the likes of infrasound, invisibility and mind-control, and should have discovered the right food-supply within the many individuals who vanish from the nationwide forests of the US on a disturbingly common foundation. And by no means to be seen once more. So, the place does all of this- and the general situation – depart us? Are all of us destined to be the meals of harmful non-human creatures of a sort which have at all times been with us and that will by no means go away? Is it our destiny to grow to be the nourishment of one thing else? We shouldn’t be so stunned or dismissive of such a bleak situation. In spite of everything, isn’t that what most of us (vegetarians and vegans apart) do, day by day, of each week, of yearly – particularly, eat one thing else? Sure, it’s. When we’ve got a longing for a juicy steak, once we eat our Thanksgiving turkey, or once we dine on a plate of fajitas, can we give a lot thought to the supply of the meal? For essentially the most half, no, we don’t. It’s, maybe, our conceitedness and our egos that lead us to consider we’re on the prime of the meals chain. In actuality, although, we could quantity to a minor, collective hyperlink in that exact same chain.

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