Astonishing Encounters: Bigfoot, Mothmen and More

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It is at all times an excellent day when a brand new guide from Stan Gordon arrives within the mail. And that is precisely what occurred on Friday of final week. Stan’s new one is titled Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania’s Unknown Creatures, Casebook Three. Like me, Stan concludes that most of the so-called “cryptids” of our world (whether or not Hairy-man, lake monsters, enormous winged issues, and enormous black cats) will not be simply unknown or out-of-place animals. And, additionally like me, Stan would not take that view simply because he chooses to. No. He takes that view as a result of it is what the proof strongly suggests.

After a cool introduction – through which Stan reveals how and why he was drawn to the topic of UFOs and scary creatures as a child – we launch straight into Chapter 1, with Hairy-man. As Stan exhibits us, the Pennsylvanian Hairy-man is a bizarre beast, certainly. That is to say, it is a creature that’s steeped in what has change into popularly identified within the discipline of Forteana as “high-strangeness.”


Think about the next, all of which seem within the pages of Astonishing Encounters: there are circumstances involving witnesses, driving late at evening, and encountering a Hairy-man. However, this is the actually scary factor: as they see the beast, their automobile begins to malfunction. All the pieces returns to regular when the furry gigantic is gone. Stan has various circumstances on file of Hairy-man seen in so-called “Lovers Lane” areas. I’ve many circumstances reminiscent of these from the UK. And there are parallels with among the Mothman circumstances from Sixties-era Level Nice, West Virginia, too.

Stan additionally shares with us his recordsdata on vanishing Hairy-man. No, I do not imply when the creatures – realizing they’ve been seen – race for the protection of darkish and dense woods. I imply when the Hairy-man disappears proper in entrance of the witness. As in actually vanishes. We additionally get to find out about Pennsylvania’s phenomenon of dwarfish Hairy-man. “Littlefoot,” we would say. There additionally the fascinating story of a Hairy-man that seemed to be “out of focus.” Clearly, none of this information sits nicely in any respect with the concept that Hairy-man is simply an unknown ape. And that is good: it is about time folks realized that Hairy-man is excess of simply that. And Stan’s guide makes that time repeatedly.


Astonishing Encounters additionally comprises quite a few experiences of unidentified flying issues. Sometimes, they fall into the identical sorts of classes of winged issues that seem elsewhere on the earth. We’re speaking about (a) creatures that resemble long-extinct pterodactyls; (b) gigantic birds that seem like the mighty Thunderbirds of Native American lore and historical past (described by one witness as an “eagle on steroids”); (c) Mothman-style creatures; (d) winged humanoids; and (e) monsters which have a “gigantic bat”-like look.


Then there are the ABCs: the Alien Large Cats. The ABC phenomenon is not only an American enigma. Stories of enormous, elusive, black cats could be present in quite a few nations. Simply as is the case with Hairy-man, nonetheless, ABC experiences are generally tied to different curious phenomena and are clearly one thing greater than mere “circus/zoo escapees.” For instance, we’re handled to a really scary case from Pennsylvania of an ABC that not solely vanished into nothingness earlier than the astonished witness, however which really grew in dimension because the witness stared at it. What started as one thing concerning the dimension of a home cat, stated the witness, shortly mutated into one thing of the dimensions of a “black panther.” It is value noting (as this hyperlink demonstrates) that experiences of cryptids rising in dimension, because the witness seems to be at them, do get reported every now and then.

Horrific creatures of the water are additionally studied by Stan, as he shares quite a few witness accounts of unknown leviathans seen within the waters of Pennsylvania – and briefly leaving the waters too. This can be a chapter that shall be of specific curiosity to these of you who’re intrigued by the entire “lake mystery beast” phenomenon, because it would not go over outdated floor. As an alternative, it exhibits us that on the earth of water monsters, there’s nonetheless a lot to be discovered.

Then, we’ve quite a few rogue circumstances which can be fascinating however that are exhausting to categorize. They embrace the sighting of werewolf-style creatures – and never not like these studied and written about by dogman authority, Linda Godfrey. There’s the story of a 10-foot-tall “stick-man,” which sounds very very like the “meme come to life” often known as the Slenderman. Add to that, animals which sound not not like the “Texas Chupacabra,” tales of bizarre creatures and UFOs, and even a flying dragon, and you’ve got a terrific, thought-provoking assortment of accounts. They show repeatedly that, sure, there are unfamiliar beings on the market. However, labeling them “animals” could also be an enormous mistake.

Halloween’s not too far-off, so if you happen to’re on the lookout for a spooky learn on the world’s weirdest evening, Stan Gordon’s Astonishing Encounters is certainly advisable.

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