Battle of the Beasts: Bigfoot vs Bear

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If Man of the woods do certainly exist, then they will come throughout bears. It’s inevitable. So what occurs when these two goliaths meet? How do they work together with one another? To me this can be a critical query for which the reply appears poorly understood and documented. Do Wild man and bears principally keep away from one another, ignore one another, worry one another, or turn into aggressive? It appears that evidently in accordance with some accounts these encounters can sometimes erupt into epic battles between these heavyweight powerhouses of the wild. Whereas there may be little good documentation on interactions between bears and Wild man, if these reviews are something to go by it does appear obvious that they’re not less than not above a superb scrap every so often, and the few such circumstances there are can maybe supply us some fascinating insights into how Wild man and bears would possibly regard one another, in addition to their impact upon one another inside their shared area. Let’s have a look.

It appears that evidently if Wild man are certainly actual, then their shared habitat with bears would invariably result in encounters between the 2, and these appear to have the potential to maybe flip violent underneath the precise circumstances. Though there are a couple of reviews that appear to counsel that the 2 creatures sometimes principally keep away from one another and that bears will even flee from an approaching Wild man, there are a selection of causes for why they may come to blows. It might be over territory, defending their younger, or maybe friction as a result of dwindling habitats. If the 2 species share related diets, violent encounters could erupt over competitors for dwindling meals sources as effectively. It may even be one thing so simple as one being startled by the opposite and going into aggressive mode.

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Grizzly bear

So, if for the sake of this dialogue we have been to for a second neglect the controversy about whether or not they’re actual or not and assume that Wild man do exist, and acknowledge that there may very well be situations the place they may struggle with bears, then how do the 2 stack up bodily? I are inclined to suppose that black bears can be too small to actually pose a lot risk to a Wild man, so for this text I’m specializing in the extra bodily imposing brown bears and grizzlies. In a single nook you might have the brown bear, with a mean size for an grownup male being round 198 cm (6.50 ft) in size and weighing 180–360 kg (400–790 lb), however with exceptionally massive people attaining heights of three meters (9.8 ft) standing on their hind legs and an enormous 680 kg (1,500 lb). With their formidable sharp tooth and claws, a brown bear or grizzly bear is a daunting drive to be reckoned with. Within the different nook you might have the Wild man, which allegedly reaches typical reported heights of 8 to 10 toes tall and possibly weighs someplace round 800 kilos or extra. Whereas they might lack the distinguished claws of bears, there will be little doubt that Wild man can be extraordinarily highly effective creatures and will make up for this with their presumably superior intelligence. All issues thought-about, it looks like a reasonably even match bodily.


In fact, even when we assume Man of the woods are actual, that they may have motive to struggle with bears, and that they’re bodily matches for one another, we’re left with the query of whether or not there are any reported situations of those two hulking brutes really partaking in fight. Though not notably widespread, there are certainly some accounts of Wild man preventing bears. One report from Wild man Encounters describes the expertise of a J.G. Wells, who was out attempting to find brown bear in Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. The hunter had been monitoring a really massive bear described as being an impressively muscular and blocky specimen measuring 9’10” in size and weighing an estimated 1,400 lbs. throughout the distant wilderness for 4 days when he and his searching companions got here throughout a slightly uncommon sight. At an space close to a creek which was overrun with strawberry bushes there was proof {that a} livid struggle had taken place between two very massive creatures, with snapped or leveled saplings, thrashed bushes, and scattered tufts and clumps of fur all over the place. The scene was described by the hunter as wanting as if “2 bulldozers had gone at one another.” The hunters at first presumed that the bear that they had been searching had gotten right into a territorial confrontation with one other bear, they usually continued to trace their quarry.

The next day, the hunters lastly got here throughout the bear hiding in a deep thicket, nevertheless it was behaving fairly surprisingly, transferring slowly and erratically. The hunter did what he was there to do and shot the nice beast, and it was upon inspection of the carcass that issues took a flip for the weird. The bear exhibited horrific wounds that, whereas not deadly, advised that the bear had been crushed up fairly badly. Moreover, the injuries themselves have been very uncommon for a bear struggle, with big tracts of fur pulled out alongside the abdomen and chest, in addition to claw marks on the chest, and chew marks on the again of the neck and shoulders, as if one thing very highly effective had grabbed it from behind, wrapped arms across the bear, and fiercely bitten it. It at first was assumed that it might have been attacked by a tiger, as in Siberia it’s not unparalleled for brown bears to have altercations with Siberian tigers, and the tigers are even recognized to actively hunt the bears every so often, however different particulars appeared to defy this concept. For one, the 5 claw marks have been too broad and shallow to be these of a tiger, and one gave the impression to be in an opposable thumb place. Moreover the lacking patches of hair appeared to have been pulled out as if by a big hand, and neither a tiger nor one other bear would have been in a position to seize chunks of hair to yank out like that. The chew marks have been additionally discovered to be fairly spherical and “molar-like,” and have been in a large, horseshoe formed association extra just like that of a human or ape than the narrower and pointier sample of a bear or tiger.


On prime of all the things else, the bear was described as having a particularly odd, overpoweringly foul stench exuding from its again that was not typical and which the 2 avid bear hunters had by no means skilled. Though wild bears don’t odor notably good at the very best of occasions, this odor was allegedly one thing totally different and on an entire different stage of revolting. The potent, cringe inducing odor was described as smelling like “week-old napalmed water buffalo and wolverine stink.” After an in depth inspection of the weird wounds, together with skinning the bear and observing the underlying tissue injury, the skilled hunters couldn’t clarify what may have probably attacked it. It was then that one of many native guides got here ahead claiming to have really witnessed what had occurred.

The information claimed that the bear had come as much as the strawberry bushes and startled a household group of Wild man consisting of a giant male described as 9’ tall and round 800 lbs., a smaller feminine, and a juvenile as they have been feeding. It was then that the large male Wild man had allegedly rushed to conflict with the bear with out hesitation as the feminine and teenager fled to a secure place. In accordance with the information, in the course of the transient however violent eye witness encounter, the infuriated male Wild man had lashed out on the bear with its palms and shocked it earlier than grabbing it from behind and inflicting a collection of vicious bites to neck and shoulders. The bear had then managed to shake the Wild man off and proceeded to ship a number of ferocious paw swats, in addition to a critical chew to its thigh, after which the 2 wounded beasts each retreated in reverse instructions. The locals additionally claimed that such fights have been fairly uncommon however did occur every so often, particularly when the 2 creatures stunned one another. When the hunter advised that they monitor down the wounded Man of the woods and its household, the native guides all adamantly refused to go after what they noticed as a wounded, offended, protecting, and intensely harmful creature.

There are different reviews of bear versus Man of the woods the place the confrontation was indirectly seen, however slightly implied. In a single 2004 report from Clallam County, Washington, the eyewitness, a Rodney Frank Williams, had been within the course of of getting his home painted when his two daughters informed him that that they had heard a loud, eerie sound emanating from the forest behind their dwelling which sounded, as one of many ladies put it, “like a mixture of a whale and a dinosaur.” The next day, on October 12, 2004, one of many home painters reported that two of the surveyors engaged on the sting of the property had been terrified by loud, vicious growling from the woods which one in every of them had mentioned seemed like two bears having “one hell of a struggle.” It was additionally claimed {that a} foul odor was pervading the realm and that the surveyors have been deeply unsettled by the incident. Williams determined to take his canine out to examine the overall neighborhood of the alleged sounds and instantly observed the rotten stench permeating the woods however may discover no signal of rubbish, a animal carcass, or anything that might probably account for it.

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Two days later, when the surveyors returned to work, Williams questioned them concerning the incident. They claimed that in the entire struggle there had been that horrible odor hanging within the air, and that the obvious confrontation had been so violent {that a} fir tree had been seen to “shake like a twig” from one thing heavy smashing into it. One of many surveyors claimed that after the struggle, one of many creatures, no matter it was, had headed south throughout the highway in the direction of Olympic Mountain in a giant hurry, crashing loudly by underbrush because it went though he didn’t get a superb have a look at it. When the surveyors took Williams to the location of the place they claimed the struggle had taken place, they flat out refused to enter the realm with no gun, and Williams went into the comb by himself. The bottom and brush there was discovered to be torn up fairly dangerous, indicating one thing massive had certainly been preventing there, and it was additionally famous that a number of branches had been snapped off of a big fir tree which have been so excessive up that the 6’1” Williams was unable to succeed in them. An examination of the forest ground turned up a partial footprint that appeared human-like with a transparent massive toe and reportedly measuring about 15 inches lengthy, 4 inches broad on the heal, and 5 1/2 to six inches broad on the prime.

As Williams ventured deeper into the forest to an open space close by, he discovered extra particular equally sized humanoid prints which had toes that appeared to twist into the moist filth. Curiously, there have been additionally bear tracks discovered, in addition to fur from what seemed to be a lynx or cougar pressed down into the forest ground, though whether or not these had something to do with the incident or not is anybody’s guess. The horrific, haunting vocalizations would proceed for a number of extra nights after the incident. Williams later researched recordings of alleged Man of the woods vocalizations and he and his daughters mentioned that what that they had heard sounded precisely like a “whooing” sound recorded by Dave Clevlan in a 1972 Wild man sighting in Estacada, Oregon.


It appears that evidently this case suggests a couple of prospects. Both it actually was simply two bears preventing because the surveyors initially thought, a bear preventing a cougar or lynx as is usually recommended by the hair discovered, a Wild man preventing a bear or a cougar, or two Wild man preventing one another. The issue right here is that there isn’t a actual conclusive proof that basically factors concretely in the direction of any one in every of these eventualities particularly. The humanoid prints may have been these of a big bow hunter, and even Williams himself at one level advised this because it was bow searching season on the time, though it doesn’t clarify why a bow hunter can be strolling round within the woods barefoot. The bear tracks and cougar fur may have been left at any time and there’s no method of figuring out if they’ve something to do with the reported struggle. The shaking fir tree may have been brought on by two massive bears preventing one another and the damaged branches may have been something. The overwhelming dangerous odor and the vocalizations are fascinating particulars, however since nobody recorded the sounds, now we have no method of analyzing them to infer what they may have been and so it stays intriguing however in the end circumstantial proof. No matter occurred right here, it positive does hearth up the creativeness, although.

If these remoted epic battles between potential Man of the woods and bears are spectacular sufficient, it’s maybe much more in order that not less than one researcher in Russia claims that the 2 highly effective species are literally locked in a veritable warfare with one another for meals sources. Within the Voice of Russia, Oct. 12, 2010, it was reported that the director of the Worldwide Middle for Hominology, Igor Burtsev, had asserted that there was proof that what he known as Yeti have been transferring into the Mountain Shoria area of the Siberian taiga within the Kuznetsk area of Russia after mounting an expedition into the realm. A few of the proof claimed to be of Yeti was gigantic footprints, sightings of the beasts, and horrific pyramidal buildings fabricated from branches allegedly as much as 3 or 4 meters excessive and supposedly utilized by Yeti to mark their territory. The expedition additionally made the declare that the Yeti had probably been pushed from their distant dwelling within the Altai area and deep into bear territory by forest fires and a particularly scorching 2010 summer time, which additionally by the way had led to a meals scarcity for bears within the area. Burtsev alleged that his staff had discovered proof that the Yeti and bears of the realm have been partaking in violent fights for supremacy with one another over meals sources, though it’s unclear how they got here to this conclusion. However, it was additionally claimed that the Yeti had the higher hand, and have been dominating the bears on this wrestle. Burtsev informed the Voice of Russia:

It appears that evidently immediately yetis in Siberia are competing with bears, and the yetis are profitable – they’re clearly stronger and have rudimentary mind. If this “warfare” between yetis and bears continues, there’s a danger that bears won’t sleep this winter due to a scarcity of meals, as a substitute going to villages in quest of one thing to eat.


Certainly, bears have been reported to be changing into more and more malnourished and daring within the area, with the animals venturing into cities to rummage by trash or destroy crops, and it was reported that there was not less than one human dying by the hands of bears within the village of Vezhnya Tchova, positioned within the Komi Republic of Russia, in 2010. It’s scary certainly, however whether or not the bears are actually having a wrestle for survival with Yeti is unclear, and additionally it is unknown simply what sort of proof Burstev discovered to guide him to the conclusion that the Yeti are having a heated warfare with bears within the first place. Whatever the declare’s veracity, it’s onerous to argue towards the truth that it’s a fairly cool notion and would most likely make a superb film.

To me that is all greater than a cool state of affairs, although. I feel if Wild man is actual, and if it’s a flesh and blood creature, then how they work together with different massive species of their habitat, corresponding to bears, and the way they have an effect on one another is a critical, respectable space of inquiry that I really feel is essentially ignored in cryptozoology. Most of the distant forests of the world are already dwelling to highly effective beasts within the type of bears. Nevertheless, what if Man of the woods are on the market too? If Wild man exist, then invariably they do come throughout bears. In these conditions how do these two massive species view one another? Is it principally with mutual respect, worry, indifference, disdain, or hatred? What’s their relationship? Is the wild sufficiently big for the each of them or do they often conflict for no matter causes? In the event that they do, then who has the higher hand, and the way do these confrontations in the end play out? Sadly, it’s onerous to get a superb understanding of the interactions between bear and Wild man, as eyewitness accounts of those kinds of encounters are noticeably uncommon and we’re for essentially the most half compelled to merely speculate about such issues. No matter what the solutions to those questions are, it definitely is intriguing to consider, and looks like an space of Wild man research that I really feel is unfortunately principally missed.

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