Before Bigfoot There Were Wild Men

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Those that are skeptical of the chance that the Hairy-man phenomenon is actual, usually level to the truth that the time period “Hairy-man” was not even coined till the Fifties. My reply to that’s: “Effectively, so what?” Simply because a selected, now-famous time period was solely created shortly earlier than the dawning of the Nineteen Sixties, doesn’t suggest that the topic lacks validity. In truth, you solely must kind “nineteenth century Hairy-man experiences” into your favourite search engine and you may see nearly numerous examples of pre-Fifties experiences of creatures which sound similar to Hairy-man.

The one distinction is the identify. Whereas “Hairy-man” is acquainted to most individuals right now – no matter whether or not or not they consider within the existence of the creatures – the phrases “wild males” had been usually used again within the 1800s to explain an sighting with a Hairy-man. Such creatures had been referred as “wild males” properly up into the twentieth century and under no circumstances lengthy earlier than “Hairy-man” grew to become the favored time period of many. I’ll share a few such instances with you which of them exhibit that simply because the “B phrase” wasn’t used years in the past, it doesn’t suggest that Hairy-man isn’t a actuality. And this is the primary instance:

“DREADED WILD MEN Strike Concern Into Indian Youngsters” was the eye-catching title of an article that jumped out of the pages of the March 3, 1934, version of the Lethbridge Herald newspaper, overlaying the Lethbridge space of Alberta, Canada. The story was a captivating one, on condition that it targeted on the usually reported chance that the Hairy-man creatures are in a position to stay out of hurt’s means and detection by residing in underground realms, akin to historical caverns and extremely deep cave-systems. The article started by stating that Native American kids within the neighborhood of Harrison Mills, British Columbia, had been warned to remain near “their moms’ apron strings, for the fearsome ‘Wildman’ had returned to unfold terror by means of peace-loving Chehalis tribes.”


It was famous that though experiences of the a lot feared creatures had been all the fad within the space some three a long time earlier, this was the primary time, since round 1914, that that they had been seen “on the prowl” within the space. It appeared that the primary, most up-to-date sighting got here from a person named Frank Dan. The Lethbridge Herald captivated its readers with the main points of the uncanny occasion:

“Investigating the persistent barking of his canine at night time, Dan got here head to head with a bushy mammoth who, in keeping with Dan, was tall and muscular, prowling within the nude. He was coated in black hair from head to foot aside from a small area across the eyes. Dan ran breathlessly into his home and secured the door. Peeking by means of the window, he noticed the large stride leisurely into the close by bush and disappear.”

Downtown Lethbridge Skyline 640x427
Downtown Lethbridge right now — nonetheless locations for a wild man to cover?

The author of the article famous one thing very fascinating: “The Indians say the Wildman dwell in caves and subterranean caverns on the borders of lakes within the mountain vastnesses [sic]. Many scary tales are advised of the appearances of the elusive folks.”

Regardless of the unsettling nature of the story, the newspaper completed on a humorous word, whether or not deliberate or not: “A Chehalis lady associated that, when her husband was getting back from the hunt with a rating or extra of geese he had shot, a Wildman stepped out of the bush and took the geese from him – besides one, which the large stuffed into the shirt of the frightened Indian.”

Egocentric, it might seem, Hairy-man isn’t!

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