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Women Making Waves In The Cryptid Community

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When it comes to women in the cryptid community, you can count them on the one hand. There is the famous mother of all things Dogman, Linda Godfrey, and then there is a void.

Linda S Godfrey | Penguin Random HouseTo be accurate, it’s a galactical void before you can find another female researcher who has reached any level of prominence in the field of Cryptids. There are many reasons why such few women exist in the world of cryptids 

1. The cryptid marketplace is a niche marketplace of ideas. 

2. It’s a competitive marketplace dominated by social media platforms with specific algorithms that must be satisfied to succeed.

3. No one has taken the time to highlight women in the field truly.

This series of articles will touch on the various women in the cryptid community making constant contributions but remain under the radar for reasons outside their control. One such woman is Bettina Moss. When you speak a niche market, Bettina’s presence in the Dogman community has placed her inside the most brutal, cutthroat niche market.

Her channel Cryptonormal Encounters is steadily growing. However, what she lacks in subscribers, is quickly offset by the quality guests’ appearance she has been able to amass. Nick Valente, Tim “Coonbo” Baker, and Jodie Cook are just three of the top-notch community members she has procured for her youtube channel. 

Bettina has often spoken about her dogman encounter where she saw this creature and felt like it spoke to her telepathically, saying, “Oh, it’s just you!”

The impression it gave her was that she was not perceived as a threat, and if that was not scary enough, it was familiar with her daily patterns. Suppose you want to hear more about her Dogman Encounter and Listen to her content. We recommend that you head over to the Cryptonormal Encounters with B Moss. Also, she will be one of the guest speakers at the Dogman Convention in Tennessee organized by Josh Turner of Paranormal Round Table. 

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