Bigfoot as an Interdimensional Interloper

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There may be most likely no cryptid on the market that’s as sighted, talked about, and as well-known as Man of the woods. It’s the rock star of cryptids, the one which even folks with no curiosity in any respect in cryptozoology have heard of, maybe solely second to the Loch Ness Vampire. Ask most individuals what they assume these creatures are and you’ll extra doubtless than not get the reply that they’re some type of huge undiscovered ape-like animal that lurks in distant areas of the world. But, what if Man of the woods is, at the very least in some circumstances, no animal in any respect, or at the very least not like all identified by us? What if these creatures are one thing from not solely past our understanding, however from past our very actuality?

The normal assumption regarding furry hominids corresponding to Man of the woods is in fact that they’re organic entities, flesh and blood creatures of a species that has merely not been found and correctly described by science but. On this paradigm these live, respiratory animals, hiding out within the distant wilds of our planet, skulking about within the shadows and skirting about out simply past our capability to search out them, continually evading and confounding us. In some ways this appears to make sense, in spite of everything there are numerous examples of such sturdy ape-like creatures and early variations of homo sapiens within the fossil report of some areas of the world that might present a hyperlink to a proof for what has been seen. There are additionally many pretty giant animals all through historical past which have managed to stay hidden and which lengthy inhabited the identical realm as cryptids earlier than their eventual discoveries, corresponding to these I’ve coated right here earlier than.

On the floor all of it appears at the very least attainable that relic populations of furry bipeds might be on the market tucked away within the distant wildernesses of our planet away from our prying eyes and rampant exploration, but, in recent times the age-old entrenched concept that Man of the woods and different creatures prefer it may solely be organic animals has skilled increasingly more criticism from each skeptics and some cryptozoologists alike. Essentially the most generally acknowledged downside is a scarcity of any fossil proof in most of the areas the place a few of these these entities have been seen, corresponding to North America, Australia, and bizarrely, England. That is truly not a significant setback in and of itself, as fossils are typically very uncommon within the first place, with a moderately incomplete report, and we’re continually discovering complete new prehistoric species via newly discovered fossils.

The issue is that there was no dependable fossil proof of something even remotely like Man of the woods in most of the locations the place they’re routinely seen. These creatures wouldn’t exist in a vaccuum, there needs to be at the very least transitional species or one thing like a primate that might be considerably related to Man of the woods, but there’s nothing. On this sense, the issue will not be essentially that there are not any fossils of Man of the woods, however moderately that there’s a full void of something within the report of North America and another places that might even be tentatively related to one thing prefer it. With the moderately sketchy nature of fossils to start with, it isn’t essentially the nail within the coffin for a flesh-and-blood Man of the woods, however it’s a moderately obvious anomaly to take care of.

One other factor that appears to be a strike towards the notion of a organic Man of the woods is solely that these creatures have been seen completely all over the place, and by scores of individuals from all walks of life in more and more urbanized areas. Look via sightings reviews archives from organizations such because the Man of the woods Area Analysis Group (BFRO), and you will discover that there are tons of and tons of of sightings of those creatures from throughout. At instances it appears as if Man of the woods is noticed much more than some precise identified animals corresponding to moose, cougars, bears, wolverines, and so forth. Taking the sheer variety of sightings reviews into consideration, it’s more and more tough to carry onto the notion that these are elusive and barely seen creatures relegated to remoted, distant locations the place they’ll cover from mankind, for if they’re hiding they’re doing a really dangerous job at it, as they’re noticed all the time. If even half of those reviews are real, then that is truly a moderately well-witnessed giant animal, not some barely glimpsed specter.

Man of the woods is outwardly widespread as nicely, as then you could have the truth that these reviews are available from just about all over the place, together with locations the place they haven’t any proper to be in any respect. Each single state of the Union has Man of the woods reviews, sure, together with Hawaii. Man of the woods-like creatures have additionally been noticed in different unlikely locations as nicely, together with, as I discussed, England and Australia, neither of which have something in anyway of their pure historical past in any respect to recommend an animal corresponding to this needs to be there. But there they’re. Why ought to this be?

In the event you put collectively the huge variety of sightings and the widespread nature of those reviews, if any of it’s to be remotely believed then it isn’t tough to get the impression that Man of the woods can not actually be categorized as a super-rare beast that lives in solely essentially the most distant, uninhabited locales, and it subsequently will get increasingly more tough to defend how they may have probably gone with out being found in any sense, particularly on this fashionable age. Certainly, there has not ever been any definitive bodily proof of those creatures, regardless of all of those sightings. Certain there are footprints and different indicators of their exercise, corresponding to rock piles, shelters, and so forth, however as for blood, dependable hairs, a carcass, or perhaps a fragment of a bone there’s none. Do not forget that these are creatures seen all all through america and different locations, typically close to highways and roads, but there has by no means been a single hint of a physique. It does appear moderately odd that this needs to be the case with such a extensively seen beast.

After all, if one is to ask a hardcore skeptic why any of this needs to be, you’ll get a moderately easy reply; that Man of the woods merely doesn’t exist, and by no means has. Right here is one other notion, that it’s all a nation-spanning city legend that sprawls throughout cultures, and a that it’s all a tapestry of misidentifications, misinformation, hoaxes, and downright lies. Ask a skeptic and they’re going to say that the explanation there is no such thing as a strong bodily proof or fossils is that Man of the woods has by no means existed in any kind within the first place.

Nonetheless, right here we run into issues as nicely. To outright dismiss or deny each single piece of proof we do have out of hand, irrespective of how circumstantial, in addition to the testimony of tons of, if not hundreds of individuals, is to recommend that this is without doubt one of the most complex, elaborate hoaxes ever pulled off by humankind. Whereas there are absolutely those that have fabricated sighting accounts or pulled hoaxes, can we are saying that each single one that has ever reported a Man of the woods is mistaken, a prankster, or worse but, a liar? Are there so many individuals, typically skilled or dependable witnesses identified for his or her honesty, who would make-up these items on such a big scale? What’s extra, are so many individuals out roaming round within the forest faking tracks and different indicators of Man of the woods, typically with moderately compelling outcomes, or cavorting about in gorilla costumes? In some methods, to recommend that is all some immense delusion and hoax is sort of tougher to just accept than that there’s a immense ape-like hominid wandering the wilds.

So, if Man of the woods is seen by so many, but leaves behind so little robust proof and nonetheless has remained undiscovered, and if these persons are not all liars and delusional, then maybe the reason for Man of the woods lies elsewhere altogether, and that is the place issues get actually bizarre. One admittedly controversial and outlandish concept that has however gained increasingly more momentum and traction in recent times is that, moderately than a flesh-and-blood animal that has merely remained undiscovered, we’re maybe coping with an entity from another actuality or dimension, that as an alternative of Earthbound organic creatures we’re encountering interdimensional interlopers that shuffle forwards and backwards throughout no matter membrane that separates our realms both accidentally or design.

This concept on the whole will not be new to the world of the paranormal. Certainly, researcher and creator John Keel, most well-known for his e book The Mothman Prophecies, was well-known for his hypothesis that some unexplained phenomena may probably originate with what he termed “ultra-terrestrials,” or beings from a parallel dimension. Keel reasoned that their tentative nature on this actuality and talent to shift between domains would assist to clarify some phenomena through which mysterious entities have been extensively seen, but frustratingly unable to be concretely confirmed or catalogued. This might be utilized to ghosts, aliens, demons, and even Man of the woods, and eminent UFO creator and researcher Jacques Vallee typically cited these ultra-terrestrials as being maybe behind the UFO phenomenon, moderately than nuts and bolts spaceships from some distant planet.

The concept that Man of the woods might be interdimensional in origin would additionally go a great distance in the direction of explaining quite a lot of different anomalies which have confirmed to be inconvenient to the notion that we’re coping with a flesh and blood creature. The listing of such strangeness related to the Man of the woods phenomenon is lengthy. Reviews of Man of the woods tracks that result in nowhere, disappear in mid-stride, or finish at sheer partitions of rock that such a creature couldn’t probably hope to climb usually are not unusual. Many Man of the woods sightings possess a particular really feel of the paranormal, corresponding to accounts of the creatures vanishing into skinny air or disappearing into flashes of sunshine, or form altering, in addition to invisible, vanishing, or telepathic Man of the woods.

Then there are mysterious orbs of sunshine or sudden inexplicable vibrant flashes that accompany many reviews, particulars which are sometimes downplayed and even omitted, in addition to the quite a few technical malfunctions that appear to plague those that would report the creatures, in addition to their capability to typically keep away from digicam traps and different such digital gear. On high of all of this there are the quite a few permutations of the creatures noticed all around the United States and elsewhere, corresponding to Dogmen, Goatmen, Sheepsquatch, Batsquatch, Werewolves, and Lizard Males, which open up a complete world of excessive strangeness that turns into increasingly more tough to reconcile with any type of flesh and blood animals this world of ours possesses.

The concept that Man of the woods is an interdimensional entity might sound at first to be absurd, however contemplating all the packing containers this potential rationalization ticks, is it actually? Is it actually so far-fetched if one is to just accept that Man of the woods is actual in any kind? Certainly, such concepts are being pursued increasingly more to clarify all kinds of what has historically been seen as “paranormal phenomena,” and even in mainstream science our understanding of physics and the universe has more and more opened up the likelihood that different universes exist beside our personal, even bleeding over into ours. Such an interdimensional hyperlink is being seen increasingly more believable as each a scientific concept and as a attainable thread that runs via all of it. One paranormal researcher named William Corridor has mentioned of this:

It was once that the UFO folks did not speak to the ghost folks as a result of they have been just a little bizarre, and no person would speak to the Man of the woods folks as a result of they have been loopy. I came upon, we can not proceed to do this. In actuality, quantum physics is main us there.

It’s meaningless to postulate at this level as to how or why these entities would possibly do that, we would not even know the place to start at this level. Nonetheless, contemplating that this theoretical interdimensional journey by these beings may probably be defined by science as we all know it, none of this is able to even be technically “paranormal” in any respect, however moderately an impact of pure phenomena that we merely don’t perceive but. On this sense, such inter-dimensional interlopers wouldn’t be supernatural in any sense, simply using options of legal guidelines of the universe that merely lie past our understanding at this level. Paranormal researcher Rob Riggs gave his spin on this on the podcast After Darkish thus:

We all the time need to leap proper in and say that is extradimensional or paranormal however I feel we might merely be speaking about creatures which have entry to bodily areas that people can not understand. That they in truth are three-dimensional bodily creatures however they’re able to go into areas that lie outdoors our notion as a result of they’re outdoors our actuality tunnel…that in some way these creatures enter into areas that we’ve not mentally tuned into.

However, the interdimensional Man of the woods concept is at this level nonetheless very controversial amongst cryptozoologists, lots of whom cling to the flesh-and-blood rationalization tooth and nail, and think about every other rationalization “woo woo” and an affront to their area. To even point out such an concept on some Man of the woods boards or at Man of the woods conventions will get you the chilly shoulder at greatest, and laughed out of the room at worst, and it’s truly moderately surprising at instances how close-minded some within the area may be with any concept that doesn’t fairly see eye to eye with what they assume. In lots of respects, these cryptozoologists are each bit as dismissive of the interdimensional concept as skeptics are of the concept of Man of the woods to start with, which may truly be hindering discovering out any solutions both means, because it forces us into close-minded, preconceived avenues of inquiry and creates divides between totally different “camps,” who’re all at the very least ostensibly looking for the reality. One cryptozoologist named James R. Harnock has defined of this perspective towards interdimensional explanations inside cryptozoology:

Whereas many cryptozoologists and cryptozoology supporters discover such theories ridiculous, and infrequently chuckle them off, we might all do nicely to do not forget that the so-called “mainstream” of science has a lot the identical response when offered with the potential of Wildman current in any respect. If we hope for mainstream scientists to maintain an open thoughts, we should lead by instance and never waste time and power, that will be higher spent looking for proof, combating amongst ourselves.

After all, not all cryptozoologists are so immune to the concept, and there has even been the concept flesh and blood cryptids corresponding to Man of the woods can coexist with theories of extra interdimensional entities, that they aren’t mutually unique. As an example, there may very nicely be actual organic furry hominids in some areas of the world, and maybe even a flesh and blood Man of the woods in some areas, however that these creatures are additionally joined of their habitat by different extra mysterious entities from one other actuality. There may be not essentially a have to favor one over the opposite, and famed cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has mentioned of this:

In order to not come off as a hypocrite, I have to level out that I’ve investigated and written about winged humanoids, Dogman/werewolves, Goatman, Lizard Man, mermaids and a myriad of different non-human entities. In the event that they exist, these apparitions are most actually paranormal in nature – Inter-dimensional, extraterrestrial, demonic (select your personal wording). The distinction with Man of the woods/Wildman is that it’s clearly represented in our fossil historical past within the type of sturdy hominids from the Pleistocene. That makes its existence very viable within the pure world. I respect everybody’s proper to their opinion and don’t make a behavior of questioning anybody’s private experiences. In the event you imagine you could have seen a Man of the woods materialize or vanish, it might very nicely be that there’s a supernatural phenomenon that chooses to take the type of a large, furry humanoid… seemingly associated to Man of the woods, however solely superficially related.

Possibly that is true, and that we’re coping with a spectrum of disparate phenomena that vary from actual flesh and blood animals to different extra “paranormal” or “woo woo” explanations. Maybe the solutions lie someplace in between these totally different concepts, relying on the case, but it surely appears the total reality will probably elude us if we aren’t keen to at the very least admit that there are particular holes within the concept of those creatures as solely undiscovered animals that haven’t been satisfactorily confirmed, and maintain firmly to the flesh and blood speculation in each single case. I don’t imply to notably endorse the concept of an interdimensional Man of the woods right here, nor to even say {that a} flesh-and-blood Man of the woods is not possible. But, this doesn’t cowl the total vary of the phenomenon at giant. I solely imply to recommend that in mild of the assorted anomalies and oddities that may be seen throughout the total spectrum of the Man of the woods phenomenon, which are sometimes inconsistent with a traditional animal as we all know it, maybe we have to at the very least think about different potentialities, irrespective of how outlandish and even absurd they might appear at first. Possibly we have to assume outdoors of the field, to hunt contemporary avenues to pursue with a view to shine new mild into the darkness of the unknown and illuminate past the perimeters of what we will now see.

Within the appreciable morass of all the concepts and theories swirling about on Man of the woods, ultimately it may be principally distilled into just a few selections. We are able to both imagine sightings reviews and the proof up to now have benefit, and thus settle for that Man of the woods maybe actually exists, or we will dismiss all of it as a grand, elaborate hoax. If we’re to take the previous, then we will select to cope with it as strictly a organic animal as we uncomfortably wrestle with the rising improbability of it going undiscovered so lengthy in each state of the Union and locations the place it shouldn’t be with no shred of concrete proof. In that case, we should additionally settle for all sightings reviews as being doubtlessly actual, together with ones which have uncomfortable paranormal tones, which may be exhausting to reconcile with an animal as we all know it, and so should wrestle with this conundrum. Or we will concede that at the very least a few of it’s one thing maybe weirder than we’d wish to admit, whether or not that’s interdimensional phenomena, or one thing else. Possibly we’ve to contemplate for a second that the Man of the woods phenomenon could be stranger than we think about, even perhaps stranger than we can think about.

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