Bigfoot Language and the Strange Kidnapping of Albert Ostman

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There have been many unusual circumstances of supposed Bigfoot interactions with people through the years, from sighting to video footage and past. On some very bizarre events there have been these people who’ve claimed to have been truly kidnapped by these beasts, and within the course of gained supposed perception into their life-style and habits. By far probably the most well-known and talked about alleged Bigfoot kidnapping, in addition to one of many strangest, considerations the Canadian prospector and lumberjack Albert Ostman. In 1924, Ostman went on trip to the rugged wilderness close to Toba Inlet, British Columbia, Canada. One among his functions on the time was to attempt to discover what he claimed to be a long-lost gold mine that he was satisfied existed on the market within the dense forests, which is already odd and intriguing sufficient as it’s however can be overshadowed by the bizarreness of what would purportedly occur to him throughout his journey. This may all spiral into not solely a really weird case of a Bigfoot kidnapping, but additionally a case regarding the concept that Bigfoot may even have language.

Whereas on his journey into these distant badlands, Ostman’s Indian information informed him that the person who had allegedly initially discovered the misplaced gold mine was rumored to have been killed by a Sasquatch, which was in accordance with Ostman the primary time he had ever heard of such creatures, regardless of having lengthy been a hardened outdoorsman. The Indian defined in regards to the giant, bushy man-like beasts they known as the Sasquatch and informed of the massive footprints they left behind, however Ostman on the time didn’t imagine a phrase of it, as a substitute chalking it as much as loopy previous Native legends. Not lengthy after this, the 2 made camp and Ostman headed out on his personal with some provides in a pack and armed together with his rifle and a knife to research a move via the mountains that he had seen, in addition to to do some prospecting.

After a number of days of tenting alone out within the wilderness, some slightly odd issues had been seen by Ostman. One morning he discovered that among the objects in his camp had been moved round, though nothing had been taken, and Ostman slept that night time together with his rifle inside simple attain, pondering that maybe a porcupine or different animal had come and picked via his camp. The next morning, he discovered his again pack had been emptied out however was nonetheless oddly hanging from the place he had left it, and that this time some issues had been lacking, akin to a half-pound pack of prunes and all of his pancake flour. The one factor that hadn’t been touched was his bag of salt. An examination of the camp turned up no footprints, and the intrusion didn’t appear to be the work of animals since nothing had been torn aside or haphazardly ransacked or strewn about. For 3 nights in a row the mysterious intruder visited the camp unseen, and all efforts by Ostman to stake out the camp to search out the trespasser within the act had been to no avail.

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Albert Ostman

On the 4th night time of those unusual incidents, Ostman went to mattress totally clothed, with each his knife and rifle inside simple attain, and this time he had meant to remain awake all night time to be able to catch the trespasser, however he ultimately fell right into a deep sleep. In some unspecified time in the future, he claims he was awoken by one thing choosing him up, sleeping bag and all, and he groggily thought it may be a snow slide, though there was no snow within the space on the time. He stated that he then felt as if he had been put up on horseback, and that no matter was carrying him was strolling. He couldn’t see something, as he was wrapped up in his sleeping bag, and he desperately grabbed for his rifle as he tried to determine who or what was carrying him alongside. Unable to maneuver and with numerous tools sticking into him uncomfortably, Ostman may solely wait there within the encroaching darkish and see the place he was being taken. No matter had captured him appeared to be taking Ostman uphill, as he may really feel every step lifting upwards, and he started to note that the factor was respiratory closely, in addition to sometimes letting out coughing noises and unusual chattering sounds that he would later declare to be some kind of language.

For 3 hours Ostman was carried like this via the wilderness, when abruptly his sleeping bag was dumped onto the bottom and he warily peeked exterior. Though it was too darkish on the time for him to obviously see what was on the market, he may vaguely make out giant, darkish shapes and listen to what gave the impression of a number of giant creatures chattering unintelligibly amongst one another, and it appeared to be a household of the very bushy humanoids his previous Indian information had informed him about. Ostman known as out to ask what the creatures wished and was answered with extra of the chattering sounds. He considered escape, however his legs had been too badly cramped and painful for him to even stroll, not to mention run away. Because it obtained lighter exterior, Ostman claims that he may lastly make out 4 humanoid creatures, unclothed and totally coated in shaggy hair. In accordance with him, there have been two large ones, which appeared to be the daddy, which was an enormous specimen about 8 toes tall, and the mom, in addition to two smaller ones, which seemed to be youngsters, a boy and a lady, with “smaller” which means that they had been solely round 6 to 7 toes tall. Ostman would later say of their look:

The younger fellow might need been between 11-18 years previous and about seven toes tall and may weight about 300 lbs. His chest can be 50-55 inches, his waist about 36-38 inches. He had huge jaws, slender brow, that slanted upward spherical on the again about 4 or 5 inches larger than the brow. The hair on their heads was about six inches lengthy. The hair on the remainder of their physique was brief and thick in locations. The ladies’s hair on the brow had an upward flip like some ladies have — they name it bangs, amongst ladies’s hair-do’s. These days the previous woman may have been something between 40-70 years previous. She was over seven toes tall. She can be about 500-600 kilos. She had very huge hips, and a goose-like stroll. She was not constructed for magnificence or velocity. A few of these lovable brassieres and uplifts would have been an important enchancment on her appears to be like and her determine. The person’s eyeteeth had been longer than the remainder of the enamel, however not lengthy sufficient to be known as tusks. The previous man should have been close to eight toes tall. Huge barrel chest and large hump on his again — highly effective shoulders, his biceps on higher arm had been huge and tapered right down to his elbows. His forearms had been longer than widespread folks have, however effectively proportioned. His palms had been huge, the palm was lengthy and broad, and hole like a scoop. His fingers had been brief in proportion to the remainder of his hand. His fingernails had been like chisels. The one place they’d no hair was inside their palms and the soles of their toes and higher a part of the nostril and eyelids. I by no means did see their ears, they had been coated with hair hanging over them.

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Picture by Steve Baxter

The creatures didn’t appear threatening or aggressive in the direction of Ostman in any respect, and certainly the younger ones appeared just a little terrified of him, however neither did they appear able to let him depart. In accordance with Ostman, for the subsequent 6 days the household of Sasquatch forcefully stored him there, with the massive male always close by and sitting on the solely apparent escape route. Throughout this time, Ostman claimed that the household of creatures slept inside a shelter lined and coated with bark and dry moss and that steadily the curious creatures would come nearer to watch him, together with the youthful ones. The household of Sasquatch additionally supplied Ostman meals within the type of nuts and a kind of candy grass, which the younger boy Sasquatch would deftly climb up the mountain to get. In return, Ostman would let it play together with his snuff field, which it could observe opening and shutting, in addition to tasting the snuff inside. When the younger male appeared to demand one for his sister, Ostman gave her a snuff field as effectively. For probably the most half, the adults had been described as largely resting all day whereas the youngsters climbed and performed.

Throughout this time, he would declare that the creatures spoke to one another utilizing what was clearly some kind of language slightly than random grunts and growls, and he even claimed that he was in a position to decide up sure phrases they used for issues. For example, when the grownup male wished Ostman to take a seat down and keep put, it could say “soka, soka,” and once they supplied him water, they used the phrase “ook” each time. Ostman would deduce that “soke” meant “keep” and “ook” meant “water” or “drink.” There have been many situations of this, and Ostman would say that he started to choose up sure phrases, and that when he used these phrases the Bigfoot responded appropriately, so in a way he was studying their language. The extra time he spent with them, the extra complicated their communications appeared, they usually even appeared to be utilizing gestures and facial expressions to speak concepts, in addition to foot stomping. Though this was all very fascinating to him, there got here some extent the place he wished to get out of there and go dwelling.

His first few tries to flee met with failure. Ostman claimed that on a number of events he had picked up his rifle and tried to stroll out of there, however that the massive male had stood in entrance of him holding his palms out and vocalizing irritably. Though Ostman had his rifle, he selected to not fireplace upon the creatures, as they appeared remarkably human, confirmed no inclination in the direction of harming him, and he was undecided if his rifle would even harm the large beast, as a substitute presumably solely serving to anger it. Contemplating that the youthful ones appeared to love taking part in with the snuff bins a lot and licking on the remaining snuff inside, and that the daddy had additionally proven curiosity in them, Ostman started to concoct a plan to incapacitate and even kill the massive grownup male by feeding him a full field of snuff, after which he felt assured that he would be capable to escape with little resistance.

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Picture by Steve Baxter

Lastly, at some point Ostman opened a brand new field of snuff and took a dose, and on the identical time the grownup male had reportedly abruptly snatched it away and emptied your entire contents into his mouth, even going as far as to completely lick out any remnants. As predicted, the male Sasquatch fell violently ailing and Ostman made a run for it, reportedly firing his rifle over the mom’s head as she pursued him and scaring her off. After a while of slogging via the wilderness, ever cautious of being adopted by the household of Sasquatch, Ostman was lastly rescued by some loggers and introduced again to civilization. Ostman would maintain his story quiet for many years, afraid of ridicule, till growing stories of Bigfoot sightings within the Fifties persuaded him to lastly come forth together with his sensational story in 1957. Albert Ostman’s wonderful story has been picked aside and debated ever since, with some calling him a liar and others pointing to it as real proof of Bigfoot, in addition to every thing in between however we could by no means know the reality. Whether or not Ostman’s account is true or the product of an lively creativeness, it’s definitely one of many stranger and extra detailed stories of Bigfoot kidnappings.

What makes all of it much more intriguing, aside from the truth that this was a Bigfoot kidnapping like one thing out of a tabloid newspaper, is the detailed point out of an precise language being utilized by the creatures. There has lengthy been the idea that Sasquatch, if they’re even actual in any respect, might need developed some type of primitive language or proto-language, they usually have been reported as utilizing many strategies of speaking, together with whoops, howls, grunts, barks, bellows, and in some circumstances what appear to be precise phrases, even in a position to perceive and mimic human speech. Vocal communication is just not new to primates generally, as they can talk easy concepts with sure calls, however people are the one identified species with what may very well be strictly outlined as a language, in that it has grammar, syntax, and a set vocabulary. If Bigfoot are actual, and are utilizing some type of language, it could be fairly wonderful. Linguist Ronald Cosper has stated of this:

Linguists have maintained that possession of language is a novel attribute of human beings. Earlier students claimed that people invented language and realized to talk, passing this capacity on to subsequent generations. Extra just lately, the universality of language has satisfied most linguists that language is a biologically primarily based capacity of human beings, and that we’re genetically programmed to amass language and communicate. It has been found that though human languages differ significantly amongst themselves, all of them have sure structural traits in widespread. If we’re going to preserve that language is an evolutionary product, it’s clearly necessary to check vocal communication in different species. Some primates are stated to have methods of “calls,” and others talk with numerous actions and shows.


If sasquatch are an in depth human relative, it could be extraordinarily necessary to know their vocal communication. Such information would revolutionize our understanding of human language. Linguistics may then grow to be a really comparative subject of research, by which language can be seen as one sort of communication that developed in sure circumstances amongst some species. It could be true that sasquatch have vocal communication much like language, as fairly a number of of the observational stories of sasquatch point out. In fact, many of those stories are observations of single people, and it’s unlikely that talking would happen in these conditions. Nonetheless, when a number of sasquatch are current collectively, there are sometimes stories of “languagelike” habits. Additionally occurring are numerous different oral noises, much less much like articulated language, and extra like noises or cries made by different species of primate. Lengthy distance communication might also be carried on by appears like whistles, howls, and so forth.

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Picture by Steve Baxter

Cosper has even gone as far as to recommend that Bigfoot could have completely different dialects or accents, maybe even utterly completely different languages over their vary. In any case, it is a creature reported from throughout North America, so it definitely appears as if there can be variations and it’s sort of enjoyable to consider. Cosper has stated of it:

Sooner or later, the query of dialectal variation should even be thought-about. Within the current day, human language adjustments just about constantly, and teams out of contact with one another quickly developed completely different dialects, and, finally, completely different languages. Sasquatch seemingly occupy a big territory (North America?), and we could not be capable to anticipate that their verbal communication would be the identical over your entire space. Alternatively, mobility, inter-communication, and limitations of the system could are likely to stabilize the language of sasquatch over their vary. The experiences within the case of Ostman in British Columbia recommend that additional profitable analysis on sasquatch communication can be much like that of present-day anthropological fieldwork and of primatological subject analysis on chimpanzees and gorillas, in that it is very important set up belief and familiarity amongst these you’re learning. Such a relationship can be tough, however most likely not not possible to determine within the case of sasquatch, for less than in that approach can a sympathetic understanding of their lifeways be attained. Particularly in cognitive issues and communication, intimate contact is required.

There is no such thing as a solution to know what was actually happening right here. Certainly, Ostman’s claims have been closely picked aside and criticized, however he all the time maintained that his account was true. Did this man truly spend time within the firm of those creatures and handle to achieve perception into their very language? Or is that this all a hoax or the ravings of a delusional thoughts? It has not ever actually been solved, and on the very least Albert Ostman’s alleged ordeal offers us a possible peek right into a world of the Bigfoot that goes on largely within the background past our grasp.

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