Bigfoot, Mysterious Apes and Wild Men: When They Use Weapons

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In a 2016 article titled “The Mysterious Rock Apes of the Vietnam Conflict,” Brent Swancer wrote partially: “…American G.I.s started to return again with tales of one thing weirder than their enemy lurking within the forests of Vietnam, and it appeared that the Viet Cong weren’t the one factor to be careful for within the dense underbrush. Right here, the overseas troopers would come nose to nose with a creature that was well-known by the locals, but new to them; a humanoid, bushy biped the likes of which none of them had ever seen, which might lurch forth from the deepest jungles to startle and even assault, and which might come to be referred to as the ‘Rock Apes.'” As Brent’s article demonstrates, there are quite a lot of stories of the Rock Apes attacking navy personnel. I point out this as a result of immediately’s article is on the matter of Bigfoot-like animals, “wild males,” and anomalous apes utilizing weapons. And particularly golf equipment.

January 8, 1894 was the date upon which the Dover, New Jersey press reported on the presence of a beast that doesn’t precisely sound like a Bigfoot, however, equally, doesn’t sound like a traditional man dwelling wild, both. In lots of respects, it appears to curiously straddle each camps, as you’ll now see: “There’s a wild man within the woods close to Mine Hill, and although the events which were trying to find him for a number of days have typically felt chilly of their heavy coats the thing of the search appears to get alongside comfortably with no extra safety from the winter chill than an plentiful set of whiskers.” A variety of folks noticed the creature, together with a bunch of ladies – Lizzie Guscott, Bertha Heatig and Katie Griffin and two woodsmen, Mike and Invoice Dean. The media reported: “The Deans endeavored to grab him, however he picked up a membership and brandished it [italics mine]. One of many canines sprang at him and acquired a blow that just about killed it. The woodchoppers then fled and telephoned from the corporate retailer to this metropolis for assist.” As in so many such circumstances, the monster was quickly gone.

It was whereas touring throughout South America within the Nineteen Sixties that Rely Pino Turolla –  an Italian explorer – first heard of a marauding monster within the continent. The knowledge got here from Turolla’s private information, Antonio, who informed a stunning story. Some years earlier, Antonio and his two sons traveled to a specific vary in Venezuela the place they have been confronted on the sprawling Savannah by a trio of monumental, gorilla-like animals that have been round eight ft in top, had lengthy and hanging arms, and tiny heads. Not solely that, they have been armed with massive and crudely original wood golf equipment [italics mine]. A violent altercation occurred.

An enormous vary that covers components of China, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, the Pamir Mountains are house to plenty of accounts of Bigfoot-like animal of each a brief and huge stature. A very credible case that falls into the previous class occurred within the latter a part of 1925. A Normal Mikhail Stepanovich Topilski was main a unit in the hunt for a pocket of anti-Soviet guerrillas who have been hiding out someplace within the western phase of the Pamir vary.  Whereas looking down the guerillas, Topilski and is get together heard plenty of tales from native villagers of creatures that dwelled within the extra remoted areas of the mountains and which displayed each human- and ape-like qualities. They have been considerably uncertain of the tales – at the very least, till they got here throughout human-like footprints negotiating decidedly treacherous snow-covered cliffs and slopes.

Issues actually got here to a head when Topilski and his males lastly caught up with the guerillas, who have been hiding out in a big cave. A firefight shortly, and nearly inevitably, started, one thing which resulted in a number of deaths among the many guerillas, some by bullets and others by falling ice provoked by the firing. Among the many survivors, nevertheless, was a person who informed an odd story to Topilski and his staff. It was a narrative crammed with descriptions of bizarre, ape-man-like creatures that had attacked the guerillas with golf equipment, certainly one of which, the person mentioned, was killed within the ice fall italics mine].

In 1933, a author named Elliott Merrick informed of a Bigfoot-style monster roaming round Glad Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada, round 20 years earlier. The particular location was the small city of Traverspine. Merrick mentioned: “Ghost tales are very actual on this land of scattered lonely properties and primitive fears. The Traverspine ‘Gorilla’ is among the creepiest. About twenty years in the past one of many little ladies was taking part in in an open grassy clearing one autumn afternoon when she noticed popping out of the woods an enormous bushy factor with low-hanging arms. It was about seven ft tall when it stood erect, however generally it dropped to all fours. Throughout the highest of its head was a white mane.” Merrick continued: “The canines knew it was there too, for the household would hear them growl and snarl when it approached. Typically it will need to have pushed them into the river for they might be soaking moist within the morning. One night time the canines confronted the factor, and it lashed at them with a stick or membership [italics mine], which hit a nook of the home with such power it made the beams tremble. The previous man and boys carried weapons wherever they went, however by no means bought a shot at it. For the 2 winters it was there.”

The phrase, “Woodwose,” is one which has its origins in historical England. It’s additionally a phrase steeped in thriller and legend. Though there is no such thing as a stable consensus on its origins, the chances are high that it’s derived from “wudu,” an previous phrase that means “forest” and “wasa,” or, in immediately’s terminology, “being.” In that sense, the Woodwose is a being of the forest, a bushy, wild humanoid of the woods – a factor under no circumstances not like Bigfoot.  Tabitca Cope – the writer of plenty of books, together with the Loch Ness Monster-themed Darkish Ness – is somebody who has rigorously and extensively studied the thriller of the Woodwose. Her analysis has proven that the Woodwose was predominantly reported throughout England from the 14th to the 16th century. It was most frequently described as a big, man-like beast, however one which was lined in a coat of tight, curly hair, that was closely bearded, and that just about invariably carried a big, wood membership. At instances, the wild Woodwose would cowl its physique in ivy, moss, and leaves – presumably as a type of camouflage.

On this identical matter, English writer and researcher Elizabeth Randall says of the Woodwose that it’s “often proven as a whole, half human, determine carrying a membership with the limbs being leafy [italics mine]. It additionally typically exhibits a thick beard and wears a cap. The Woodwose may be proven holding the membership in numerous positions. Typically that is on its aspect and generally it’s raised. There’s a idea {that a} raised membership depicts the determine earlier than it was transformed to Christianity, nevertheless it’s most likely extra right to imagine that it was raised to beat back evil spirits.”

A remaining few phrases: must you encounter a Bigfoot brandishing a membership, it may be smart to exit the world – and shortly!

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