Bigfoot Sighting in British Columbia Gets Canadians Excited

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Outdoors of hockey, the Winter Olympics and the opening of moose season, not a lot will get Canadians excited. Now you can add ‘Bigfoot sighting’ to that record. A report of a potential Bigfoot roaming the woods on Christmas Day within the tiny city of Silverton, British Columbia, caught the eye of the Canadian media quicker than you may add an “Eh?” to the top of this sentence. Sasquatch … eh?

‘Twas the night time of Christmas
And thru the West Koot
Not a creature was sighted
Besides perhaps Bigfoot

You understand it’s an enormous deal when it evokes a reporter to pen a poetic parody to it. John Boivin, Native Journalism Initiative reporter for the Valley Voice, a biweekly regional BC group newspaper serving the Slocan, Arrow Lakes and North Kootenay Lake Valleys, wrote in regards to the Silverton sighting (Silverton is within the Slocan Valley) for the primary version of 2021, and it was picked up shortly by media sources in Toronto, Vancouver and round Canada.

“The 4 associates have been heading to their residence on Hwy 6 simply south of Silverton on the night of December 25 when the folks within the entrance of the car noticed what regarded like a “enormous, man-like determine” on the facet of the highway.”

So begins the soon-to-be-family-legend Christmas story of Erica Spink-D’Souza and her three associates. Spink-D’Souza was within the again seat and regarded up too late to see “what regarded like an enormous man standing on two legs. It bent over and fell to 4 legs.” Hmmm … that final half doesn’t sound like Sasquatch however Spink-D’Souza is aware of her bears and noticed that “It’s winter and bears right here within the inside of the Kootenays are hibernating.” (FYI — the Kootenays is a area of southeastern BC named for the Kutenai First Nations folks.)

If it wasn’t a grizzly, what did Spink-D’Souza and her associates see?

“We received residence and all 4 of us determined to return and search for tracks. We went and filmed and took photographs of an entire bunch of huge tracks that seem like they’re from a biped animal! We have now this video and photographs and would love somebody to have a look at them. We reside close to Silverton British Columbia in Canada. We have now additionally been strolling within the woods close to our home and one time I noticed a construction/arrange of bushes that regarded intentionally positioned in several criss-cross association. I additionally heard deep resonate sounds one night time proper after we first moved in to our new property close to Silverton, BC. It sounded half human, half animal.”

Spink-D’Souza is clearly Bigfoot savvy. In her report back to BFRO (the Bigfoot Subject Researchers Group), she stated they felt one thing watching them as they recorded the tracks. For these involved in changing into newbie Bigfoot investigators, BFRO investigator Matthew Moneymaker adopted up with the witnesses after which referred to as the proprietor of the property the place the sighting occurred. The unnamed lady claimed to have heard “moaning howls” outdoors her cabin just lately, so he performed a recording of the Ohio howl and she or he stated “That’s what I heard, eh?” or one thing to that impact.

“They think the tracks are from a really giant moose. The witnesses could have seen a big feminine moose dealing with ahead and mistook it for a man-like determine.”

Moneymaker informed John Boivin that members of a close-by Okanagan Bigfoot group noticed the report and visited the positioning 10 days later, figuring out the tracks as nearer to moose than Bigfoot. Oooh, don’t inform that to the locals, who know their moose tracks. Spink-D’Souza, who only recently moved to the world, discovered that out when she shared her encounter with neighbors.

“Effectively, it’s the Kootenays. I inform them what occurred, and so they begin telling me their Bigfoot tales. Folks have been saying ‘oh, that’s The Wanderer, there’s a sasquatch who wanders round right here. It feels like round right here individuals are fairly open to the likelihood there may be one.”

After listening to the Christmas story of Erica Spink-D’Souza and her associates, are you? With the brand new info from the Silverton locals, maybe it’s time for a brand new ode to this BC Bigfoot (to the tune of “The Blissful Wanderer”):

He likes to go a-wandering,
To my cabin and again
And the place he goes, he likes to howl,
These ain’t no moose tracks, Jack
Ah-ooh-ooh, ah-ooh-ah
These ain’t no moose tracks, Jack


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