Black Eyed Child May Have Returned to Staffordshire

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If there’s not sufficient within the information to scare us mindless till Halloween, this story out of England could do it. A girl in Cannock Chase just lately reported seeing a black eyed baby after listening to screams whereas on a stroll.

There are various tales of encounters with black eyed kids with probably the most well-known being that of Brian Bethel, who reported in 1998 of seeing “these darned black eyed youngsters” in Abilene, Texas. Whereas lots of the tales are imprecise, anecdotal, nameless and intensely related, that hasn’t stopped the worry of black eyed kids from spreading.

This one comes from Cannock Chase, a delegated Space of Excellent Pure Magnificence and a location with a protracted historical past of paranormal phenomenon, together with Hellhounds, werewolves, massive cats, UFOs, Hairy-man and Pig-Man. Whereas the lady who noticed the black eyed baby has not been recognized, she informed the story to Lee Brickley, a magical author and investigator who additionally lives in Cannock.

We immediately began operating in direction of the noise. We couldn’t discover the kid wherever and so stopped to catch our breath. That’s after I turned spherical and noticed a woman stood behind me, not more than 10 years outdated, together with her fingers over her eyes. It was as if she was ready for a birthday cake. I requested if she was OK and if she had been the one screaming. She put her arms down by her aspect and opened her eyes. That’s after I noticed they had been utterly black, no iris, no white, nothing. I jumped again and grabbed my daughter. After I regarded once more, the kid was gone. It was so horrific.

Lee says the sighting is much like the primary black eyed baby sighting in Cannock Chase in 1982 by a relative of his. Whereas different experiences are typically of teams of black eyed kids knocked on doorways of homes or automobiles and asking if they will are available, Lee says the Cannock Chase sightings are completely different in a single peculiar method.

Solely on Cannock Chase do the sightings persistently occur in the course of the daytime.

Theories on black eyed kids vary from extra-terrestrials, demons and ghosts to pranksters with  full-sclera black contact lenses to drug-induced mydriasis, a dilation of the pupils that may be accompanied by horrific conduct.

Regardless of the trigger, it will likely be some Halloween this 12 months in Cannock Chase.

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