Britain’s Bigfoot: The Food Controversy

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For hundreds of years experiences have surfaced from quite a few elements of the UK of what can solely be described as “wild males” and “British Man of the woods.” The instances are problematic as a result of the concept that such issues might exist within the UK is totally ridiculous. The dimensions (or, relatively, the lack of dimension) of the UK dictates that complete colonies of giant apes merely can’t stay alongside round 60 million individuals and by no means get recognized, uncovered, or killed. And we must always notice too that there’s nothing – in any respect – within the fossil report to indicate that the UK has ever been the house of apes of gorilla-size and upwards.

What makes the story much more problematic is that the overwhelming majority of the individuals who declare to have encountered such issues within the UK come throughout as very lucid, regular, and all the way down to earth. They simply need a solution to what it was they encountered. In different phrases, we have now credible individuals speaking about unimaginable issues that merely can’t exist. No less than, not within the UK they can not. So, individuals are undoubtedly seeing one thing; I do need to stress that. In earlier articles and books, nonetheless, I’ve made my place clear that I believe Man of the woods is a creature of paranormal proportions.

So far as the British Man of the woods is worried, the a method through which this paranormal facet might be demonstrated is in relation to the matter of meals. If we take the view that the British Man of the woods is a type of ape, one of many greatest and most vital questions that must be requested is that this: what on Earth are they residing on? It is value noting {that a} absolutely grown mountain gorilla partakes of greater than 140 sorts of vegetation, shoots, stems, and leaves, and may eat upwards of 40 kilos of vegetation. Each single day.

Group of different fruit and vegetables

When one seems at their large frames, the size of their meals consumption is hardly shocking. However contemplate this: in lots of instances, the British Man of the woods not solely rivals absolutely grown gorillas in dimension. Generally, the gorilla is dwarfed by the UK beast. Preserve that in thoughts as we now have a look at the likelihood that colonies of Man of the woods have, over the centuries, tailored to consuming the sorts of issues one may discover within the common subject of the everyday UK farmer. We’re speaking about potatoes, cabbages, and so forth, and – in orchards – varied fruits, corresponding to apples.

On condition that the British Man of the woods has been seen throughout nearly the whole land, we should be speaking about sizable colonies. However, the place is the proof of a whole bunch of enormous, humanoid, creatures devouring round 40 to 50 kilos of vegetation day-after-day? The reply is easy: there isn’t a proof. By now, there needs to be far quite a lot of experiences of farmers coming throughout the immense beasts throughout feeding time. However there aren’t.


As a substitute, we see these items manifesting within the neighborhood of outdated castles, websites of archaeological significance, stone circles, and historical bridges. After which they vanish. Till, that’s, they determine to make one other transient and enigmatic look and scare the life out of a terrified eyewitness. After all, those that are pushed by a have to imagine the British Man of the woods is flesh and blood may say that maybe the creature has developed a style for meat. Is it potential that they feed virtually completely on wild animals, corresponding to deer, rabbits, and foxes? Is smart, proper. No. It doesn’t.

Yearly – as statistics launched by Staffordshire County Council exhibit – round 170 deer are killed on the roads that run round and thru the Cannock Chase – by vehicles, vans, and so forth. For individuals who could not know, the Cannock Chase is a big space of woodland in central England the place Man of the woods has been seen on numerous events.

These lifeless deer would make nice meals for all of these Cannock Chase Man of the woods. However there’s one other difficulty: the our bodies of the deer by no means go lacking. It is all the time all the way down to council workers to gather the our bodies and get rid of them. No hungry Man of the woods would ever depart a tasty, full-grown deer by the aspect of a wooded street. By no means thoughts round 170 per yr! They might be shortly scooped up and devoured. The identical goes for elsewhere within the UK: no mysterious and large-scale vanishings of lifeless deer, foxes, and so forth.

So, if the British Man of the woods are usually not raiding – on an enormous scale – the fields of farmers and they don’t seem to be massively feeding on road-kill, then what are they consuming? Completely nothing, that is what. Sure, the British Man of the woods exists. Albeit, in some horrific trend that’s scarcely understood. However it’s not an ape. Neither is it an “ape-man.” What it’s, I do not know. I freely admit that. What I do know, nonetheless, is that no-one within the UK wants to fret about turning into a meal for Man of the woods.

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