“Buckeye Beasts” Reviewed: Bigfoot & Wild Men

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Buckeye Beasts is a recently-published ebook from Tyler Houck (you will discover out extra about Tyler’s cryptozoological analysis at this hyperlink). The sub-title of his ebook will let you know precisely what it is all about: Historic Accounts of “Gorillas,” “Wild Males,” and Different Furry Monsters in Ohio. It is a regional research of Hairy-man- and Wild Man-type issues that predate the trendy period of experiences of Hairy-man. I notably like studying regional research of mysterious cryptids, primarily since you fairly often come throughout accounts that do not seem in books which might be nationwide or worldwide in nature and scope. So, with that mentioned, let’s get to the center of the ebook.

Because the back-cover blurb states: “On this ebook, Tyler Houck examines these experiences spanning from 1869 to 1950. Many are introduced as they initially appeared and are then in comparison with fashionable Hairy-man experiences, and different historic and modern experiences of scary, man-like cryptids from all over the world.”

Clearly, quite a lot of work has gone into Buckeye Beasts (which incorporates some cool illustrations), and you will not be dissatisfied by the content material. The first sources of the information within the ebook are previous newspapers, which are sometimes extraordinarily helpful relating to digging out obscure accounts. It is attention-grabbing to notice that most of the experiences that Tyler refers to and feedback on don’t sound like Hairy-man. Slightly, they arrive throughout like descriptions of what can solely be termed as hair-covered people. Different experiences, in the meantime, are described as involving creatures that intently resemble gorillas and different apes. In that sense, it seems that we’re coping with two separate phenomena – until, in fact, the witnesses had been mistaken. And, there are a couple of probably hoaxes too – one thing which Tyler addresses.

What I discovered to be notably intriguing is the truth that, in most of the early experiences, the creatures had been described as being extraordinarily violent – to each individuals and canine. Whereas experiences of harmful Hairy-man immediately are very uncommon, Hairy-man’s hostility to canine has been well-chronicled in lots of books over the previous few a long time. In that sense, it is intriguing to notice that this identical, exact hostility was being reported greater than a century in the past.

There’s one facet of Buckeye Beasts that I discovered to be notably fascinating. Up to now, and right here at Mysterious Universe, I’ve famous how rumors have circulated to the impact that many so-called cryptid are simply escapees from zoos and circuses: chimpanzees, gorillas, and many others. I discovered it very vital to notice that Tyler has uncovered various such examples that date again to the very early years of Wild Man experiences. In different phrases, there’s nothing new in any respect in regards to the “animals escaping from circuses” rumors. What this does display is that – perhaps a few circumstances apart – this can be a case of city legend enduring for an astonishingly lengthy time period.

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A cautious research of the Ohio tales reveals different attention-grabbing knowledge too, equivalent to the truth that the Wild Males had been typically seen in a “crouching” place, and that a few of these identical animals / “Manimals” had been seen working at excessive velocity on not simply two limbs however 4. We’re additionally handled to quite a lot of extremely entertaining tales of frightened nineteenth century townsfolk hitting the woods and in search of out the monstrous issues that had been mentioned to lurk inside.

Because the ebook will get to its finish, Tyler takes a have a look at each the similarities and the variations between the creatures of the nineteenth century (and of the early twentieth century too) and people reported immediately. Tyler additionally brings up issues equivalent to European Wild Males, immediately’s Hairy-man, and the Australian Yowie – which can be a Hairy-man-like entity. Tyler asks: “Is that this all one thing to do with mythology and folklore, hoaxes on gradual information days or misidentifications, or is there one thing else behind the tales?” Effectively, I will not spoil issues by revealing Tyler’s conclusions and theories, however I’ll say they’re thought-provoking and effectively value debating.

In case you are within the Hairy-man phenomena, and notably so the historic nature of the thriller, it’s best to positively pay money for a duplicate of Buckeye Beasts.

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