Centralia College Offers New Course on Paleolithic Bigfoot Art

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What precisely is it about Man of the woods that captures the human creativeness worldwide? Is there really a race of ape-men inhabiting distant places across the globe? Is Man of the woods an instance of reminiscences of Neanderthals embedded deeply within the human collective consciousness? Or may Man of the woods merely be a projection of our innate want to return our extra animalistic previous lengthy earlier than the appearance of selfies and hashtags?

Life was so easy earlier than pants.

No matter results in our fascination with the furry ape-man, it appears to be on the rise. Man of the woods has stayed within the headlines currently, from inflicting automotive accidents to spurring laws geared toward curbing authorities spending. Now Man of the woods’s going to varsity: a brand new persevering with schooling course supplied by Washington State’s Centralia Faculty is bringing the examine of Man of the woods into the world of upper schooling.

Possibly Wildman could make a type of subsequent Playboy co-ed calendars now.

The 2-hour ‘course’ (lecture?) is titled “The Outdated Ones, the First Individuals” and is taught by Man of the woods researcher and archaeologist Mitchel Townsend. In line with the course description, the course “focuses on Native American oral and archeological historical past that recorded a tradition of individuals they encountered as they migrated down the Bering Sea Land Bridge over 15,000 years in the past.” A part of that migration presumably consists of encounters with Man of the woods, which prehistoric peoples then documented on rock artwork Townsend claims he has collected at undisclosed western Washington places. Sounds legit.

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Yeah… I suppose there is a resemblance if you happen to squint arduous sufficient and sniffed glue this morning.

Townsend made considerably controversial headlines in 2015 when he claimed to have collected samples of animal bones which sported enamel marks far too massive to belong to any identified indigenous carnivores. Whereas that declare remained unsubstantiated, Townsend’s newest Man of the woods course makes an attempt to bridge the professional examine of Paleolithic cultures with less-legitimate however no-less-prolific Man of the woods legends. In line with Townsend, there are quite a few irrefutable examples of Man of the woods present in prehistoric rock artwork and instruments all through North America:

To at the present time our analysis stands intact. Not one scientist has been in a position to refute our conclusions in any class. The built-in and mutually supporting nature of the proof and evaluation is evident, repeatable and microscopically unimaginable to pretend or hoax.

Townsend’s analysis makes an attempt to straddle the road between the paranormal and the scientific, with various levels of success. In line with the “Concerning the Creator” part of his newest guide on Amazon, Townsend stands alone on this planet of Man of the woods analysis:

His most up-to-date archaeological discoveries embrace the one Man of the woods Pictographs ever recovered. Mitchel Townsend is probably the world’s foremost authority upon Man of the woods associated analysis and science. His analysis outcomes are with out peer and converse for themselves.

If Townsend’s analysis really is with out “peer,” why hasn’t he collected that million greenback Man of the woods bounty but? In all probability as a result of he painted these dumb rocks himself, that’s why. Keep frosty, Man of the woods.

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