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Is it doable that a few of the cryptid creatures seen on our world are literally extraterrestrial creatures? Sure, it is a extremely controversial principle, however stick with me. Let’s take a look at a few of the creatures that simply would possibly match into this specific, peculiar class of alien-and-monster. We’ll start with the matter of that modern-day dogman, the Dogman. It haunts a lot of Wisconsin and Michigan – and lots of different elements of the US, too. In 2005, Dogman skilled Linda Godfrey was contacted by a person – a army whistle-blower, we would say – who was an skilled within the discipline of remote-viewing. In keeping with Linda’s Edward Snowden-like supply, the U.S. Authorities has uncovered knowledge suggesting that the Dogmen are a really historic, alien race that intently resembles the traditional deity of the Underworld. And who would possibly that be? It’s Anubis, that’s who. Linda’s informant additionally found – by way of remote-viewing – that the Dogmen can “leap” from location to location by way of portals or doorways within the cloth of area and time. That is fairly a narrative instructed to Godfrey. And a wild technique to start this text, too.

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(Nick Redfern) Linda Godfrey, Dogman skilled, with Nick Redfern

Now, let’s go on to the matter of what are generally known as small “bushy hominids.” That is proper, all all over the world there are tales of hair-covered creatures in our forests and jungles. However, what concerning the UFO/alien angle of this? Properly, let’s examine. Maybe the very best instance of this notably mystifying facet of the phenomenon was that which occurred in Venezuela, again in late 1954. As far as may be decided, the controversy – which in a short time turned a matter dominated by nothing however chilly, unrelenting terror – started someday after midnight on November 28. All was regular for Jose Ponce and Gustavo Gonzalez, as they traveled alongside a small highway on the fringes of Caracas, Venezuela. Or, to be completely right, all was regular for some time. The darkish highway was all of a sudden lit up by what the astonished pair might solely describe as a brilliant ball of sunshine, with a circumference of round three ft. It swayed barely within the air, not not like a small boat bobbing alongside on the water.

The 2 slowed down their automobile as they approached it, ultimately coming to a whole halt. It was then, all of a sudden, that astonishment was changed by outright terror. Whereas Ponce stayed contained in the van, Gonzalez cautiously exited the automobile; he started to slowly and tentatively stroll in the direction of the hovering globe. Instantly, Gonzalez discovered himself thrown to the bottom by an unseen power. The rationale why the attacker was unseen – for just a few seconds, not less than – was due to its dimension. Or, reasonably, its profound lack of dimension. Gonzalez, to his shock and worry, was lastly capable of see what had assaulted him: a small, hair-covered creature that was constructed like a person, however which was solely round three ft in top. Appearing on impulse and adrenalin, Gonzalez tried to plunge his knife into the physique of the creature, just for the knife to bounce off it. In mere seconds, one other bushy dwarf was on the scene, and quickly blinded Gonzalez with a brilliant gentle that emitted from a robust, flashlight-type system. Shocked to the core, Ponce gathered his wits collectively and jumped out of the van to assist his pal, who was stumbling round, his eyesight nonetheless affected by the highly effective beam that hit him with full power. To Ponce’s rising concern, two extra of the bushy creatures surfaced out of the shadows, and each making their means in the direction of the boys – and armed, no much less, with giant rocks.

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(Nick Redfern)

Now, onto one other bushy hominid. This one, although, is hardly small. It towers over us. That is proper: Wild man. Whereas most cryptozoologists (monster-hunters) dismiss the claims that there’s a Wild man-UFO connection, a smaller core are positive that the creatures are excess of what they seem like. Actually, the main determine within the “Saucers and Wildman” camp is Stan Gordon – and his ebook, Silent Invasion, is the definitive research of this situation. is a swirling cauldron stuffed with darkish and ominous woods; glowing-eyed beast-men prowling the countryside by evening; horrific lights within the sky; UFO landings; neighborhoods gripped by terror and worry; and far, way more, too. And, it is due to Stan’s analysis, in addition to his in-depth recordsdata ready again when all of the darkish drama was occurring, that we’re now capable of admire the curious chaos and calamity that collectively hit the unsuspecting folks of Pennsylvania all these years in the past. However, that is not all: macabre Males in Black, paranormal exercise, psychic possession, secret authorities curiosity in Wild man, and prophetic visions of a darkish and foreboding future all come to the fore in a ebook that’s assured to make you assume twice concerning the true nature of Wild man.

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(Nick Redfern) Nick Redfern and Stan Gordon

To his credit score, Stan doesn’t take the simplistic method that Wild man is a few kind of “pet of the aliens,” as some would possibly assume. As a substitute, he logically, forthrightly and with supportive knowledge in-hand, makes it abundantly clear that – even when we do not have all of the solutions – addressing the Wild man controversy from a purely zoological perspective doesn’t work – in any respect. He notes the problematic lack of a physique (even only one can be good!), the meager proof of Wild man’s consuming habits, and its uncanny capacity to at all times keep away from seize – to not point out that the beast seems to be nigh-on bulletproof. And I do imply that actually! And Stan hammers dwelling, repeatedly, that the place Wild man turns up, so – fairly often – do a number of different Fortean favorites. One thing horrific and diabolical was afoot in Pennsylvania between 1972 and 1974. Wild man, UFOs and a plethora of paranormal exercise have been all in proof. Someplace, one way or the other, there’s a connection – even when it is one we’re not absolutely capable of perceive, simply but. Till we do, nevertheless, Silent Invasion will offer you a lot to consider, to muse upon, and to ponder. And it could simply make you completely revise your views on North America’s most well-known ape-man, the Dogman, and people mysterious tiny, bushy creatures. We’re not fairly over.

On my many journeys to Puerto Rico searching for the Chupacabra, individuals have instructed me of sightings of UFOs and brilliant lights in the identical areas – a lot of them deep within the El Yunque Rain-Forest. The identical goes for the Loch Ness Vampire: the legendary lake has been the positioning of a Man in Black that scared the life out of the late investigator, F.W. “Ted” Vacation. On August 13, 1971, a notable eye witness encounter occurred at Loch Ness. Not with a mystery beast, however with a UFO. The witness was one Graham Snape, who instructed Ted Vacation that he noticed an unidentified object crossing the skies above Loch Ness in a left to proper trend, rapidly, and with not even a little bit of accompanying noise. The considerably circular-shaped UFO was purple with a white heart. By his personal admission, Snape was uncertain of the scale of the item however urged it was round five-feet in diameter.

Prefer it or not, there does seem like a connection between aliens and cryptids. And it would not appear to be going away at anytime now. John Keel can be smiling in any respect this: in any case, he found the monster-alien angle many years in the past. Sadly, so many individuals have dismissed it. Too unhealthy for them.

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(Nick Redfern) El Yunque: a house to the Chupacabra and aliens and UFOs

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