Creepy Creatures and Strange Sites

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One of many questions that I usually get requested in terms of the matter of Cryptozoology goes one thing broadly like this: “If Hairy-man, the Abominable Snowman, the Loch Ness Mystery beast, and all the remainder, are actual, then why cannot we ever catch, or discover, only one instance of them?” Effectively, there is not any denying, in any respect, that it is an excellent query!

The skeptic, after all, would say the explanation for the shortage of such a specimen is easy: all of the stories will be defined away by way of folklore, fantasy, mythology, mistaken identification, and hoaxes. These monster-hunters who imagine the beasts they search to be flesh and blood and nothing else, would say the creatures are simply extremely elusive. I say neither strategy is appropriate.

There’s completely little doubt in my thoughts that Man of the woods, lake-monsters, and the numerous and diversified different sorts of thriller animal that get seen each once in a while, are completely actual. In that sense, I imagine the skeptics to be mistaken. However, there’s an issue with the flesh and blood angle of the standard cryptozoologists – as I see it,  at the least.


If this weird “monster-menagerie” is simply comprised of animals that science and zoology haven’t categorised (or downright refuse to categorise), then we needs to be seeing them purely at random locales – locations which might be regular, on a regular basis environments, however that simply occur to be dwelling to some very unusual animals. After we look nearer, nonetheless, we see that’s not what is definitely occurring: The locations are sometimes as profound because the beasts themselves.

Certainly, in lots of circumstances the place crypto-creatures are seen, the placement is already famous for its high-strangeness. And, with that stated, let’s check out a couple of such locations.

I dwell simply exterior Dallas, Texas, and – with good buddy and fellow creature-seeker, Ken Gerhard – wrote a e book a few years in the past referred to as Monsters of Texas. The e book included a chapter on sightings of Hairy-man-type beasts in an enormous space of East Texas forest referred to as the Huge Thicket. Lots of the stories emanate from an extended street that runs by the dense woods. Its title is Bragg Street.


Domestically, nonetheless, the street is called “Ghost Gentle Street.” The rationale for that is easy: unusual, ethereal balls of sunshine are seen flitting among the many bushes regularly. Thus, we’ve got an space famend for supernatural exercise the place Hairy-man simply occurs to be seen, too.

Now let’s make a journey to Loch Ness, Scotland. For those who thought that Nessie (or the Nessies) was the one bizarre factor in residence on the loch, you’d be useless improper. Aleister Crowley as soon as had a house on the loch – Boleskine Home – and whereas there tried to summon up demons from the darkish waters.  Massive black cats have been seen roaming the shores of the loch. UFOs have soared overhead, whereas Males in Black have been seen prowling the encircling, wooded areas.


It is the identical with England: from the Cannock Chase woods, quite a few stories have surfaced of so-called “Alien Huge Cats.” Now, they may be escapees from zoos and personal menageries. However, lots of the stories from the Chase come from a cemetery within the woods often called the German Cemetery (it homes the stays of German navy personnel who died on British soil throughout the First and Second World Wars). This is the opposite factor: massive, black cats should not the one type of crypto-beast seen on the cemetery.

Bipedal, wolf-like animals – definitive werewolves, some would possibly say – have additionally been seen there, as have Hairy-man-style entities. And quite a lot of stories of the ghostly and spectral fashion, too, have surfaced from among the many previous gravestones.

Shifting again to the US: Stan Gordon’s wonderful e book, Silent Invasion, is an in-depth research of an early Seventies wave when UFOs and Hairy-man had been seen repeatedly on the identical time, and on the identical place, in varied elements of Pennsylvania. Simply rivaling John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies – by way of a number of bizarre phenomena all manifesting in a single space – Silent Invasion makes it very troublesome to conclude that Hairy-man is simply a large ape and nothing else.


Linda Godfrey’s first-class analysis into American werewolves has demonstrated connections to cemeteries, to areas that had been perceived as sacred and magical by Native People, and – bizarrely – to previous navy bases, too. Her books Searching the American Dogman and Actual Wolfmen make that abundantly clear.

Now, I am most assuredly not saying that unknown animals do not exist – they clearly do. There’s a large quantity of proof that clearly leads in that route and – for my part – nowhere else. However, when the places the place lake-monsters, lycanthropes, and Hairy-man (to call simply three) have been seen are teeming with extra paranormal phenomena – or the place the location has, for hundreds of years, been perceived as magical or mysterious – then I feel we have to look exterior the field.

I would be the first to confess it is troublesome to know what we should always make of those circumstances that tie unusual creatures to all kinds of different “issues,” however there may be one factor I do know for positive: when a unusual creature is seen at an already-strange and famend web site, there’s one thing afoot that goes means past the conventions of simply Cryptozoology.

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