Cryptids: Where are the Bodies?

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As some readers of Mysterious Universe could also be conscious, except for UFOs, my different massive curiosity – with regards to the world of the unexplained – is Cryptozoology: the examine of, and seek for, unknown animals, corresponding to Wild man, lake-monsters, the Chupacabras, and the Abominable Snowman. And, as readers may additionally know, my views on such “creatures” are hardly mainstream. So be it!

Whereas many (certainly, in all probability most) cryptozoologists and monster-hunters are content material to conclude that such beasts as these referred to above are flesh-and-blood animals of a distinctly down-to-earth – however presently unidentified – nature, I am removed from sure that is the case. The truth is, I am fairly positive it is not the case! Or, on the very least, they don’t seem to be flesh-and-blood in the way in which we perceive the time period. And, one of many issues that continues to push me down this particularly-paranormal pathway with regards to sure cryptids, is absolutely the lack of a physique – or our bodies – to assist the notion that the various and different monsters, and bizarre beasts, of our world are nothing greater than unknown animals.

Now, I do know full effectively that the majority of the mysterious beasts that individuals corresponding to me pursue are reported from locales which can be distant, hard-to-navigate, or fairly hostile, which I would be the first to confess makes it immensely tough with regards to securing exhausting proof within the type of a corpse. And much more so because of the truth that most of us merely haven’t got the cash to embark on intensive expeditions for weeks at a time. Thus, folks recommend that, given the above, it is under no circumstances uncommon we must always by no means have stumbled upon the corpse of a legendary, unknown critter like Wild man. Okay, possibly the probabilities of discovering a Wild man corpse are scant. However by no means?

Wild man, Man of the woods, the wild-man-of-the-woods – name it what you’ll – has been reported for hundreds of years, and from virtually each U.S. state. There are definitely hundreds of reviews on file. And who is aware of what number of extra sightings have gone unreported, for worry of ridicule, or of being labeled a liar or mentally-deranged? These nationwide reviews, spanning such a prolonged interval, definitely indicate that the Wild man inhabitants – if they’re flesh-and-blood – needs to be fairly massive.

With that stated, why aren’t we discovering exhausting proof of their actuality? Effectively, one concept is that Wild man shouldn’t be the dumb brute it seems to be, however that, mentally, it  might very effectively be a highly-developed entity, and one which understands the character of loss of life. The outcome: when a Wild man dies, its household, associates or comrades bury the corpse, a lot as we do. The end result: we by no means discover a physique. Honest sufficient.  Given what we find out about the way in which during which elephants mourn their useless, I do not dispute that as a risk.

Nevertheless, we all know that elephants comprehend at the very least one thing about what loss of life means, as a result of we now have been in a position to examine them, and we now have very precious film-footage of elephants clearly reacting, in an emotional style, to the invention of elephant corpses and bones. However, that is my level: if we now have been in a position to safe such knowledge from learning elephants, then why is totally confirming the death-related rituals of Wild man all the time unattainable?

Equally, why has Wild man by no means been hit by a automobile, killed, recovered, and introduced to the world’s media? Is it actually possible to think about that not even one such accident, the place the proof could possibly be seen by every person, would happen – ever?

It is a lot the identical with lake-monsters: yeah, in fact I am conscious they reside within the water and are, subsequently, more likely to die within the water, and, in consequence, sink to the underside of the large, murky lake they name house. However, what are the probabilities of by no means coming throughout the physique of such a creature throughout, for instance, a diving expedition in a lake stated to be swarming with monsters? I do know that individuals rightfully level out when one thing dies, nature takes care of it in a short time, and the useless physique rapidly turns into meals for no matter else calls the actual locale their house. However, water-based animals die in lakes and oceans on a regular basis. That has not, nonetheless, stopped us from firmly figuring out their kind. Why are lake-monsters – and sea-serpents – the exception?

Then, there are Britain’s alien massive cats – or ABC’s, as they’ve grow to be identified. For many years, and probably even centuries, reviews have surfaced of enormous, unique, predatory cats prowling the countryside. After all, it scarcely wants mentioning that the British Isles aren’t – or shouldn’t be! – house to any such creatures. That doesn’t, nonetheless, forestall folks from seeing them.

And, whereas a few reside and useless specimens have been discovered – corresponding to lynx and puma – these few circumstances all the time appear to be explainable as escaped pets and such like. Nevertheless, there are a selection of reviews of far weirder big-cats – fairly often black in coloration – having been killed on nation roads, just for the our bodies to conveniently vanish, after being rapidly recovered by mysterious “authorities officers” who appear to show distinct Males in Black-style traits.

There isn’t any doubt that our world is certainly populated by a veritable menagerie of unknown beasts. And it is not that they’re elusive that bothers me. What bothers me is that – for flesh-and-blood animals – they’re merely too elusive…

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