Exploring American Monsters: Maine

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The state of Maine sits on the prime northeastern level of the U.S. One of many smaller states (thirty-ninth), and likewise one of many least populated (forty-first), Maine is taken into account the most secure state within the nation in relation to crime. Maine is residence to earmuffs (they have been invented there), the world’s largest rotating globe (Eartha is greater than forty-one ft in diameter), and poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Full of forested parks, low mountains, picturesque lakes, and lined by rocky coastlines, it’s not solely one of the lovely states within the union, it’s additionally residence to fairly just a few monsters. Given the truth that horror creator Stephen King is from Maine, it could really be residence to all the monsters – ever.

Cassie 570x380
Cassie, Maine’s sea serpent.


The mystery beast nicknamed Cassie was first seen off the coast of Maine in 1779 in Penobscot Bay, when future U.S. Navy hero Edward Preble (simply an ensign on the time) aboard the ship the Protector noticed a sea serpent on the floor of the water. On nearer examination, the creature stirred, and raised its head about ten ft out of the water earlier than diving into the depths and disappearing, in line with a narrative in The Bangor Day by day Information. The same sighting was reported the subsequent yr in Broad Bay when sailors noticed a serpent about 45 ft lengthy increase its head out of the water on a protracted skinny neck earlier than diving out of sight.

Cassie has been seen all alongside the coast of Maine, many instances from 1912 to the Forties. In 1958, fisherman Ole Mikkelsen, noticed a 100-foot lengthy serpent with a big head, and tail like a fish. The creature appeared to observe Mikkelsen and a fellow fisherman as they unfold their fishing nets earlier than it swam away.

The final reported sighting was in 2002 by a girl who wished to stay nameless. She known as a science museum claiming to have seen one thing close to Biddeford that regarded just like the Loch Ness Mystery beast.

Pocomoonshine  570x258
The Pocomoonshine Lake Mystery beast.

Pocomoonshine Lake Mystery beast

The Algonquin Indians of Maine have seen a mystery beast in Pocomoonshine Lake for hundreds of years. Legend has it the mystery beast is a results of a disagreement between an Algonquin shaman, and a chef of the Micmac. The Micmac chief become an unlimited serpent, which the shaman vanquished and tied to a tree subsequent to the lake. Since then a serpent-like creature almost sixty-feet lengthy has been seen swimming within the lake.

Nevertheless, not like Cassie, this mystery beast isn’t confined to the water. The Pocomoonshine Lake Mystery beast has been reported to have the ability to depart the lake, and drag its gigantic physique throughout land to close by lakes. A sawmill proprietor claimed to have seen the Pocomoonshine Lake Mystery beast’s path in 1882. The person stated the mystery beast’s observe was 4 ft large, and three ft deep.

WhiteMonkey 570x428
A Creature from the Black Lagoon-like mystery beast is claimed to hang-out the Saco River .

The White Monkey

First seen within the 1500s, the White Monkey (as Europeans known as it) of Saco River has lurked within the areas across the river for hundreds of years. Described as a white-skinned man with webbed fingers, the White Monkey could also be the results of a curse laid upon Europeans when a gaggle of drunks kidnapped an Indian girl and her little one, and threw them off Saco Falls. The tribe shaman cursed the waters, and the White Monkey reportedly killed three white males annually. Though the White Monkey was final seen within the Seventies, essentially the most well-known sighting was by a twelve-year-old Joseph Smith, founding father of the Mormon Church within the 1800s, in line with etravelmain.com.

SpectreMoose 570x427
Hunters have sought an unlimited white moose close to Bangor, Maine, for greater than a century.

Specter Moose

A large white moose weighing almost 2,500 kilos, standing fifteen ft tall, and having antlers that stretch ten ft, has been sighted round Bangor, Maine, for greater than 100 years. Compared, a median male moose can weigh about 990 kilos, stand round six ft tall, and have an antler span of round six ft.

Referred to as the Specter Moose due to its shade, hunters have sought this monumental moose for the reason that Nineties. Sightings of the Specter Moose have been reported in 1917, and once more in 1999.

Bigfoot attacks 570x570
Maine Man of the woods encounters stretch again to the 1800s.

Man of the woods

Though I’ve tried to restrict “Exploring American Monsters” to creatures distinctive to every state, I’ve sometimes allowed Man of the woods on this sequence if the massive pleasant fellow is essential to a state. Man of the woods sightings in Maine stretch again to the 1800s. The primary account within the early 1800s printed within the e-book “Tenting Out” by C.A. Stevens, entails a trapper who was “ripped aside” by a creature. Though some folks suspected a mountain lion, the trapper’s physique had been overwhelmed in opposition to a tree.

Based on a narrative in The Bangor Day by day Information,” in 1895, two ladies and three boys choosing blueberries noticed a bipedal creature that “regarded like an immense African monkey.” In 1942, two sisters who have been fishing in Meddybemps Lake when two “hair-covered giants” stole their fish. Sightings of the “Durham Gorilla” started in July 1973, and lasted till mid-August. The sightings started with a gaggle of boys driving bicycles noticed one thing they thought regarded like a large chimpanzee.

Wendigo 570x499
An outline of the Wendigo, a human-turned cannibal mystery beast.


This creature is an Algonquian Indian legend that entails a malevolent spirit that possesses a human physique, and offers the individual a style for human flesh. Depicted as the whole lot from a bushy human with sharp enamel and bulging eyes, to an emaciated human-like creature with antlers, to an ice huge that strikes in a whirlwind, the one fixed in all Wendigo legends is that it’s a cannibal. Persons are vulnerable to Wendigo possession if they’re cursed, or have resorted to cannibalism throughout a famine.

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