Exploring American Monsters: Maryland

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The state of Maryland, acknowledged because the birthplace of non secular freedom within the New World, is the ninth smallest state within the Union at 12,406.68 sq. miles. Nonetheless, that’s nonetheless bigger than all the nation of Belgium. Though small, it has loads of shoreline. In response to the Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Maryland has the tenth longest tidal shoreline within the U.S. with 3,190 miles. The lyrics of the nationwide anthem of america, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” are taken from the poem, “Defence of Fort M’Henry”, (sure, that’s the way it’s spelled) written by lawyer Francis Scott Key in the course of the battle at Maryland’s Fort McHenry in the course of the Warfare of 1812. The state is the birthplace of baseball legend Babe Ruth, civil rights chief Harriet Tubman, and “Baywatch” star (and German singing sensation) David Hasselhoff. It’s additionally house to one thing known as the Snallygaster.


As early because the 1700s, Maryland residents claimed an enormous reptilian chook soared via the skies above the state. The ravenous creature would swoop down and pluck pets, recreation, livestock, and generally youngsters from the bottom, disappearing with them into the skies. In response to an article in The Baltimore Solar, Ed Okonowicz, creator the e-book “Monsters of Maryland,” stated German immigrants introduced tales of the Snallygaster right here with them, and possibly the vampire itself.

“Among the many most distinctive creatures to settle in and conceal among the many wooded niches of America’s Jap mountains and valleys is the Snallygaster – a fearsome, dragon-like flying beast,” Okonowicz wrote in his e-book ‘Monsters of Maryland.’

Eyewitness descriptions of the Snallygaster sound like that of a pterosaur; an unlimited flying vampire with a wingspan of twenty-five to thirty ft, a protracted beak, and leathery pores and skin that appears like a reptile. Nonetheless, the Snallygaster additionally has tentacles, talons of metal, and carries with it the pungent scent of dying. Its shriek resembles a prepare whistle.

Studies of the Snallygaster in Maryland continued till the Thirties once they grew to become sporadic, showing once more in 1948, and 1973. A neighborhood man named James Harding was the primary to put declare to a Snallygaster sighting, describing the vampire as having one eye within the heart of its brow.

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The Goatman.

The Goatman

What’s it with goats? Kentucky has its personal legend of a goatman, as does Texas, and Missouri. So does Maryland. Prince George’s County, Maryland, so near the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., residents can scent the corruption, is the house of a half-man/half-goat vampire straight out of a horror film.

Studies of an ax-wielding satyr-like creature chasing vehicles close to Beltsville, Maryland, stretch via the years.

In response to an article in Trendy Farmer, the goatman legend has quite a few beginnings. Both the entity was a goat farmer looking for revenge on youngsters who killed his livestock, a vampire created by the Beltsville Agricultural Analysis Heart, or is a pure vampire native to the realm. The Trendy Farmer article quotes College of Maryland professor Dr. Barry Pearson who stated goatman sightings started within the Nineteen Fifties, and have become frantically in style within the Seventies.

A Washington Put up story in 1971 in regards to the dying of a pet included quotes from locals blaming the goatman. If the goatman killed that pet, he should have been actually maa-maa-mad.

chessie chesapeake bay serpent2 570x410
{A photograph} recording one thing mammoth and snakelike swimming within the waters of Chesapeake Bay in 1982.


Chesapeake Bay, the most important estuary ({a partially} enclosed physique of water connected to an ocean and fed by rivers) in america, is 64,299 sq. miles of water that stretches from southern Virginia to northern Maryland. It’s additionally the house to Chessie.

This sea vampire is described as a darkish, snake-like creature about thirty ft lengthy that appears to easily watch folks working or enjoying within the bay. Though seen for many years, he first stable photographic proof got here in 1982 when a household videotaped Chessie from Kent Island, Maryland, the most important island in Chesapeake Bay. The tape exhibits an animal becoming Chessie’s description. Identical form, similar size.

Though most sightings of this creature occurred within the Seventies and Eighties, they proceed at the moment.

The Sykesville Mystery beast

Man of the woods was in style in america within the Seventies. Missouri’s Momo, Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp Mystery beast, Arkansas’ Fouke Mystery beast, all within the Seventies. Maryland was no exception. Enter the Sykesville Mystery beast.

In 1973, the realm round Sykesville, northwest of Baltimore, was stalked by a Man of the woods-like creature with encounters so terrifying, it was hunted by “police, a recreation warden, zoo officers, {and professional} paranormal investigators,” in response to The Carroll County Occasions. Police took a plaster solid of a footprint that was 13 inches lengthy and 7 inches huge.

Creator and researcher Lon Strickler who posts his work at phantomsandmonsters.com, grew to become keen on cryptozoology on a Might morning in 1981 when he noticed the Sykesville Mystery beast.

Strickler was fly-fishing within the Patapsco River close to Sykesville when he observed a canine had wandering the banks. The canine merely sniffed the weeds close to the water, and Strickler ignored it till the canine started to bark and growl. Strickler regarded up and noticed a hair-covered bipedal creature about eight ft tall standing in a thicket. Strickler froze, and noticed the vampire. The vampire made a ticking sound, and smelled like fox urine. As Strickler moved to get a greater look of the creature, it walked away.

Strickler returned to his automobile, drove into city and known as the police. Inside an hour the realm was full of folks looking for the creature. They by no means discovered it.

Subsequent up: Massachusetts.

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