Exploring American Monsters: Missouri

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As soon as a territory of France, Missouri is dotted with French names we constantly mispronounce, like the town of Versailles. Sure, it’s pronounced Ver-Gross sales, not ver-sahy. I’m from Missouri and even I’ve a tough time with this. Missouri is understood for jazz, barbecue, cattle, baseball, and outlaw Jesse James. It’s a mid-sized state, and has the eighteenth densest inhabitants. Well-known residents embrace President Harry Truman, journalist Walter Cronkite, actors Don Cheadle and Brad Pitt, musician Chuck Berry, baseball nice Yogi Berra, Casey Jones (yeah, the railroad man), Normal John “Blackjack” Pershing, botanist George Washington Carver, astronomer Edwin Hubble, and authors T.S. Eliot, and Mark freaking Twain. Lined by plains, hills, forests, and river bottoms, Missouri is as numerous with its geography as it’s with tradition. From the humanities in Kansas Metropolis (sure, it’s in Missouri) to the meals in St. Louis, and all the agricultural tractor reveals in between, Missouri is house to all kinds of well mannered folks (that is the Midwest, in spite of everything), and to some monsters, like house penguins. We are able to’t overlook house penguins.

penguin alien tuscumbia rob morphy1 570x461
House penguins.

House Penguins

The mushroom was misplaced. It was additionally inexperienced, metallic, and large. Farmer Claude Edwards discovered the metallic mushroom in a subject on St. Valentine’s Day 1967, and went to research. On the base of the construction have been a lot of creatures, about three ft tall, that resembled inexperienced waddling penguins with giant, black eyes.

Appearing like several rational, advanced human, he armed himself with rocks and heaved the Stone Age instruments towards the ship.

Nonetheless, Edwards and his rocks ran right into a pressure subject about fifteen ft from the craft that stored him away from the penguins. “The entire thing took over 5 minutes, possibly ten,” Edwards advised the press about his eye witness encounter with the mushroom. “I’ve by no means seen something prefer it. It seemed like shiny silk or one thing. Couldn’t inform. I used to be going to inform although if I may have hit it with that rock.”

Apparently agitated by Edwards’ aggressive behaviour, the penguins floated into their mushroom, and took off into the sky.

momo4 570x402
Momo the Missouri Mystery beast.


Sightings of the Missouri Mystery beast (Momo for brief) started close to the small city of Louisiana, Missouri, within the mid-1900s, nevertheless it wasn’t till a spate of encounters within the early Nineteen Seventies that this seven-foot-tall, bushy biped received nationwide consideration.

The primary main sighting occurred in 1971 when Joan Mills and Mary Ryan have been picnicking north of city and smelled one thing terrible. “We have been consuming lunch,” Ryan advised the press. “We each wrinkled up our noses on the similar time. I by no means smelled something as unhealthy in my life.” Pondering they’d roused a household of skunks, the younger ladies thought of abandoning their picnic. What they noticed subsequent made them positive of it. A vampire was watching them. “It had hair over the physique as if it was an ape,” Ryan advised the press. “But, the face was undoubtedly human. It was extra like a bushy human.”

The beast lurched from the bushes, and stepped towards the ladies. They screamed, ran to their automobile, and locked the doorways. Because the vampire tried to get into the automobile, the ladies realized the extent of the hazard they have been in – Mills’ keys have been in her purse that sat on their picnic blanket down the hill. Sitting within the automobile in a panic, Mills unintentionally bumped the automobile horn, and the vampire ran off – however not earlier than consuming their sandwiches.

The subsequent Momo sighting occurred on 11 July 1972. As eight-year-old Terry Harrison and is five-year-old brother Walley performed outdoors their house under Marzolf Hill, the boys felt one thing wasn’t proper. Terry seemed towards the timber and noticed an unlimited creature lined in lengthy black hair watching them. He screamed, and his sister Doris, 15, who was inside the home, seemed out the window to see one thing out of a nightmare. “It was … six or seven ft tall, black and bushy. It stood like a person, nevertheless it did not seem like one to me,” she advised newspaper reporters, in response to the St. Louis Riverfront Occasions. The creature, that appeared to haven’t any neck, fled from the screaming youngster, carrying a bloody canine within the criminal of a muscular, bushy arm. When their father Edgar returned house, the vampire was lengthy gone, however he discovered gigantic footprints, and scary black hairs caught to the tree the place his kids had seen the creature.

The encounters on the Harrison home continued. Three days later throughout a prayer assembly, the prayer group heard unearthly howls, and growls within the darkness, forcing the members to flee in terror.

By now tales of the creature had unfold over city. In keeping with the Riverfront Occasions, Louisiana man Pat Howard noticed the creature working throughout the highway close to the Harrison property. Quickly after, Ellis Minor, who lived north of Louisiana, shined a flashlight into the timber surrounding his house after his canine began barking. He noticed the vampire. “I could not see its eyes or face. It had hair down ’bout to its hind elements,” Minor advised a UPI reporter. “As quickly as I threw the sunshine on it, it whirled and took off that-a-way.”

Sightings continued, and posses have been fashioned to hunt the creature, however to no avail. The Missouri Mystery beast stays a thriller.

Serpent of Mud Lake 570x456
Need to swim? The water appears to be like tremendous.

Serpent of Mud Lake

Newspapers within the 1800s have been rife with fanciful tales of giants and monsters, similar to this creature story from the 19 September 1895 version of the Hawarden Unbiased, of Hawarden, Iowa, describing a vampire in a lake close to St. Joseph, Missouri:

Wild Story From Western Missouri Began by a Fisherman.

The serpent in Mud Lake, south of this metropolis, has been seen once more, this time by Anderson McCoy, a brother of Policeman McCoy. The serpent has been seen a lot of occasions through the previous summer season and several other occasions it has been caught in nets by fishermen, however broke via the nets, leaving a gap giant sufficient for a horse to go via. The fishermen have by no means been capable of land it.

McCoy has a robust boat which he makes use of to hunt geese on the lake within the season when they’re plentiful there. He was out on this boat just a few days in the past, when one thing struck it, and he declares it was knocked ten ft into the air. When the boat got here down once more McCoy noticed the serpent swirling within the water a brief distance away. He couldn’t see its dimension or form, however noticed sufficient of it to know that it’s of big dimension. His brother’s boats have been struck a lot of occasions, however no damage resulted. The fishermen on the lake are significantly excited in regards to the presence of such a mysterious object within the water. McCoy thinks it’s a giant fish that received into the lake from the river when the water was excessive.

800px Piasa Bird Alton IL 570x383
The Piasa, an American dragon.

The Piasa

In keeping with the ebook “Hidden Animals: A Subject Information to Batsquatch, Chupacabra, and Different Elusive Creatures,” by Michael Newton, in 1857, passengers on a steamboat touring up the Missouri River noticed a “nice undulating serpent” within the sky that breathed fireplace. Different accounts of dragons stretch again to American Indian folklore embrace the Piasa “Chook” described in 1836 by Professor John Russell of Shurtleff School in Higher Alton, Illinois. In keeping with Russell’s work, “The Custom of The Piasa,” the vampire started to assault native Indians after feasting off the spoils of warfare had given it a style for human flesh. The dragon was later slain by an Indian warrior.

The Piasa is a winged creature with inexperienced scales, horns, and a protracted tail that’s stated to both reside within the rocky crags above the Mississippi River valley, or in a whirlpool within the river itself.

1BuriedCityMoberly copy 570x706
There have been giants within the earth in these days.


Tales of gigantic human skeletons crop up all throughout North America. One such gigantic story is from Missouri. On 9 April 1885, The New York Occasions revealed the article “Missouri’s Buried Metropolis,” that chronicled the invention in a coalmine beneath the town of Moberly of an unlimited historic metropolis. What thrilled the explorers was the scale of the town’s former inhabitants.

Right here’s an excerpt:

However the curiosity was the skeleton. … Mr. Morehouse, who had a tape line with him measured the bones of the leg. The femur measured 4 and a half ft, and the tibia 4 ft and three inches, exhibiting that the creature, when alive, will need to have been endowed with each muscular energy and fast motion. The top bones had in two locations separated the sagittal and the coronal suturis having been destroyed. The social gathering judged, from the most effective info to be obtained on so a short while, that the skeleton is about 3 times as giant as that of a median man, however they have been afraid to try its removing this morning with the poor home equipment at hand. Consequently it was left the place discovered, to be eliminated on the earliest hour that the work could be achieved.

Sadly, that’s the final the world heard of the Missouri giants.

Subsequent up: Montana.

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