Exploring American Monsters: Virginia

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The commonwealth of Virginia started in 1607 because the Colony of Virginia, the primary everlasting British settlement within the New World. It was additionally one of many unique 13 colonies to declare its independence from England. Virginia’s Common Meeting is the oldest law-making group within the New World. Virginia was additionally the capital of the Accomplice States of America throughout the American Civil Battle. Virginia and Maryland donated the land that turned Washington, D.C., and due to that proximity to the nation’s capital about one-fourth of Virginia employees are employed by the USA authorities. Virginia’s geography consists of the Appalachian Plateau, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and coastal plains; the easternmost a part of the state is bordered by Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. And there are bushes, heaps and many bushes. Sixty-two per cent of the state is forested, which makes up about 15.7 million acres. Well-known residents embrace Pocahontas (an American Indian who helped the primary British colonists in Virginia), Civil Rights activist Booker T. Washington, screenwriter and “Breaking Unhealthy” creator Vince Gilligan, jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, explorer Richard Byrd, actors Rob Lowe and Sandra Bullock, and eight United States presidents, together with George Washington. It’s additionally residence to the Bunny Man.

Bunny Man

U.S. Air Drive Academy Cadet Robert Bennett and his fiancée had been driving residence from a soccer recreation round midnight 19 October 1970 after they parked in a subject off Guinea Highway in Burke, Virginia, a city close to Washington, D.C. Bennett was going to see if a relative was nonetheless awake, however they by no means obtained out of the automotive. As they sat with the motor operating, one thing smashed into the entrance passenger window, showering them with glass. After they appeared, an individual wearing a white bunny go well with stood exterior the shattered window, and shouted, “You’re on non-public property and I’ve your tag quantity,” based on a 1970 article in The Washington Publish. Bennett gunned the engine and sped away. The couple later found a horrific hatchet contained in the automotive, which they gave to police as proof of the occasion.

The Bunny Man was simply getting began. Ten days after the Bennett assault, Paul Phillips, a safety guard on a building web site, noticed a person wearing a gray and white bunny costume standing on the porch of a home below building close to Guinea Highway. Phillips describe the person as being in his early 20s, about 5 toes 8 inches tall, and 175 kilos, based on a paper by Historian-Archivist Brian A. Conley of the Fairfax County Virginia Public Library. When Phillips approached, the Bunny Man began chopping on the porch with an axe telling the guard, “All you folks trespass round right here. If you do not get out of right here, I’ll bust you on the top.”

Police investigated, the Bennett and Phillips accounts, however had been baffled. They had been much more baffled in any respect the next reviews – greater than fifty folks noticed the Bunny Man that 12 months. Sightings allegedly proceed, generally as distant as Maryland, however largely round what has been dubbed Bunny Man Bridge in Virginia. As legend has it, the Bunny Man preys on consuming youngsters who hang around close to the bridge, though proof of something actually occurring is nonexistent. The legend claims the Bunny Man is an escapee of an insane asylum in 1904. Take that for what it’s value.

Gargantuan Birds

Huge birds have a spot in lots of American Indian legends. With wingspans of larger than twenty toes, the Thunderbird is bigger than any avian that has existed for 10,000 years. That is when the Teratorn flew the skies of North America. Nevertheless, based on eyewitnesses, these huge prehistoric birds should still be seen within the skies of Virginia at this time.

In 2013, in New Kent County, Virginia, a witness reported seeing an unlimited hen standing in the midst of the freeway. Because the witness pulled round a nook, the hen stood within the middle of the street – it was taller than the witness’s automotive, its wings stretched throughout the freeway. The automobile startled the hen, and it took off, the flapping of its wings virtually deafening.

Birds of this measurement have been reported in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and New Mexico.


A resident of a Woodbridge, Virginia, neighborhood noticed one thing sudden one evening in mid-October 2011 – a canine they couldn’t establish. “A coyote, or a dogman,” Prince William County police spokesman Jonathan Perok advised InsideNoVa.com. The witness noticed the creature was lurking within the woods close to a shopping mall simply after 10 p.m.  Police had been dispatched to the realm, however no hint of the legendary creature was discovered.

In close by Henrico County Virginia, largely across the Accomplice Hills Recreation Heart, dogman sightings are extra widespread. A doglike creature a minimum of six toes tall and lined in gray fur has been seen operating on 4 legs, and generally two legs, via the woods. Though there aren’t any data of deaths related to the wolf man, it has been recognized to chase folks. Howls are reported across the time of the complete moon.

Extra reviews have come from southern Virginia close to The Nice Dismal Swamp. An eight-year-old boy reported rolling over in mattress one evening, and appeared out his window solely to come back face-to-face with a mystery beast. The creature, he claimed, needed to be standing on its hind legs to be wanting into the window. It had a human-like face – aside from the nostril, which was a snout like a canine’s. The beast stared at him with yellow eyes. The boy shot away from bed and spent the remainder of the evening sleeping in his mom’s room.


Way back to the 1700s, Virginia residents claimed a large reptilian hen would seem within the sky, and swoop all the way down to assault pets, recreation, livestock, and generally youngsters. Eyewitness descriptions of the Snallygaster sound like that of a pterosaur; an unlimited flying mystery beast with a wingspan of twenty-five to thirty toes, an extended beak, and leathery pores and skin that appears like a reptile. Nevertheless, the Snallygaster additionally has tentacles, talons of metal, and carries with it the pungent scent of dying. Its shriek resembles a prepare whistle.

Reviews of the Snallygaster continued till the Thirties after they turned sporadic, showing once more in 1948, and 1973.

Man of the woods

Seeing as how Man of the woods has been reported in each state however Hawaii, it’s anticipated there could be Man of the woods sightings in Virginia. In 2014, a Virginia man not solely had an sighting with the large furry hominoid, he photographed it on the Intracoastal Waterway, Virginia.

Randy O’Neal was fishing together with his father and a buddy after they noticed the creature and took an image O’Neal was impressed with, based on WTVR. “Lastly, a photograph that’s not blurry nor hidden behind a tree. A transparent picture of Man of the woods standing out within the extensive open. You be the choose,” O’Neal posted on YouTube.

Is it a tree stump? A black bear? Or the elusive Wildman?


Chesapeake Bay is 64,299 sq. miles of water that stretches from southern Virginia to northern Maryland, and is the house to Chessie.

This sea mystery beast is described as a darkish, snake-like creature about thirty toes lengthy that appears to observe folks working or taking part in within the bay. Most sightings of this creature occurred within the Nineteen Seventies and Eighties. The final massive sighting was in 1997.

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