Goatman is Back or Maybe He Just Hired a New Publicist

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The buzzers are buzzing with information about Goatman – that creepy cryptid who’s half-goat, half-human and all around the Web. A video about Goatman uploaded final yr on the Scary Mysteries Channel on YouTube is presently getting one other quarter-hour of flame. Had been there some current Goatman sightings or did Goatman rent a publicist to get him talked about greater than Mothman and Slenderman?


The video reveals a map of U.S. Goatman sightings and lots of stories on the present surge in reputation declare there have been current sightings in Kentucky, Texas and Wisconsin, though there appear to be no information of those by witnesses nor any justifications why they’re known as “Goatman hotspots.”

Whereas the shortage of current data – re-release of the video however – the story of Goatman remains to be an attention-grabbing one and value retelling. First stories of a furry goat-like man date again to 1957 in Prince George’s County, Maryland. These had been adopted by the tragic – albeit unsubstantiated – accounts in 1962 of 14 individuals being murdered by an ax-wielding Goatman. The very best origin story of Goatman begins with a Dr. Stephen Fletcher, an worker of the U.S. Division of Agriculture laboratory in Beltsville, MAryland, who allegedly put the DNA of a goat in his assistant and created the goat-human hybrid.

Like Hairy-man, Goatman variations with their very own distinctive names pop up all around the nation. In two of the so-called Goatman hotspots, there’s the Pope Lick Vampire of Kentucky and the Lake Price Vampire of Texas. PLM allegedly lures victims onto a Pope Lick railroad bridge and holds them there till a practice runs over them. LWM may additionally be half fish as a result of witnesses report seeing scales in addition to fur. Different variations and places embrace the Goatman of Nags Head Woods in North Carolina and Sheepsquatch in West Virginia.

Are these creatures all descendants or kinfolk of the unique Maryland Goatman? In all probability not. Is the resurgence of curiosity a part of a scheme to extend gross sales of the 2014 ebook, “Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?” by J. Nathan Sofa? That’s believable. Is the actual Goatman behind this as a option to get a present on Netflix? Why not?

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Goatman could wish to contemplate getting a greater make-up artist

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