Harrowing Accounts of Dangerous Bigfoot Attacking People

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As big and highly effective as Man of the woods are reported to be, one factor that has remained principally fixed among the many many experiences from eyewitnesses is that they’re light giants. These are elusive, shy creatues that for all their bodily would possibly appear to be principally extra afraid of us than we’re of them, hiding and retreating once we are close to, and the final consensus is that in the event that they exist then they aren’t notably threatening or malevolent creatures. But, in some instances it appears as if these immense beasts stay as much as their fearsome look, and right here we’ll have a look at some extra horrifying and harmful encounters with these often supposedly light denizens of the forest. 

A really early account of an aggressive Man of the woods involves us from the nineteenth century. In February of 1829 there have been experiences in a number of newspapers such because the February 9 version of The Statesman and the Connecticut Sentinel, of an obvious assault by a “bushy colossal” within the Okefenokee Swamp of the U.S. state of Georgia. Two males had apparently ventured out into the swamp to discover, bringing together with them a younger boy. At some half they discovered scary prints measuring 18 inches lengthy and 9 inches broad out within the deeper a part of the swamp, they usually made their approach again house after being spooked by the big footprints. Some native hunters then got interested within the story, and one of many males who had seen the footprints accompanied them out to the positioning the place he had discovered them. They did certainly discover some vestiges of the tracks, and apparently adopted them deeper into the wilderness for a number of days. One night because the group was in camp they reportedly had a harrowing expertise certainly, when some fierce creature charged them from the comb. 5 males and the creature itself would find yourself lifeless within the ensuing battle, and The Statesman information report says of this thus:

The following minute he was full of their view, advancing upon them with a horrible look and ferocious mien. Our little band instinctively gathered shut in a physique and introduced their rifles. The massive being, nothing daunted, bounded upon his victims, and in the identical on the spot acquired the contents of seven rifles. He didn’t fall alone, nor till he had glutted his wrath with the demise of 5 of them, which he effected by wringing the top from the physique. – Writhing and exhausted, at size he fell, together with his hapless prey beneath his grasp.

When the lifeless beast’s carcass was examined it was discovered to measure 13 toes tall and was lined with coarse hair, and the frightened males determined to retreat, as they have been afraid it’s demise would appeal to any others within the space. So hasty was their escape that each the mysterious vampire and their fallen companions have been left the place they lay. Whether or not this incident actually occurred or not, the Okefenokee Swamp has lengthy produced tales of such creatures from the Native tribes and sightings experiences of Man of the woods-like beasts all the way in which as much as the current day.

One other early report was uncovered by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. The report comes from an article known as Terror within the Woods, which appeared within the November 27, 1895 version of the SanFrancisco newspaper The Name, and is a relatively dramatic, violent account of a number of lumbermen who both went lacking or have been killed in an incredibly brutal method by some wild beast in Northern California. The story goes that in November of 1895 a lumberman got here out of the wilderness telling tales of lacking males and a bushy wild man operating amok. The article reads:

A lumberman who returned to-day from the forest within the north of the State brings probably the most harrowing intelligence of the doings of a wild man within the lumber area of the west department. He states that nice consternation has been prompted and a lot of lumbermen have left the camps and returned to their cities relatively than face the vampire. For over two months fairly quite a few males have disappeared from the camps and when discovered bore the illusion of getting had an sighting with some wild animal, their our bodies in each occasion having been terribly mangled and torn. A lumberman who returned to a camp somewhat north of this metropolis every week in the past startled all by stating that whereas at work he had been attacked by this wild man, and it was solely by the assistance of his ax that he had been in a position to defend himself from the murderous assaults. Since that point he has been seen by the crews a number of instances, however on their method he fled into the deep woods with the velocity of a deer. He’s described as being so almost like an animal that it’s nearly unattainable to detect him from one. He has a protracted, shaggy beard, and is roofed with an enormous, pores and skin coat. The final perception is that he’s a sportsman who has turn out to be misplaced within the deep forests, and after wandering round for weeks has gone hopelessly loopy, and already there have been over half a dozen situations of an analogous character within the State.”

What’s going on right here? One other early report was revealed in 1892 in a ebook written by none apart from former president and rugged outdoorsman Theodore Roosevelt himself, known as The Wilderness Hunter. In a single entry within the ebook, Roosevelt describes the horrifying sighting of a frontiersman known as solely Bauman, who was allegedly out with a accomplice at an remoted space of Montana’s Knowledge River to do some trapping. The boys made a makeshift camp and went out to lure, and after they returned discovered that not solely had their packs been ripped open and rummaged by means of whereas they have been away, however that their lean-to had additionally been destroyed.

The boys maybe foolishly determined to remain, and merely rebuilt the lean-to and tidied up the camp, and that evening Bauman supposedly was awoken by one thing crashing by means of the comb and an oppressive, foul stink. Bauman grabbed his rifle and shot out into the evening, after which the creature reportedly scampered off. The next morning, the boys made preparations to depart, deciding that that they had had sufficient of the scary goings on. Bauman allegedly gathered up their traps whereas his accomplice went on forward to arrange a brand new camp farther down the river, however when Bauman arrived he was met with the grisly sight of his good friend lifeless, his neck twisted all the way in which round and horrific chew marks on his throat. Though this might have simply as simply have been a bear assault as a Man of the woods assault, and was in all probability simply meant to be an excellent yarn, it’s a curious account nonetheless.

The late nineteenth century additionally introduced with it a number of tales of usually violent abductions carried out by bushy humanoids. One such account was from a lumberjack named Bourne, who claimed to have been kidnapped by a tall, bushy humanoid round 8 toes in top, with lengthy, brown hair, as he had been on his method to meet his fiancee within the District of Isère, in France. Bourne claimed that the creature had slung him over its shoulders and introduced him to a cave populated by comparable beasts, all of which chattered with one another in some scary language. Bourne claimed to have been held captive within the cave for about an hour earlier than he was in a position to distract the creatures and escape.

One other such weird kidnapping was a 17-year-old younger lady named Serphine Lengthy, who in 1871 was reportedly forcefully kidnapped by a big, male Man of the woods whereas climbing at Morris Mountain, in British Columbia, Canada. In keeping with the sufferer, she was held captive by the Man of the woods and its household for round a yr, throughout which period she claims to have been raped by the massive male, earlier than the abductor all of a sudden dumped her again to the place from which she had disappeared. Not lengthy after this, it was claimed that she gave delivery to a deformed child.

Apparently, this isn’t the one story of a Man of the woods abductor seemingly in search of amorous relationships with people. In a extra trendy account, one 19-year-old lady named Oksana Terletskaya was apparently kidnapped by a bushy wild man after she had turn out to be misplaced within the wilderness. As she stopped to select some raspberries to eat, the younger lady claimed that she had heard a chuffing noise and seemed to see a scary creature that seemed like an orangutan. The lady apparently screamed and handed out, after which she got here to in a cave with the sounds of a stream close by and rays of sunshine piercing down by means of the darkness from above. The scary, ape-like creature was sitting subsequent to her, with its enamel bared in a mockery of a smile. It then reportedly set upon her to tear her garments off, after which she misplaced consciousness as soon as once more.

When Oksana awoke once more, she realized that she was imprisoned, and that she had turn out to be the “spouse” of the creature. At any time when it left the cave, it will roll an immense, heavy boulder throughout the doorway of the cave to stop her escape, and would sometimes return with berries or uncooked meat for her to eat. The creature apparently confirmed curiosity within the lady’s CD participant, and would take heed to songs on it by means of the headphones. He apparently turned very upset when the gadget inevitable ran out of batteries, and threw fairly the tantrum. The creature, which Oksana had named “Tang,” then went out for awhile and got here again with a contemporary pack of batteries, which she surmised he had stolen from some retailer.

This gave hope to Oksana that maybe the cave was not so removed from civilization, giving her hope {that a} future escape could be doable. Because the seasons modified and the climate grew colder, Tang would carry her heat clothes from some unknown supply. Intriguingly, this is able to later be backed up by the report of a tractor driver, who bizarrely claimed to have had his garments stolen by a wild man. When Oksana made a hearth within the cave, Tang was purportedly fascinated by the flames and considerably frightened on the identical time, as if he had by no means seen such a factor earlier than, though he would finally overcome his his worry and sit subsequent to her by the fireplace. When Oksana caught a chilly, Tang dutifully went out into the wilderness and introduced again what appeared to be medicinal roots and vegetation.

Someday in spring, Tang left the cave on an errand and this time didn’t shut the boulder as tightly as typical. Oksana was in a position to squeeze her approach by means of the opening and make it exterior, the place she made a daring escape. When she made her approach again to civilization, she realized that she had been held captive for a couple of yr. Mentally unbalanced by her entire ordeal, unable to totally modify to regular life, she was admitted to a psychological hospital the place she relayed her wonderful story to her physician. When nobody would imagine her, Oksana allegedly fell right into a deep melancholy after which started telling folks that the creature knew the place she was and would come again for her. Someday, the lady apparently simply all of a sudden disappeared from her room, and different sufferers would purportedly declare that a big bushy beast had come to get her through the evening. It’s unclear simply how a lot of this story is true, however it’s definitely intriguing nonetheless.

In one other report, this time from 1920, a younger couple was tending animals within the Sierra Morena mountains close to Lézignan, in Spain, when the lady was apparently kidnapped by an ape-like creature as she was washing garments by a stream. She was then stored captive by the creature and repeatedly raped, and when she lastly managed to flee and make her approach again house she purportedly gave delivery to a scary, bushy youngster who could be known as Anica, and nicknamed “the daughter of the orangutan.” Apparently, the infant was deformed, with lengthy arms, a bushy physique, and an “ape-like mouth.” There are a number of different accounts of Man of the woods kidnappings within the Nineteen Twenties. In 1928, a Native American trapper was in British Columbia, Canada, when he claimed to have been kidnapped by a Man of the woods through the evening whereas sleeping. In keeping with him, he was carried an estimated 3 miles by means of the rugged wilderness, after which he was roghly thrown to the bottom and located that he was surrounded by a bunch of about 20 of the hulking creatures. Apparently there have been human bones strewn concerning the floor round him, which led the trapper to suppose that the beasts meant to eat him. The creatures supposedly gathered round him to poke him, push him, and pull at his clothes, which they appeared genuinely confused by. After a while of this, the beasts misplaced curiosity considerably and the trapper made a run for it, managing to flee their clutches.

These scary instances go on far previous the Nineteen Twenties. In 1957, a person in a distant village in China claimed to have heard his daughter screaming out for assist and had run to seek out an 8-foot-tall bushy hominid selecting her up and carrying her away. The daddy bravely grabbed a stick and chased after them to begin beating the creature as onerous as he might. The startled beast lastly dropped the daughter and tried to flee, however purportedly turned slowed down in some thick mud. Different alarmed villagers appeared and proceeded to relentlessly beat the creature to demise. It’s unclear what ever occurred to this story after that or what the creature had meant to do with its prize. In one other newer report from 1962, an Ohio lady claimed to have been kidnapped by a bunch of Man of the woods after that they had repeatedly visited her household house when she was solely 12 years previous. The creatures had repeatedly approached the house and gotten into the behavior of whisking away the lady through the evening. On some events, the daddy had barged in together with his 12 gauge shotgun to shoot on the creatures, which appeared to have little impact. The largest of the beasts was reported as being a whopping 14 toes tall. She would describe the creatures thus:

His hair was lengthy and about the identical texture as mine as I recall. The hair on all of them was about the identical shade of brown, like the colour of the decomposed wooden layer within the forest. I might see pores and skin round his eyes that was tanned wanting and the place there was facial hair it was extra sparse with glimpses of pores and skin displaying by means of that space as nicely. I couldn’t make out a neck.  His chin was broad, his enamel have been concerning the dimension of the nail on my center finger however they have been extra flat and he had a mouthful of them which means the width of his “chew” was broad.  His mouth was broad sufficient to point out most of them.  His eyes have been darkish with some white round them, much less so than human eyes.  They have been form with crows toes on the outer fringe of them.  His pores and skin was weathered like anybody who spent a lot time exterior, like a farmer.  His shoulders have been very broad although I did see his collar bone on one aspect which seemed thick in comparison with a people.  He was muscular and closely constructed however on no account fats. There was an grownup feminine and others who have been nearly as huge as the feminine however didn’t appear to be younger or previous.

One other very weird newer report of an alleged Bigffot assault occurred in 1965 in Monroe County, Michigan, when a 17-year-old Christina Van Acker was driving house one night along with her mom. As they drove there was reported a loud thud that reverberated by means of the automotive and shook the car. Pondering that they had hit an animal or an individual they stopped the automotive to have a look. In keeping with the report, as quickly as Christina rolled the window down an enormous arm lined in black hair had then reached in by means of the window, grabbed her head, after which smashed it in opposition to the automotive door so onerous that she was rendered unconscious. It’s unclear simply how a lot it had been ready to push this assault, as Christina’s mom’s screams appeared to have startled it and despatched it operating off into the woods. The mom would declare that it was a hair-covered, ape-like beast round 7 toes tall, which had “growled like a mad canine.”

Yet one more latest Man of the woods assault case is that of 48-year-old Jason Richardson, who was on a hike in Northern California, in South Lake Tahoe, at Mount Tallac. At one level throughout his trek, he claims that he heard a guttural sound harking back to a human “child voice.” Pondering that it was maybe an actual child ignored alone within the wilderness, he rushed to the place he had heard the noise after which claims that he misplaced consciousness after being bashed over the top, which was later evident by the blood he discovered leaking from again there. When he wakened, he says his head was bloodied and harm badly, and that he discovered himself in some form of cavern. Close to him have been two “bear-like creatures,” which appeared to be speaking in a collection of guttural grunts, which sounded strikingly just like what he had heard earlier than he had misplaced consciousness. Richardson claimed that the creatures have been considerably human wanting, and have been lined with thick, pink hair, with toes that have been even hairier. They stood round 8 to 10 toes in top, and the terrified Richardson puzzled if he was maybe hallucinating. As he tried to maneuver, he realized that his palms and toes had been sure with vines or another plant materials. Because the creatures approached, his description turns into ever more strange. Richardson would describe them thus:

Then they approached me, and I pissed my pants, actually. I’m not ashamed to say this, I used to be so fearful I had no thought if this was it you recognize? That’s once I noticed their heads. Their necks have been hairless they usually jogged my memory of vultures. Their heads had pink hair, but additionally black feathers or I don’t know what it was, however it seemed like feathers to me. Their eyes have been darkish, very darkish and massive as they received near me.

The creatures then apparently received fairly aggressive, dragging him throughout the ground and kicking him. They then went off and returned with wooden and stone instruments for some unknown objective. They freed his palms and toes however he was too scared to maneuver. The creatures picked him up and tossed him out of the cave, and at one level Richardson claimed that he might really feel a rock hit him from behind. He wasted no time in operating out of there as quick as his legs might carry him. When he checked his watch, 10 hours had handed because the time he had been kidnapped by his enigmatic captors. Was this account actual, or was Richardson merely hallucinating on some substance as he had at first thought? No person is aware of.

Generally plainly Man of the woods use thrown objects to assault. One report from the positioning The Crypto Crew considerations a witness solely generally known as “William,” who was allegedly out looking together with his brother-in-law, JT. On the time they have been excited as a result of that they had acquired permission to hunt for deer on a tract of prime non-public land that that they had by no means hunted earlier than, so on the time they have been scouting the world in search of good spots. They have been circling the sting of the woods alongside a big cornfield after they received the distinct sense that they have been being watched and adopted, though neither of them might put their finger on what it was, only a form of eerie certainty that somebody or one thing was on the market with them. They tried to disregard it and write it off as nerves, however as they headed again in direction of their truck a weird sequence of occasions would play out. The witness says of this:

As we have been going to our truck, we needed to cross this slender pathway with excessive sides on our left & proper. After fascinated with it, it was the proper ambush web site. Once we received somewhat into this pathway, we might hear growling coming from the excessive floor above us on each side. Then a big rock concerning the dimension of a regular cinder block got here crashing in behind us. We stopped, frozen in disbelief. JT requested me if I heard that, which I gave him the sure sign. Right now we nonetheless had our face masks on so we promptly took them off. That is when there was one other growl, solely this one was far more threatening. We left with out pause and by no means did return to that farm. I instructed the farm proprietor about our expertise & he affirmed that there had been scary issues happening there since he was a small youngster. He instructed me of a Man of the woods sighting that his household had encountered solely a pair months previous to our occasion.

No matter was on the market certain didn’t appear to love firm. One other report comes from the recordsdata of the Man of the woods Subject Researchers Group (BFRO), from the summer season of 2014 in Kalkaska County, Michigan. The witness had been staying at a distant cabin together with his household, and he made preparations for the journey again house together with his grown son after the others had already left. The cabin is described as mendacity amongst tall pines, combined hardwood forests, marsh and swampland. Earlier than leaving, he at all times hosed the cabin down with bleach to scrub it off, and as he did this his scary story would start. He says that his cabin had been hit earlier than by mysterious rocks, however this time was very intense. He explains of the harrowing sequence of occasions:

It was getting late within the day, there was a couple of half hour to 45 minutes of daylight left, once I heard what seemed like a stone or one thing hitting a fallen over shed that was to my left & behind me about 10 to fifteen toes away. That caught my consideration instantly as a result of I had thought simply earlier than that one thing or someone could also be messing with me as a result of as I might flip to my left to achieve right down to pump extra strain within the pump sprayer I observed a small stone concerning the dimension of a nickel slowly come to relaxation a few toes from my pump sprayer. I took a protracted regular go searching me & noticed nothing that stood out, however I used to be on a mission – I needed to get the cabin bleached so I might depart for house. I then began the generator to get the water strain up so I can rinse off the bleach. I grabbed the hose & began rinsing. The hair on the again of my neck stood up. I might usually flip & look actual fast behind me after which I seen the ferns parting, coming in my route however in a roundabout way at me & a stone got here to relaxation. I believed possibly my son may be messing with me as a result of I’ve instructed him about numerous scary issues which have occurred up right here. So I yelled for him to knock it off. Then it occurred once more, one other stone & one other. I went round to the entrance of the cabin to close off the generator which is on the entrance porch.

 I observed my son was sitting in my truck about 30 toes away from the other aspect of the cabin the place I used to be rinsing the bleach off, messing together with his i-phone with the window up. I shut off the generator & was strolling in direction of the truck as a stone hit & rolled off the entrance porch. I rushed to the truck to get him to get within the cabin. He thought I used to be joking at first. Then he seen I used to be critical then he skilled it himself. We received within the cabin, it was final gentle, I might nonetheless see out the home windows and stones have been nonetheless being tossed & now they have been hitting the cabin however not hitting the home windows. As I sat on the dinning room desk I seen one thing giant & darkish transfer quick from the opposite aspect of my driveway to behind my truck. I grabbed my 44 magazine, reached in my pocket and sounded the truck alarm to scare it off. By then it was actual darkish out so I closed the drapes. My son went to his bed room and his bed room wall was hit. The cabin was at instances being hit by stones on a minimum of 3 sides inside seconds of one another. There needed to be a minimum of 3 throwing stones. My son was terrified. My son counted a minimum of 19 stones hitting the cabin, it isn’t unusual to have my partitions or door hit very onerous & I imply whopped onerous after darkish, it should shake the log cabin & it scares the HELL out of anybody there.

A follow-up investigation by BFRO area researcher Kim Fleming would flip up extra particulars. The creature that lurked across the cabin was supposedly 6 toes to 7 toes tall and about 400 to 500 kilos, strolling on two toes and lined with black or very darkish brown hair. She additionally discovered that this form of menacing exercise had been occurring on the cabin because it was first being constructed. She says:

The witness additionally reported intimidating exercise whereas constructing the cabin. He was in a trailer on the property, alone, when “one thing slapped the trailer simply above the door.” He might hear “one thing strolling exterior…on 2 toes… and it dragged a stick or one thing alongside the surface of the trailer” whereas strolling round it. Scrape marks have been discovered the following morning together with a “colossal hand print” left within the moss simply above the door. A big stick was additionally discovered mendacity on the tongue of the trailer. Moss had grown on a lot of the trailer over time. I met with a neighbor a number of weeks after this incident who verified the hand print within the moss above the door of the trailer and a second time, above the door of the cabin. Marks left by what they believed to be a department that was scraped alongside the surface of the trailer. This occurred whereas the witness was within the strategy of constructing the cabin. The witness had requested him to come back over and see what occurred to the trailer. The neighbor said, “I do not imagine in bigfoots, but when there was such a factor, that hand print is the sort of print it will have.” He described it as “big!” The witness additionally reported a sighting by a good friend whereas looking on the property. That good friend has by no means returned to hunt on the property since his expertise.

From Reddit person “SteelwoolWombat” there comes one other intriguing account, from the state of Pennsylvania. On December 3, 2013, he was out trying to find deer on the first light at Pennsylvania State Sport Lands 229, exterior of Tremont in Schuylkill County, in search of a great spot to arrange his stand. As he hiked alongside, he turned conscious of a fetid stench within the air that smelled like “sizzling dumpster juice in the midst of August,” He couldn’t work out the place the scent was coming from, however determined to simply ignore it and maintain going. As he approached a ridge the fireworks would start, of which he says:

I adopted the trail to my spot, which was down over the ridge from the rubbish scent. Roughly possibly 40 toes down, that leads right into a grass area the place I might sit. I arrange my seat, get settled in for about 2 minutes. That is when the rocks began coming down the ridge. First rock, startled me, inflicting me to activate my gentle once more, scanning the sector hoping to see eye reflection of a deer however nothing was there. I sat again down. One other rock comes down the ridge. This time I rise up exit into the grass area with flashlight and the pistol that I carry whereas looking. Scanned once more, nothing, purposely waited within the area for about 5 minutes. Now I am getting offended, assuming one other hunter is messing with me as a result of I am in “their” spot. I sit down once more. The third rock, sounding bigger than the others, comes tumbling down the ridge. I do not stand up this time. Not 2 minutes after that, one other rock, not tumbled however sounded as if it was thrown off the ridge and landed within the area. Now fuck it, I am pissed. I gathered up my gear, and began again up the path to the ridge. I get on prime of the ridge, scanning with my gentle the entire time, nothing, no eyes, no different hunter. I get to the spot the place I smelled the new rubbish. Nothing. The scent is gone. Lastly, it clicked in my head. It could not have even been one other individual. Probably one thing else. I’ve heard different tales of individuals’s Man of the woods experiences, numerous which comment about how dangerous they scent. I all however ran out of the woods. And to prime all of it off, no different autos have been within the parking space once I received out of the woods.

One other report comes from Reddit person “Micky-n-Mallory,” in Kentucky. Apparently on the time he was climbing out within the woods in search of herbs when he was assailed by a bathe of small stones. He says of the sighting:

I ended to go looking the bottom and noticed a small stone roll previous me. I search for and noticed one other land about 6 toes from me. At 1st I am pondering nothing of it however was simply curious to determine what was happening. I transfer on uphill about 100 toes and once more small stone lands beside me. I begin wanting round once more after which swiftly it was simply raining down small stones throughout me. By small I imply actually small like pebbles nearly. The hair on my neck stands up and I get a horrible “I am in peril” sort of feeling. I instantly begin heading down off mountain whereas a great deal of little rocks are falling round me . I stored pondering I noticed shadows or one thing shifting rapidly between the timber however by no means really noticed no matter it was. I’ve so as to add that I used to be by myself non-public property and nobody round for miles and miles. It is a very, very secluded space and not one of the rocks really hit me.

What are we to make of instances like these? Are Man of the woods maybe simply as vulnerable to being in a nasty temper as anybody else? Are there maybe some which are extra territorial or proof against being intruded on than others? Though uncommon, such instances of aggressive and daring Man of the woods attacking and even abducting people stays peppered all through the numerous instances of alleged encounters with these creatures, and no matter they might imply, they definitely shine a light-weight on a distinct facet of the phenomenon as a complete, and provides some clues as to what conduct these creatures could also be liable to exhibit in sure conditions. 

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