Huge Bigfoot Photographed in Tennessee and Chupacabra Hunt Continues in Texas

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An uncommon video of what seems to be an enormous, long-armed Wild man in Tennessee is making the rounds this week, whereas a mysterious sighting in Amarillo, Texas, in June of 2022 of what many individuals claimed was a bipedal Chupacabra continues to be unsolved and is now the topic of an intense investigation. Each sightings and movies are fascinating, horrific, questionable, unsolved and good examples of how powerful it’s to be an expert or novice cryptozoologist nowadays. Let’s check out every of them and see if we can assist.

“Wild man filmed on my associates property by Daniel Whitehead (my friend- property proprietor) in broad daylight- simply contained in the tree line.”

A video of what’s stated to be a Wild man filmed in Baxter, Tennessee close to Silver Level on October  26, 2022, was uploaded to YouTube by Clay Shiner (watch the video right here). Baxter is a small city in Putnam County close to the middle of the state, and Silver Level is an unincorporated neighborhood in Putnam County about midway between Cookeville and Smithville. The closely wooded space would make a fantastic hiding place for Wild man … if certainly that’s what Daniel Whitehead recorded. Plenty of mainstream media websites picked up on the video, together with LADBible, which calls it “an enormous black determine with super-long arms shifting about in a wooded space.”

The arms on the creature within the video are for much longer than this.

“Do you see that?”

The witness doesn’t have a lot to say within the transient and blurry 27 seconds lengthy video. There’s undoubtedly a tall darkish bipedal creature with extraordinarily lengthy arms – longer in proportion than a gorilla or related nice ape – that appear to seize two separated tree trunks as an instance simply how lengthy they’re … if they’re actual. The creature appears to stroll upright and not using a drawback and strikes via the bushes away from the witness till it disappears and the witness turns away – sounding involved or frightened. The video was seen by the Wild man investigation web site Wild man Enter, which contacted the witness and obtained an in depth replace.

“Lengthy arms and I seen the broad shoulders that you will notice a Wild man having {that a} hunter in a swimsuit doesn’t have!”

Most feedback on social media word the lengthy arms, which appear to persuade many this isn’t an individual in a dressing up. Nonetheless, the witness advised Wild man Enter he suspected it was a pre-Halloween prank, so he returned took his daughter, who was additionally exterior, again into the home, then grabbed a gun and his canine and returned to the placement, however noticed nothing extra of the Wild man or hoaxter.

“Numerous pixelation, so exhausting to say for certain. First couple watches, it seems to be CGI. The black could be very black in comparison with the background and it appears to have a pc picture kind stream to it.”

Whereas many social media commenters swung to the “it’s an actual Wild man” aspect, others identified that the black picture appears way more stable than the blurry background, which suggests it’s a CGI picture. Wild man Enter disagreed, indicating initially that this might be a respectable video of a respectable, very giant and really long-armed Wild man.

“Ugh. The plot thickens.”

After which … somebody checked a social media web page of the witness and located a photograph of him standing with an individual wearing what seems to be like a tall Grim Reaper costume with very lengthy arms. (View it here.) Wild man Enter appears to have rapidly modified sides on the validity of the video, particularly after it says makes an attempt to contact the witness once more for remark had failed. Whereas the photograph undoubtedly calls the authenticity of the Wild man video into query, that is one other case of “type of seems to be like” creature being invalidated by a unique “type of seems to be like” factor – an argument that may not rise up in a courtroom of legislation nor a category on logic. The needle on the Wild man video meter is pegged solidly within the “in all probability not however good strive” part.

Shifting on to the Chupacabra case in Amarillo …

“It seems to be very weird. You see one at night time at nightfall or daybreak; it’s in all probability a fairly scary-looking creature.” (Texas A&M Veterinarian Terry Hensley to station KEYE)

In Could of 2022, that might be stated of a mysterious “object” caught on a surveillance digital camera standing near however exterior of a fence across the Amarillo Zoo in Texas. The photograph didn’t get a lot consideration till June when town of Amarillo admitted it was at a loss and requested for assist determining what the creature could be.

“Was it an individual with a horrific hat who likes to stroll at night time? A big coyote on its hind legs? A Chupacabra? It’s a thriller – for Amarillo to assist remedy.”

Whereas calling it an Unidentified Amarillo Object (UAO) might have lent some ‘tongue in cheek’ aura to that pronouncement, town and native residents have been nonetheless involved – despite the fact that no animals or people have been harmed and there have been no indicators of legal exercise or vandalism. Town didn’t do itself any favors by linking the photograph to the Chupacabra as a result of that legendary cryptid is one other thriller which has caught the eye of the media in Texas lately. Whereas the unique Chupacabra was first reported in Puerto Rico as a goat-sucking upright-walking, lizard-like creature, the Texas model seems to be extra like a hairless or mange-ridden coyote or canine, which Texas A&M Veterinarian Terry Hensley factors out to KEYE can nonetheless look scary in dim gentle. Due to the various studies of Chupacabras in Texas and the latest hyperlink to the mysterious photograph in Amarillo, scientists at  Texas A&M College have determined to hitch in with an investigation.

“The present bodily description if you’ll, kinda the essential idea of what these seem like exhibits up in Puerto Rico within the Twenties. It originates there as greatest as we will inform.”

The Puerto Rico Chupacabra is claimed to look extra like this.

Texas A&M Wildlife Specialist John Tomecek tells KEYE that the unique Puerto Rican Chupacabra lacked a concrete description, which added to the worry of it. Farmers typically discovered mutilated livestock and imagined what sort of beast might to such a factor. Texas has a number of livestock, so any uncommon creatures exhibiting up concerning the time of bizarre deaths of livestock are certain to be linked collectively. As well as, the state has a number of coyotes and stray canines and a number of locations the place they will cover when they’re sick and afraid of people. Additionally, being sick and hungry, they’re compelled to kill pets and livestock as a result of they will’t catch wild prey. Put all of that collectively and the legend of the Texas Chupacabras falls into place.

“What seems to be like a terrifying beast of legend is definitely a fairly unhappy sight to see. More often than not when of us report a Chupacabra, it’s really a coyote with very superior stage mange. They’ve misplaced virtually all their hair aside from the little bit between their shoulder blades, which sticks up. Their pores and skin is grey and scaly and appears fairly gaunt.”

As veterinarian Terry Hensley advised KEYE, seen at nightfall or daybreak, that might be “a fairly scary-looking creature.” Nonetheless, is that what was captured on the Amarillo Zoo surveillance digital camera? That creature has a dog-like head however is standing on two legs and seems to be larger and higher fed than a thin coyote or a sick canine.

The Texas A&M report on Chupacabras doesn’t remedy the thriller of the Amarillo Zoo creature, so town nonetheless wants assist. The photograph of an individual in a Grim Reaper costume doesn’t show the Tennessee Wild man video is a faux, nevertheless it hurts its credibility. For now, we’re nonetheless skeptically speculating on each.

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