Is Bigfoot Visiting a Playground in Mississippi?

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An deserted playground in Vicksburg, Mississippi, has swings, monkey bars and different tools that’s slightly dusty and rusty however nonetheless practical. Whereas children don’t play there anymore, its shut proximity to some dense woods appears to have made it the popular playground for Wild man … not less than that’s what two males who declare to have seen proof of the creature there just lately.

In November, 2013, David Childers, an investigator for Delta Paranormal Mission, was listening for proof of ghost voices reported within the park when he as a substitute heard one thing crashing via the woods.

I do not know what it was, about 6 toes tall. And it simply bolted off via the woods. It was undoubtedly a shaggy coat to it, like a grayish-brown shade. When it made the noise that spooked me, I appeared over, and it appeared prefer it stood up and simply bolted off.

On August 12, 2014, Peyton Lassiter was working close to the identical playground and located a nine-inch-long, six-inch-wide print which reveals ridges much like human prints. Lassiter took a solid of the print and likewise discovered strands of gray hair close to the footprint. Of the ridges, he stated this:

There are solely two species which have that. Primary, people and primates. Bears do not have fingerprint-like impressions on the pores and skin of the foot, in order that sort of adjustments the sport slightly bit. I’ve no information of what made it, and I did not see what made it, but it surely’s very intriguing.

Childers and Lassiter have since met and in contrast notes on their experiences. Lassiter additionally did his homework on Wild man or “wooden ape” sightings within the space. The earliest was reported in 1721 by a priest in close by Natchez who claimed to see an enormous human-like, ape-like creature. The Vicksburg Day by day Herald reported a sighting in 1867 in Vicksburg by hunters who claimed a wooden ape killed a canine earlier than swimming throughout a river to Louisiana.

Searching just isn’t allowed in Vicksburg and the wooded space is massive and thick. Lassiter and Childers say residents have thanked them for bringing their tales out into the open. Does this imply there have been extra unreported sightings there?

And why would Wild man be visiting a playground?

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