Is it Possible That Pre-Modern Human Species May Exist in the Present Day?

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In 1989, an archaeological excavation was underway in China’s Yunnan Province, at an historic cave web site bordering a lush, sprawling evergreen forest. To anthropologists, the cave bore sure promise, with the quite a few bones that had been scattered alongside its ground. Proof of fires could possibly be seen additionally, having been constructed there over the hundreds of years that it served as shelter to historic people that got here and went by it. These individuals hunted deer within the close by forests, piling their bones by the fireplace pits they constructed; thus, the remnants of such historic practices had been borrowed within the title given to the positioning, Maludong, which accurately means the “Crimson Deer Cave”.

Regardless of the window to an historic lifestyle that the cave offered, the samples retrieved from it throughout the excavation in 1989 had been put away within the archives of a museum in southeastern Yunnan, the place they’d stay, largely forgotten, till now. Latest exams present that the bones, like many comparable finds, possess options that resemble our a lot earlier forbears within the area, significantly that of Homo erectus or Homo habilis. Nevertheless, regardless of their seemingly descent from considered one of these teams, there are variations as effectively; the individuals represented by the bone samples retrieved from Crimson Deer Cave additionally suggests a special gait than that of recent people, and maybe most curious of all, the bones date again to a mere 14,000 years in the past.


The bones, in different phrases, are comparatively younger, and this truth has lead researchers finding out them in current months to contemplate that they may even have been their very own distinctive species.

For a wholly distinctive human species to have existed as just lately as 14,000 years in the past is a tantalizing proposition, and for a lot of causes. Based mostly on the revelation, some researchers have even given credence to the notion—nevertheless distant it appears—that there may have been different instances the place separate human species existed alongside trendy people. However maybe essentially the most burning query of all is whether or not that would nonetheless be the case, even within the current day. 

Reporting on the Crimson Deer Cave revelations, Discovery Information interviewed affiliate professor Darren Curnoe, a researcher with the College of New South Wales who co-led the examine of the 1989 bone samples, who spoke of the chances relating to a pre-modern human inhabitants, which may have managed to outlive even into the current day:

“New species are being discovered all the time by scientists, however with a large-bodied species like people, you’ll suppose it could be tough to overlook, that somebody would have reported it or a scientist discovered it someplace (already)… My guess is that if any did exist — and I am uncertain — it could be in a distant place like Siberia, however some very grandiose claims have been made about Yetis and different creatures being Neanderthals surviving in the present day in locations like Siberia.”

Curnoe takes apparent care with the statements he makes, as any severe educational ought to. It’s noteworthy, nevertheless, that the intense dialogue of hypothetical pre-modern people, and their existence in distant corners of the trendy world, has appeared to have undergone one thing of a renaissance in current months.

Late final 12 months, Bryan Sykes, former Professor of Human Genetics on the College of Oxford, printed a paper titled, “Genetic Evaluation of Hair Samples Attributed to Yeti, Wild man and Different Anomalous Primates” within the Proceedings of the Royal Society. Sykes’ paper is acknowledged as the primary reliable, large-scale DNA survey to try to account for proof of huge, “anomalous” primates.

Debate over Sykes and his work continued into 2015, and along with his DNA check failing to “show” that any anomalous ape species existed by DNA evaluation, doubt was additionally thrown over Sykes’ conclusion that a few of the samples matched a polar bear that existed 40,000 years in the past.

Afterward, extra controversy arose because the press performed up the story of Zana, an alleged “ape lady” from the late nineteenth century, upfront of the discharge of Sykes’ ebook, The Nature of the Beast: The First Genetic Proof on the Survival of Apemen, Yeti, Wild man and Different Mysterious Creatures into Fashionable Instances. Within the ebook, Sykes states that Zana, reasonably than a real-life Yeti, Zana had seemingly been a slave lady delivered to Russia from southern Africa, who maybe suffered some form of deformity. She was apparently mute, and had been a possible a sufferer of horrible mistreatment throughout her time in Russia as effectively.

Regardless of the rollercoaster journey that has been the Sykes analysis affair, it nonetheless has represented one thing of a game-changer so far as “cryptozoology” is worried, since we’re lastly seeing academicians giving severe remedy to concepts that had been as soon as relegated to the lunatic fringe: particularly that one (or extra) relict hominid species may probably nonetheless exist on the planet in the present day.


With this in thoughts, it’s arduous to not entertain the tales collected over time, which appear to inform of startlingly humanlike “beasts” that often emerge from the forests and foothills of the distant Pacific Northwest, or which have allegedly been noticed alongside the distant, snowy passes above the steep slopes of the Himalayas.

If science had been certainly ever to assist show, and with out additional doubt, that such species do exist, then to name such a discovery “sport altering” could be an understatement. As a substitute, it could take away considered one of our best staples of fantasy and folklore from secure realms of fantasy—the wild man—and convey the creatures, begrudgingly, out into the stark actuality of the trendy scientific world. It will be a tradition shock, not just for this “new” species, however particularly for contemporary people, to be taught that we had not existed alone on our planet all this time, in any case.

Therefore, perhaps the best query, had been such a actuality ever to be upon us, could be whether or not we as trendy people are literally prepared for a revelation of that magnitude. Within the wake of the invention, it could seemingly trigger us to should redefine what, exactly, it means to be “human.”

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