Is it Possible that the Wendigo and Bigfoot are One and the Same?

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That is a controversial query to ask, for positive. However, there could also be a point of actuality to it. Let’s have a look. At the start, the one factor that makes the Wendigo stand-out from Bigfoot is that the previous is a harmful, man-eating killer. For probably the most half, the Bigfoot creatures appear to be fairly non-dangerous. Let’s have a better look. ATI say: “As the story goes, the wendigo was as soon as a misplaced hunter. Throughout a brutally chilly winter, this man’s intense starvation drove him to cannibalism. After feasting on one other human’s flesh, he reworked right into a crazed man-beast, roaming the forest in quest of extra individuals to eat. The story of the wendigo (generally spelled windigo) comes from Algonquian Native American folklore, and the precise particulars differ relying on who you ask. Some individuals who have claimed to come across the beast say it’s a relative of Bigfoot. However different experiences examine the wendigo to a werewolf as a substitute.” Shifting on, there are the phrases of The Canadian Encyclopedia: “A windigo is a supernatural being belonging to the religious traditions of Algonquian-speaking First Nations in North America. Windigos are described as highly effective monsters which have a need to kill and eat their victims. In most legends, people remodel into windigos due to their greed or weak spot. Numerous Indigenous traditions contemplate windigos harmful due to their thirst for blood and their capacity to contaminate in any other case wholesome individuals or communities with evil. Windigo legends are basically cautionary tales about isolation and selfishness, and the significance of neighborhood.”

Now, let’s get to the matter of the Bigfoot creatures.They could look harmful and imposing, however a research of the historical past of Bigfoot appears to point out that, primarily, the creatures are liable to preserving their distance from the Human Race. From time to time they’re going to throw rocks at individuals. And, there is a principle that the Bigfoots have the power to make use of Infrasound to maintain us away – particularly by creating nausea, panic, dizziness and even quickly paralyzing terror. Bigfoot seeker Scott Carpenter stated of his very personal encounter with a Bigfoot and Infrasound: “I’m not an acoustic professional or a scientist. My findings are based mostly on statement and customary sense. I feel that I used to be beneath the affect of infrasound throughout my encounter with the Bigfoot on April 30th , 2010. The Bigfoot manipulated my notion and sanitized my reminiscence. Much more disturbing was the truth that I didn’t react to observing the Bigfoot. I needed to have initially acknowledged what it was and the place it was hiding. I made two makes an attempt to zoom in on the Bigfoot and get a detailed up video. Someday throughout this course of I used to be subjected to the affect of infrasound and strongly influenced or ‘mind washed’ into strolling off. It’s virtually like my reminiscence was cleaned and I used to be given directions to go away and I did.”

Sure, all of this does sound a bit like sinister and even harmful, in relation to the Wendigo. However, deaths by the hands of Bigfoot are uncommon. At the very least, so far as we all know. There are some such claims, although. As for the Wendigos, there’s completely little doubt this stuff are nothing however harmful, violent killing machines that must be prevented always. Or, maybe, issues usually are not fairly that black and white. It will by no means shock me if, over time (and over the a long time and even centuries, too) that Bigfoot creatures, ravenous in winter instances, and in want for themselves and their households, would possibly resort to the final word reply: particularly, killing a few of us to avoid wasting of them. And, I’d not be stunned, too, if not less than some Bigfoot might have gotten a style for us, and to the purpose the place – for some, not less than – we’ve got grow to be their main supply of meals. However, with a lot of the Bigfoots seemingly avoiding such exercise, it could have created a perception that there have been two totally different creatures: the Wendigo and the Bigfoot. In actuality, nevertheless, there might have solely ever been one unknown animal: (A) a shy and largely non-hostile Bigfoot and (B) a violent and harmful people-eating Bigfoot that has grow to be a bit of folklore of the woods.

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