Josh Turner’s Dogman Convention

More Important Than You Think?

by admin

When it comes to the topic of Dogman, some opinions vary. Where do they come from? What are they? Are they inherently evil? Those questions, in my opinion, will forever be up for debate; however, one thing that is no longer up for debate is the state of the youtube Dogman Community. Over the years, we’ve witnessed countless feuds and arguments in the dogman community as people maneuvered into position and prominence in the subject.

As one of the more prominent figures in this community, I’m happy to see that things have begun to settle down and that people now have the opportunity to truly focus on discovering the truth about these creatures.

The Dogman Convention held by Josh Turner of the Paranormal Round table was highly significant in multiple ways, but none more than it served as an opportunity to show the Dogman Community that strife is not necessary to garner attention and make a name in this field. In many senses, the Dogman Convention was a turning point for the entire community; now, it appears that influencers and content creators are deciding to work together. We have reached a turning point in this community, and regardless of how people feel about Josh Turner, fan or not, he took the risk and did something positive for the community.
We look forward to seeing that event grow and flourish into something phenomenal.

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