Man Claims Bigfoot Proves Humans Were Created From Ancient Alien Slave DNA

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There isn’t a scarcity of theories relating to the origins of Bigfoot. Whereas some folks say that it’s only a fable and that the creature doesn’t exist, others imagine that it’s a bear, a person sporting a swimsuit, or a lacking hyperlink in human evolution. Now, nevertheless, a brand new principle has been offered and it’s undoubtedly a novel perspective.

Some individuals are saying that the creature is a descendant of historic gods who got here to our planet a few years in the past and created people to function their slaves. One of many individuals who imagine on this principle is Lee Solway who’s the host of the Realm of the Supernatural podcast.

Solway said that there have been so many sightings in numerous components of our planet that the creature should actually exist. “It’s scientifically accepted that they exist,” he instructed Each day Star On-line, including, “Why isn’t the federal government releasing any details about them? As a result of they don’t need us to know in regards to the genetic historical past.”

The brand new principle is predicated on the Atra-Hasis story which is an 18th century BC Babylonian epic that was written on clay tablets. In line with Mesopotamian theology, the Igigi have been junior sky gods who labored right here on Earth serving the high-ranking Annunaki gods. When the Igigi received uninterested in digging a watercourse, they rebelled in opposition to Enlil (one of many head Annunaki gods) by surrounding his property and burning their instruments. At that time, it was fairly clear that the Igigi weren’t going again to work, so the Annunaki created human beings as alternative slaves.

Solway believes that Bigfoot is in reality a descendant of the Igigi. “It’s just like the Bible says, ‘God made us in his picture’,” he claimed. And the explanation why Bigfoot is so elusive is that it’s hiding from people who have been in the end created to take its place.

As for individuals who say that the creature is just a bear or ape, Solway has a response for that too, “If it’s simply an ape, why can’t we meet up with it?”

Though he does imagine in evolution, Solway has questioned the truth that there are nonetheless medical mysteries which have but to be defined, similar to the truth that people have a layer of fats that they don’t want, or why ladies have hymens. “The truth that we will not absolutely hint man’s lineage ought to strike folks as unusual,” he stated, including that there are “4,000 genetic defects in people.” He claims that that is attributable to intentional breeding which proves that people have “slave DNA” supplied by our historic creators.

I need to say that may be a distinctive principle that I’ve by no means heard of earlier than. However till we will discover a Bigfoot and research it, I suppose each principle is feasible.

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