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Today we highlight another woman in the field of cryptozoology Wendy Wilson. Wendy dazzled the world with her appearance in the Sasquatch Chronicles Podcast hosted by our friend Wes Germer the Don of the bigfoot world.

She shared her encounters on her property and the photographs of the Bigfoot in her backyard.

Yes, it’s possible to find these creatures right near your home depending on the location, and Wendy showed us all that. She has appeared on multiple podcasts where she openly shares her knowledge of Bigfoot. She is another woman in this industry that is underrated compared to her male counterpart; her first-hand understanding of Bigfoot is outstanding.

Then when you combine her unique ability to spot these creatures in the woods and photographs, she has a fantastic gift the eyes to see what others can’t. Recently Wendy released video footage of this Bigfoot-looking creature peeking in on her from a window in her living room. The window was 9 feet in the air.

As it pertains to women in the field of Bigfoot and cryptids, she is not only articulate but spiritually grounded in Christ, and I believe this is why this creature has yet to do anything to bring harm to her and her family. You can find Wendy on her youtube channel, Turquoise & Sasquatch 

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