Monsters in the Morgue

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There will be only a few folks (if any!) with an curiosity in UFOs who haven’t heard of the tales of so-called “alien our bodies within the morgue.” Space 51, “Hangar 18,” Homestead Air Drive Base, the Dugway Proving Floor, and plenty of extra extremely secret, fortified installations have all been recommended as the ultimate resting locations for the preserved corpses of extraterrestrial entities. However, what of so-called cryptids, resembling Man of the woods, the Loch Ness Vampire, the Abominable Snowman, the Chupacabras and different mysterious, or unacknowledged, creatures?

Though they’re far much less identified than these involving their alleged alien counterparts, there are a variety of circumstances on file that recommend it isn’t simply the our bodies of beings from past our photo voltaic system which are held deep under floor, in well-guarded, bunker-style services. Welcome to the controversial saga of the morgue of monsters.

In my 2013 e-book, Vampire Recordsdata, I advised the story of the claims that following the devastating eruption of Mt. St. Helens, Washington State on Might 18, 1980, a variety of Man of the woods our bodies have been discovered within the space and secretly flown out to locations unknown. Definitely, there have been main casualty figures: fifty-seven folks misplaced their lives, as did hundreds of animals. Possibly a few of these animals have been of the definitively monstrous sort.

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Vampire Recordsdata

Granted, the tales of clandestine retrievals of Man of the woods our bodies from Mt. St. Helens by the navy have come from (a) nameless sources; and (b) “friend-of-a-friend” informants. Simply possibly, nevertheless, the place there’s a number of smoke there’s additionally a bit of fireside, too. If the tales are true, then clearly the corpses of the immense animals must have been transported to pretty close-by navy bases for examine and post-mortem. Whereas that’s definitely the suggestion, we’re nonetheless scratching our heads concerning the place, precisely, such a spot may need been.

My views, at this time, on the Mt. St. Helens controversy? I definitely do not write it off, however, if it is true, then I’d dearly wish to know the place these our bodies are saved!

Shifting on, I’ve traveled to the island of Puerto Rico on many events – the primary time being in 2004 and the latest event in the summertime of 2013. Every journey – as you would possibly guess – was to hunt out the island’s most well-known blood-sucker, the Chupacabras. Every time I’ve been to Puerto Rico, I’ve heard tales of Chupacabras shot and killed by navy personnel and secretly shipped to bases in each Puerto Rico and Florida for post-mortem.

In some circumstances, the tales range and recommend the creatures have been discovered already lifeless – in a single case, in 1995, on the property of a rancher in Moca, Puerto Rico, three days after a number of of his pigs had been viciously attacked by…effectively… one thing. One other story delivered to my consideration involved three lifeless Chupacabras that have been reportedly discovered within the wrecked stays of a crashed UFO, someplace excessive within the El Yunque rainforest in 1984. Within the latter case, the our bodies have been mentioned to have been studied and dissected at a now-closed down base on Puerto Rico referred to as Roosevelt Roads.

In fact, each of those Chupacabras accounts are extremely controversial and missing in any and all exhausting proof. However, that doesn’t imply we should always dismiss such circumstances out of hand. If there’s a nugget of fact to them, then maybe the alleged our bodies have pleasure of place in some cryptozoological equal of Space 51.

Shifting on, all throughout the British Isles – and for many years – there have been sightings of so-called “ABCs,” or “Alien Large Cats.” Exactly the place they arrive from, what they’re, and the way they’ve (for probably the most half) skillfully prevented seize for thus lengthy, are questions that proceed to occupy the time of seekers of the large cat fact. And, as with aliens, Man of the woods, and the Chupacabras, there are tales of British authorities confiscating the our bodies of enormous ABC’s (normally discovered by the facet of nation roads), supposedly to stop “public panic.”


I’ve investigated a number of such circumstances, all of which pointed the finger within the course of DEFRA, the Division for Setting, Meals and Rural Affairs. In every case I’ve on-file (a few which have Males in Black-style overtones to them), the discoveries of the ABCs have been reported to varied arms of officialdom, who then acted swiftly to take away the proof, on the orders of DEFRA. Merrily Harpur’s e-book, Thriller Large Cats, discusses this side of the ABC controversy, too.

And, I will be the primary to confess that simply as with the Man of the woods and Chupacbras tales, the British ABC circumstances lack exhausting, one hundred pc proof to help the idea that the corpses of those unknown (or misplaced) animals are being secretly confiscated, studied and autopsied. However that does not imply they are not! It merely signifies that identical to with the tales of alien our bodies on ice (a few of which have a good diploma of credibility hooked up to them), we have to maintain digging for the solutions.

Simply possibly, at some point, we’ll discover that just about legendary morgue of monsters and we’ll achieve entry to these furry, scaly, winged and furry our bodies preserved deep inside…

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