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Properly, within the wake of the publication of my 2-part article on the U.Okay.’s “Alien Huge Cats” phenomenon, quite a few individuals have contacted me asking one thing alongside the strains of: “Does this imply you suppose all creatures that fall below the banner of Cryptozoology are supernatural?” The reply to that query is “No, I do not.” As I identified in part-1 of the ABC phenomenon article, there are legitimate, wholly down-to-earth causes as to why persons are seeing Alien Huge Cats within the U.Okay. However, as I famous in part-2, there are some instances which are a lot weirder and which are very troublesome to clarify with out bringing the world of the supernatural into the matter. So, I believe there are two points right here: one is that some ABCs are supernatural and others are escapees from personal enclosures, or pets that received out of hand, and many others. And, I see that “two sides” angle in relation to different so-called “cryptid” creatures too. Let’s check out just a few examples.

There are, for my part, what we would time period “unknown apes” in varied elements of the world. One in every of them is the Yeren of China. It is described as being a big, ape-like animal that even towers over Hairy-man – and that is saying one thing! Now, I do not for one minute suppose that the Yeren is a supernatural creature. I might not be in any respect stunned (ought to we ever get the proof, after all) that the Yerens are literally surviving pockets of a large ape often called Gigantopithecus. Up till its (presumed) demise a whole bunch of years in the past, it roamed the very areas the place the Yeren is seen to today. The identical goes for the Orang-Pendek of Sumatra. It’s extremely a lot a scaled-down unknown ape; definitely nowhere close to the dimensions of the Yeren. And, in the case of the character of the Orang-Pendek, I see zero purpose to counsel that it has even the remotest supernatural facet hooked up to it. Then, there may be Hairy-man. Here is the place my views change.

The overwhelming majority of all Hairy-man experiences are of fleeting sightings of the creatures. They’re fairly often encountered late at evening, racing throughout roads, or roaming via huge woods. Most Hairy-man experiences (the truth is, the overwhelming majority) do not have even a single supernatural part hooked up to them. However, this is the essential factor: there are a small physique of experiences which are suggestive of a magical angle to Hairy-man. The late Rob Riggs (the writer of a wonderful Hairy-man-themed ebook, Within the Huge Thicket) was somebody who got here to imagine that Hairy-man was way over simply a big, unidentified ape. Rob, who I received to know as a good friend, obtained quite a few instances from Texas’s aforementioned Huge Thicket which concerned Hairy-man creatures surrounded by scary, glowing, balls of sunshine. There are different instances from the Huge Thicket of a Hairy-man fairly actually vanishing earlier than the eyes of startled witnesses. In 1973, there was an enormous wave of encounters in Pennsylvania by which Hairy-man creatures have been seen on the identical time and site as UFOs. Even the Males in Black have been on the scene in seventy-three.

Some may say that the Loch Ness Monsters are plesiosaurs or big eels. I say “Nope.” There’s a important physique of high-strangeness on the loch. Sure, individuals have seen – and reported – creatures that do appear to be plesiosaurs or eels. Others, although, have described camel-like animals, large frog-type beasts, tusked monsters, and extra. There was a big quantity of UFO exercise on the loch. Aleister Crowley had a house at Loch Ness (Boleskine Home), and carried out all method of rituals in its confines. Do I believe there is a good probability the Nessies are supernatural shape-shifters? Sure, I do. However, does that imply all lake-monsters are supernatural? Possibly. Possibly not. I am nonetheless in two minds on that matter. However, there is not any doubt in my thoughts that the Nessies will not be animals in the best way we perceive issues.

Lastly, there’s the matter of the Dogman, which is coming an increasing number of to the forefront of Cryptozoology. Some witnesses describe the creatures – typically seen in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio – as resembling big wolves. This has led to the suggestion they may be surviving “Dire Wolves” of occasions lengthy gone. Possibly they’re. Alternatively, although, some witnesses have mentioned that the creatures they encountered rose up onto their again legs, giving them an eerie werewolf-like look. The Dogmen lurk round graveyards, Native American land, cemeteries, previous bridges, crossroads – locations which are all historically linked to paranormal phenomena. If all that folks have been seeing have been large wolf-like animals, I may be inclined to suppose that, extremely, they actually may be Dire Wolves and nothing else. However, (a) the particular places; and (b) the difficulty of the creatures going from four-legs to 2 make me suppose that we’re coping with one thing supernatural. So, in conclusion, no I do not suppose that every one Cryptids are paranormal. However, I do suppose {that a} hell of a whole lot of them are.

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