My Five Favorite Freaky Forests

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Forests: they are often enchanting, stress-free, and near-magical locations. They’ll, nevertheless, even be locations wherein monsters  and different horrible issues dwell. As you’ll now see. I am about to share with you my 5, favourite, freaky forests of the extraordinarily unusual selection. Two of them are within the U.Ok., one is in Texas, one other in Puerto Rico, and the opposite on an enormous mountain. Regardless of their variations in areas, they’ve one factor in widespread. That’s, all of those forested areas have unfamiliar beings of their midst. The record contains werewolf-like beasts, Bigfoot, flying monstrosities and rather more. Now, learn on…


Any point out of the mysterious locale that’s Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk inevitably conjures up unusual and surreal pictures of the well-known, alleged UFO touchdown inside the forest within the latter a part of December 1980 – a startling occasion witnessed by quite a few United States Air Power personnel stationed at a close-by navy base, Royal Air Power Bentwaters. The weird affair has been the topic of a substantial variety of books, quite a few televisions exhibits, a number of investigations by navy and governmental our bodies, and unrelenting deep debate. Reviews of unusual lights, of small alien-like creatures seen deep inside the coronary heart of the woods, and of high-level cover-ups and sinister conspiracies, are all key substances of the case that has, for a lot of, justifiably develop into often known as the “British Roswell.”

rendelsham forest 570x380
Rendelsham Forest

Near forty years later, the occasions in query proceed to impress intense debate and controversy, with some believing that extraterrestrials actually did land on British soil on that fateful night time, or as some imagine, throughout the course of a number of nights. Others maintain the view that every part could be attributed to mistaken id (of a close-by lighthouse, no much less!), whereas some desire the idea {that a} darkish and doubtful navy experiment, and subsequent disastrous mishap, might have been accountable for the entire fuss. Greater than thirty years on, the talk continues to rage, and probably it’s going to proceed to rage for a lot of extra years to return.

As for the forest itself, it covers an space that’s round 1,500 hectares in dimension and could be present in Suffolk’s coastal belt often known as the Sandlings. It’s comprised of enormous, coniferous bushes, in addition to heath land and moist land areas, and is dwelling to the badger, the fox, the purple deer, the roe deer and the fallow deer. In response to some individuals, nevertheless, Rendlesham Forest is dwelling to far weirder issues, too.

Rendlesham Forest, in addition to the Suffolk locales of West Wratting and Balsham, is reportedly dwelling to one thing equally as unusual – perhaps even much more so – than a automobile and creatures from one other world. It’s a beast that, regionally, has come to be often known as the Shug Monkey. Described as being a weird mixture of big canine, muscular bear, and huge ape, the creature is claimed to take its title from both (A) an previous English phrase – scucca – which implies demon, and which, as we’ve seen already, additionally has a hyperlink to the naming of Shugborough Corridor, Staffordshire; or (B) an previous east-coast time period – shucky – that interprets, into modern-day terminology, as furry or shaggy. Possibly the title is even born out of a curious melding of each phrases. However, regardless of the true nature of the title utilized to the foul, furry entity, its presence within the woods of Suffolk is sufficient to strike deep terror into the hearts of these souls unlucky sufficient to have crossed its path. Add to that reviews of “Alien Large Cats” and witchcraft cults and you’ve got a definitively bizarre forest.


For many individuals, any point out of the phrases “Texas” and “the Lone Star State” provoke imagery of huge plains, cactus, tumbleweeds, and scalding sizzling deserts. In actuality, nevertheless, the normal picture of Texas may be very large of the mark. Sure, a lot of West Texas is famous for its large quantities of cotton fields. Nonetheless, the desert atmosphere that usually springs to thoughts is much extra relevant to New Mexico and Arizona. On prime of that, most of east Texas may be very closely forested. Certainly, one solely has to drive east out of the town of Dallas, to quickly be within the coronary heart of dense forest land. All of which brings us to a spot referred to as the Large Thicket, an simple magnet for mysterious apes and savage wild males.

Trees at Big Thicket National Preserve 3 570x385
Large Thicket Nationwide Protect

To exhibit simply how closely wooded Texas is, the Large Thicket alone – which is located by no means removed from the town of Houston – is greater than 80,000 acres in dimension. It’s dominated by near-endless numbers of oak bushes, beech bushes, pines, and swamps and rivers. By day, the Large Thicket seems like just about some other giant, sprawling mass of forestland. It’s after the solar has set, nevertheless, and darkness has fallen on the Large Thicket that issues start to vary – and to a major and creepy diploma.

A lot of the high-strangeness of the Bigfoot selection is targeted within the neighborhood of a six-mile-long stretch of pretty primitive street that runs by way of the woods and which is known as Bragg Street. Whereas that’s the street’s official title, it additionally has an unofficial title, too: Ghost Gentle Street. It takes its curious title from the truth that, for hundreds of years, individuals have reported seeing, unusual, eerie, floating balls of sunshine flitting across the woods – balls of sunshine that modify from the scale of roughly a tennis ball to a soccer ball. And, it’s in opposition to this bizarre background that the Large Thicket Bigfoot dwells.


As the US Division of Agriculture, Forest Service states: “The El Yunque Nationwide Forest is the one tropical rain forest within the nationwide forest system. At almost 29,000 acres, it is likely one of the smallest in dimension, but some of the biologically various of the nationwide forests internet hosting tons of of animal and plant species, a few of that are discovered solely right here.” Not solely that, El Yunque has a protracted historical past of paranormal exercise. Certainly, I’ve quite a few instances on file of unfamiliar beings seen within the rain forest. Norka was a captivating girl, who lived in a spacious and atmospheric home excessive within the El Yunque rain forest and who I met in 2004. She had a sensational story to inform.

El Yunque National Forest sign May 2017 570x380
El Yunque Nationwide Forest signal (Credit score: Jami430 Wikipedia)

It was nightfall, on a stiflingly sizzling, weekday night time in August 1975. The environment – as day started to give up to dusk – was as regular and tranquil because it had ever been. It wasn’t lengthy, nevertheless, earlier than normality and tranquility gave approach to one thing hideous. As Norka drove rigorously and slowly alongside the twisting, climbing street (in a automobile, quite than on certainly one of her trusty motorbikes, I ought to stress), one thing all of the sudden surfaced from the large, dense bushes that stood proud and tall, like gigantic inexperienced curtains, and which dominated either side of the street.

Doing barely twenty miles an hour to start with, Norka was simply in a position to decelerate as a curious beast loomed into view. Norka, trying into the digicam, mentioned that solely about twenty toes in entrance of her was the strangest, most terrifying animal it had ever been her misfortune to come across. For all intents and functions, it seemed very very like a bat. Besides, that’s, for one astonishing factor: the abomination was round 4 to 5 toes in top.

Not surprisingly, Norka may scarcely imagine her eyes because the monster shuffled slowly throughout the street, its muscular legs taking gradual however deliberate strides throughout the new tarmac. Together with her eyes transfixed on the beast, Norka may see that its physique was darkish brown in colour. Two giant wings have been folded tight in opposition to its again. The clawed fingers on its arms – that drooped in curious, limp trend from its bony wrists – have been of a definite, white-yellow hue. Of a near-identical colour have been two monumental fangs that protruded from its gaping, nearly slack-jawed, mouth. Most horrifying of all to Norka have been the eyes of the creature: centered intently on Norka herself, they have been nearly blazing, like purple sizzling coals.

After what appeared like a torturous period of time, however which was perhaps not more than twenty or so seconds, the creature unfurled its wings. At this level, Norka may see simply how large these mighty, membranous appendages have been: someplace in a mixed area of twelve to fifteen toes. Norka mentioned the wings flapped in a quick, livid and loud trend that deeply shocked her. In mere moments, the beast took to the skies, vertically, and was rapidly misplaced from sight. The Chupacabra, Bigfoot-type creatures, giant black cats, black-eyed aliens, and even giant lizards of an unidentified nature have additionally been seen within the El Yunque rain forest.


Located close to Broadhurst Inexperienced, England  – within the Cannock Chase woods – is a cemetery that may be a memorial to a minimum of 5,000 German servicemen, whose graves are marked by headstones, constructed out of Belgian granite and set in plots of heather. The cemetery has its origins in 1959, the 12 months wherein Germany made the primary, preliminary approaches with a view to discovering a web site on the Chase close to the prevailing Commonwealth Cemetery that comprises the graves of 388 males from each the First and Second World Wars, together with close to 300 German troopers. In March 1962, the County Council made a present of the land to the German Authorities, with the design of the cemetery and its surrounding buildings positioned within the arms of Professor Diez Brandi of Gottingen, Germany, and Harold Doffman and Peter Leach, who have been companions in a Stafford agency of architects. On account of the development of the cemetery, between 1964 and 1966 the our bodies of quite a few German servicemen, comparable to sailors buried at seaports across the British coast, airmen shot down inland, and troopers – most of whom have been prisoners of battle buried in churchyards across the nation – have been transferred to the cemetery, which at this time boasts hundreds of holiday makers per 12 months.

cannock chase 2363389 640 570x428
Cannock Chase

In 2001, a person named Mike Johnson encountered a really unusual creature within the  Cannock Chase woods. As Mike described it: “I seen a gaggle of three aged walkers rambling within the distance and thought I’d wait till they have been nearer. They have been strolling in direction of me, so far as I may inform; then I might take inventory of my place with their information. About ten minutes handed as I watched them method. They obtained to about 5 hundred meters away from me once I realized I may hear each phrase they mentioned; it was as in the event that they have been standing in entrance of me.

‘There was a tall man in cream trousers and a shirt with a small rucksack, and two girls aged perhaps fifty to sixty with waterproof coats tied round their waists. As I watched them, they merely popped out of existence. One second they have been there and the following gone. I assumed that they had descended right into a gully and had gone out of sight however I watched for a couple of minutes they usually didn’t seem. Then I seen them roughly 200 meters to my left of my peripheral imaginative and prescient; however now that they had somebody additional with them.

“This character was tall, with very skinny legs and arms, wearing what I assumed have been gray trousers and a good lengthy sleeved shirt of the identical colour. He – I assumed it was a he – walked to the rear of them and after they stopped for a second he stopped additionally. Observing the group, I now got here to the conclusion this added walker was not what he appeared. His hairless head was elongated and neck spindly, and his arms reached virtually previous his knees; I couldn’t discern a facial characteristic. The clincher was when one of many women stopped and drank from a bottle of water: he approached her fairly intently and I spotted he was round three meters tall.

“At this level I had a sense of intense disorientation and the added walker turned to take a look at me and put a hand on the woman’s shoulder – this gesture appeared protecting, as if to indicate me they have been underneath his safety and I dare not intervene. I turned away to choose up my rucksack and method the group, and once I seemed up once more I noticed the unique path to the German Cemetery was once more in situ, with a big German Shepherd canine bounding down it, adopted by a gaggle of youngsters and adults. The solar had returned to the west and all landmarks have been once more in imaginative and prescient. The walkers had gone and so had the panorama with them. I virtually legged-it up the trail to the automobile park and drove away. To this present day I’ve by no means gone again.”

Then, there’s the matter of the Cannock Chase’s werewolves. One of many earliest reviews – referenced within the Stafford Submit newspaper on April 26, 2007, in an article titled “Werewolf noticed in Stafford” – got here from a neighborhood postman who, whereas driving his motorcycle previous the cemetery on one explicit, sunny morning, caught sight of what at first he thought was a big canine strolling across the cemetery. It was not a canine in any respect: it was a strolling nightmare. The person was amazed, and greater than somewhat involved, by what he may quickly see was a wolf. However, it was a wolf of extraordinary dimension. That wild wolves have reportedly been extinct in the UK since 1680 made issues much more wonderful. That was the 12 months wherein one Sir Ewen Cameron killed a wild wolf in Perthshire, Scotland; fairly probably the final wild wolf in your complete U.Ok. Granted, there have been sporadic reviews of wolves nonetheless inhabiting among the much less traveled, and even much less inhabited components, of the nation. Nothing, nevertheless, has even surfaced conclusively to exhibit that wolves have lived within the wilds of the U.Ok. for the reason that 17th century. However, attempt telling that to the beasts of a sure cemetery. And good luck telling that to the witnesses, too.

As the person slowed his bike down to a whole cease, he stared in awe and worry because the cumbersome animal prowled across the gravestones, and making it abundantly clear to the person that this was no husky canine or one thing comparable. The stone-cold information hit the person all of the sudden and exhausting: there was a wolf on the Cannock Chase. Because the witness watched, entranced and together with his coronary heart virtually pounding out of his chest, one thing terrifying and unearthly occurred. The wolf caught sight of the person, froze, and stared intently in his course; its eyes firmly locked on him for a number of terrifying seconds. It was then that the physique of the four-legged animal started to vary, to mutate. The postman may solely sit and watch – near-paralyzed to the spot – because the hind legs of the wolf began to develop in size. Oddly, and for a second or a number of, the creature turned blurry to the attention as its type started to vary. Then, with its legs now very a lot resembling these of a human in form, the beast reared up on its morphed limbs and took on a bipedal stance. Not surprisingly, all that the person may consider was: werewolf. Happily for the witness, the creature raced into the guts of the woods and, inside seconds, was gone.


In September 2009, I spent roughly per week in and round (a) the city of Winona, Minnesota, and (b) parts of close by Wisconsin, with a group from the Historical past Channel’s well-liked cryptozoology-themed collection, MonsterQuest. We have been there to research reviews of enormous winged beasts that, in some respects, sounded not not like the notorious Mothman of Level Nice, West Virginia. Others, nevertheless, have been much more of an enormous birdlike nature. And several other even appeared like a weird mixture of each. Being there for per week gave me an excellent alternative to dig deeply into among the sightings, to achieve the arrogance and belief of the locals, and to see what I may uncover. A lot of the motion revolved across the closely wooded Trempealeau Mountain. And we checked it out.

800px Trempealeau Mountain SNA 570x382
Trempealeau Mountain

There was an excellent cause for this: the mountain, which is contained inside the Perrot State Park (named after a French explorer, Nicolas Perrot), has longstanding traditions of sightings of giant birds. Many of those tales and legends originated with Native American tribes, who believed the creatures to be the legendary Thunderbirds, that are an integral a part of their lore and historical past. With the MonsterQuest crew filming, we searched the mountain for one of the best a part of a day and night time, and – quite intriguingly – did discover some giant branches that hung over the sometimes-near-vertical edges of the mountain. None of us may deny they might have offered giant winged issues with good factors of take-off and to permit them to utilize the thermals to assist hold their mighty types aloft. Whether or not or not they really did, nevertheless, is kind of one other matter.

Late at night time, we even used full-volume, call-blasting gear, taking part in the calls of owls and eagles, as we sought to try to entice our quarry to indicate itself. It was to no avail. Nonetheless, the witness testimony, mixed with the Native American accounts of centuries previous, satisfied me that Trempealeau Mountain and its environment have been, and perhaps nonetheless are, dwelling to fearsome fliers of the unknown type.

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