Mysterious ‘Man-Like Creature’ Filmed in Portuguese Desert

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Chupacabra! Man of the woods! Portuguese Man o’ Worf! (half man, half Klingon?) No matter it was, these are simply among the issues being yelled (Portuguese Man o’ Worf was mine) after seeing a mysterious ‘man-like creature’ (or extra doubtless, a video of 1) allegedly strolling throughout a desert in Portugal. What’s it?

There are a selection of puzzling features to this story. The unique video was mentioned to have been uploaded to the Web a month in the past however the date of the sighting isn’t specified anyplace. Though it’s supposedly been posted for a month and has “200,000” views, the one movies that pop up are all lower than every week outdated.

The movies usually discuss with the creature as a “Chupacabra.” That is odd because it strikes very slowly, isn’t carrying a lifeless, cold goat and isn’t in Central or South America. (It’s lack of resemblance to a sick canine eliminates it from being a Texas Chupacabra as properly). There don’t appear to be every other sightings, current or in any other case, of a Chupacabra in Portugal.

A number of feedback recommend it seems to be extra like a Man of the woods or Yeti. That would appear extra doubtless, particularly since there’s one report of vast humanoid sightings in Montargil, Ponte do Sor, Portugal, in 1980. Nevertheless, the witness described the humanoids as being 8-feet tall and carrying grey fits, making them extra alien than Yeti or Man of the woods, neither of which is understood for his or her style in garments.


Portugal did have one different misplaced cryptid sighting just lately. In 2014, a person in Almada reporting seeing an Ahool flying overhead. This huge bat-like or winged primate creature is extra typically seen in Indonesia, so it was additionally misplaced in Portugal and no different sightings have been reported.

Then there’s the placement. The video and stories discuss with the creature being seen in a desert. The one recognized desert in Portugal isn’t on the mainland however on the archipelago of Madeira – an Autonomous Area of Portugal situated within the north Atlantic 1,000 km (540 mi) from the continent. Madeira has numerous endemic species, together with a local bat and a hand-sized tarantula. A Yeti-like creature may presumably discover loads of locations to cover there.

desert 570x321
The realm appear desert-like

Besides … the restricted stories make no point out of Madeira, only a “Portuguese desert.”

As normally, the video high quality is poor, main many to take a position it’s a fraud.

So, what’s it? If it’s on Madeira, it may very well be some long-hidden creature. If it’s on the mainland, it may very well be the return of a smaller clothing-optional cousin of the 8-foot humanoids. If it’s not seen once more, it may very well be a fraud.

Or one thing else? I am sticking with Portuguese Man o’ Worf.

worf 570x437
There was that one R&R in Lisbon …

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