Mysterious Small Bipedal Creature Found in Azerbaijan

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“Within the Caucasus caught a creature just like a brownie … Uncommon video excited the community. It depicts a scary creature, densely overgrown hair, one thing that doesn’t resemble every other creature.”

That’s the tough Google translation of the outline in a video uploaded by somebody in Azerbaijan of a small bushy bipedal creature. The oldsters on the Cryptomundo web site obtained phrase of the video from well-known Russian cryptozoologist Igor Burtsev, a hominologist and head of the Yeti institute at Kemerovo State College. Whereas Burtsev didn’t see the creature in particular person, he decided that the video was taken in late 2016 however didn’t give any clue as to what the particular person in it was saying not any hypothesis on what the creature is likely to be.

That provides us free reign to take a position. Whereas these on the lookout for a fast reply say it’s a monkey wearing somewhat ape costume, that appears too simple. The black fingernailed palms appear too huge for the small creature to be a monkey. Nevertheless, it’s calm sufficient to presumably be a pet enjoying together with a prank.

Azerbaijan is between Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe with the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west and Iran to the south. It’s folklore has quite a few creatures that this one could possibly be associated to. An attention-grabbing chance is the Meshe Adam or Ağac Kişi, which implies tree man or forest man. That is believed to be a spirit that takes the form of an apelike bushy creature with a human face and could possibly be the “brownie” that the video’s description was referring to.

An alternative choice talked about by the Cryptomundo web site is the Almas or Wild Man in Mongolian. The bipedal Almas is alleged to be extra human that ape and believed to roam the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains of central Asia and the Altai Mountains of southern Mongolia, placing it near Azerbaijan. The Almas is mostly described as a big creature within the 500-pound vary, so the one within the video must be a teenager or presumably an grownup with a development defect. As anticipated, they get linked to the Yeti, however some speculate, if they really exist, that they could possibly be leftover Neanderthals or Denisovans.

Or … it could possibly be one thing fully totally different. Alien?

Cryptozoologist Dr. Igor Burtsev

Thus far, the cash is on monkey. A Planet of the Apes promotion? Appears too lame. A merciless pet proprietor with a imply humorousness? Extra doubtless. Then once more, Igor Burtsev didn’t rule out some type of cryptid or cryptid child. Since he couldn’t translate a lot of the dialogue, he’s hoping the proprietor comes ahead with the creature or extra info. Good luck with that.

For now, wager your rubles on a wrapped rhesus.

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