New Analysis Shows Yeti is Not a Hybrid Polar Bear

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Regardless of what TV cop reveals would love you to imagine, DNA proof could be unsuitable. That is excellent news for Yetis who weren’t trying ahead to inviting brown bears and polar bears over for the vacations primarily based on DNA assessments that pointed to Yeti being a polar bear-brown bear hybrid. It seems these outcomes have been in error.

You might bear in mind the analysis led by Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes which analyzed 37 samples of Yeti and Hairy-man hairs. Thirty-five have been decided to be from widespread animals however two unknowns from the Himalayas have been in comparison with a DNA database and seemed to be from an extinct polar bear species, resulting in the conclusion that the Abominable Snowman is a hybrid bear.

Nevertheless, new analysis by Ross Barnett, from the College of Copenhagen, and Ceiridwen Edwards from the College of Oxford, printed within the Royal Society journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, reveals that the samples really belong to a Himalayan brown bear, a uncommon sub-species of brown bears whose vary contains mountainous areas of Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.

The widespread title for these bears within the area is Dzu-teh, a Nepalese time period that means ‘cattle bear’, they usually have lengthy been related to the parable of the yeti.

brown bear 570x397
Himalayan brown bear

After reviewing the brand new evaluation, Bryan Sykes and his workforce acknowledged their error, which was attributable to an incomplete search of the DNA database used. In fact, their assertion factors out that this nonetheless doesn’t show or disprove the existence of the yeti,

Importantly, for the thrust of the paper as an entire, the conclusion that these Himalayan ‘yeti’ samples have been definitely not from a hitherto unknown primate is unaffected. We confused within the unique paper that the true id of this intriguing animal must be refined, ideally by sequence information from recent tissue samples derived from a dwelling specimen the place DNA degradation is not a priority.

Effectively, if we HAD some recent tissue samples from a dwelling specimen, we most likely wouldn’t want geneticists.

The search continues.

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