New Evidence Emerges in North Dakota Bigfoot Encounter

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Christmas this yr introduced an unlikely customer to Dickey County, North Dakota. That evening, a “furry mystery beast” some imagine to be an precise Wildman leered at an Ellendale Lady by way of her kitchen window. Shocked, she known as a household pal, Christopher Bauer to research. Bauer, an skilled woodsman, tracked this particular person for seven miles by way of the snowy panorama; assured he was scorching on the path of Man of the woods. However now new particulars have emerged to disprove the concept of this monstrous, Christmas creep.

Interviewed on-location by the WDAY Fargo new station, Christopher Bauer walked the reporter by way of his discovery. That evening he discovered 18” lengthy, 8” huge footprints across the girl’s dwelling. These deep impressions had been spaced 4 ft. aside… for 7 miles. He tracked lots of of those prints all by way of the Ellendale farmland and throughout the freeway till they pale upon a faraway hillside.

The story rose into the echelons of the nationwide information circuit. Sadly, questions remained after this superb discovery. The world screamed Wildman, however not every part added up.

Now an nameless letter and a photograph of home made Man of the woods stompers despatched to WDAY sheds gentle on the occasions of that evening. The writer of that letter? Bauer’s Man of the woods.

bauer 1
Christopher Bauer doubts the legitimacy of the Man of the woods confession letter

The writer, who admits to being drunk on his midnight romp, says the prints had been meant to prank buddies within the space; to not hoax the world. Although not revealed on-line, WDAY supplied a picture seize of the letter, explaining the person’s motive and approach:

I had screwed these wood ft to an previous pair of sneakers. I then walked on the wheel tracks on the highway to the farm figuring out full properly visitors would erase any signal of how I approached and left. As soon as on the farmstead I observed the lights on in the home and tried to see if anybody was up however the shade was pulled. I made a decision I used to be there so I simply as properly end, lights or not. I walked round the home attempting to go away prints in what little snow that was there. As I used to be crossing within the entrance of the home I observed my buddies feminine pal stroll previous the window. She occurred to look out the window and I froze. Busted I believed she regarded immediately at me it appeared then shortly turned and went again the way in which she got here and I took off.

Bauer holds sturdy, believing that the letter is a hoax, and there is no means the tracks might have been faked: as they had been double the stride of a median human for 7 full miles. He additionally subscribes to the concept the letter is an try by cryptic companies to cowl up the eye witness encounter, successfully casting a protracted shade of doubt on the occasions. Necessary particulars stay unanswered, together with the “monstrous face ” within the window that was supposedly simply the person’s naked face. With a number of threads left dangling, I think the Man of the woods story of Ellendale has yet one more chapter left.

Display screen seize of the sensible joker’s Wildman sneakers

Story initially reported by WDAY Fargo

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