On the Monstrous Road

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Generally, I am requested – and notably so at conferences – what’s it like occurring an expedition searching for all-things of a supernatural, paranormal, ufological, cryptozoological or Fortean nature? Properly, typically it goes very very like the next, which provides a great indication of what life is like within the discipline when pursuing the odd, the eerie and the downright uncanny. It was February 2008, I used to be on the highway with Lance Oliver, of the Texas-based Denton Space Paranormal Society, and we have been headed for Lake Ray Roberts, Texas – the place one thing scary and monstrous had reportedly been seen… 

The lake and its surrounding areas are notable: in occasions previous they have been the hang-out of assorted Native American Indian tribes, together with the Comanche, the Kiowa and the Tonkawa. Earlier than we arrived, Lance instructed me there had been quite a few fascinating UFO encounters within the neighborhood, and in Might 1990 scary roaring and screaming noises of a distinctly animalistic nature have been heard within the woods. Not solely that, however in the exact same timeframe nothing lower than an roughly eight-foot-tall bushy man-beast was seen late at evening by a number of younger guys who have been camped on the north aspect of the lake. Properly, in fact, with all that occurring, we simply needed to test the place out!

I adopted Lance in my automobile as he drove to a small parking space – that was nearly as shut as an individual may get by automobile to the place all the particular Man of the woods motion had taken place. We have been then confronted with roughly a mile-long trek by the thick woods, up and down a number of steep climbs, and throughout a few rocky sandbars, in opposition to which the lake’s cool waters gently lapped.

However lastly we acquired to the situation the place the entire hair-raising – and bushy – motion had occurred: a steep and broad hill that was packed from ground to ceiling with dense bushes and rotting vegetation. As well as, there was a seeming distinct lack of animal life and noise. Certainly, deathly quiet could be a veritable understatement. Despite the fact that the Man of the woods encounters had taken place years earlier than, expertise on the highway has proven me repeatedly that one ought to by no means flip up the possibility to conduct a deep investigation of such a mysterious locale – simply within the occasion that one thing of profound curiosity would possibly flip up. And it did.

Taking into account the truth that the hill was a big one, Lance and I made a decision that the wisest strategy could be to separate up and canopy as a lot of the world as was humanly attainable. It was a good suggestion, to say the least. As I’ve come to study, in areas the place Man of the woods has been seen on common events, it’s not unusual to search out what seem like curious formations of tree branches that seem like have customary into specific designs by one thing with a excessive diploma of intelligence.

These odd buildings are primarily made up of thick branches that, in lots of instances, seem like they’ve actually been wrenched off of bushes and positioned into distinct pyramid-style formations. Some researchers have recommended they’re made by the creatures as territorial markers; whereas others have recommended they may very nicely be related to Man of the woods mating rituals.

A definitive reply to their development nonetheless eludes us; nevertheless, I don’t exaggerate once I say that the height of the wooded hill was infested with such formations. To the left of us, to the proper of us, in entrance of us and behind us: they have been in all places. After all, out got here the cameras to protect the astounding scene. However there was extra. Curious stone buildings have been prevalent, together with what appeared like a miniature model of Stonehenge; and scary, virtually cave-like, dwellings could possibly be discovered within the undergrowth on the slopes of the hill.

However maybe most fascinating of all was a discovery that Lance made as our search was nearing its finish: a big stone that had an ideal, round gap working by its size. Apparently, a Shaman contact of Lance’s had instructed him such stone-holes have been stated to be doorways that allowed enlightened souls to look into different realms and dimensions.

Is Lake Ray Roberts house to a dimensional gateway by which enigmatic Man of the woods-type beasts achieve entry to our world? Given a few of the stranger tales of Man of the woods blinking out in a flash of sunshine, or tracks all of the sudden coming to a halt as if the beast had vanished immediately, I would not wager in opposition to it!

And, in expedition phrases, it was yet one more bizarre day on the highway – similar to so many others.

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