“Planet Bigfoot” – A New Book Reviewed

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Planet Bigfoot is the newest launch from Visionary Dwelling, Inc., and is edited by well-known paranormal researcher and investigator, Rosemary Ellen Guiley. This is a wonderful ebook, which covers nearly every facet of the Bigfoot controversy, and that has wonderful contributions on the topic from many well-known figures, together with Lyle Blackburn (writer of Lizard Man and The Beast of Boggy Creek), Jerome Clark, Loren Coleman, and the late Brad Steiger and Ivan Sanderson. There are near forty articles, all of which deliver one thing thought-provoking to the desk. With that every one mentioned, let’s now check out the contents and what you possibly can be taught from digging deep into the virtually 300-pages of fabric. We’ll begin with a Mysterious Universe common, Micah Hanks. His contribution goes by the eye-opening title of “Do Sasquatches have a language?”

Micah’s 7-pages-long characteristic is stuffed with meals for thought – which is hardly a shock given the content material and nature of the subject-matter. These with an curiosity within the Bigfoot phenomenon will pay attention to the well-known Twenties-era case of Albert Ostman. He was a person who claimed to have been kidnapped from Vancouver Island and brought to the lair of not only one Bigfoot, however a complete household of them! Yep, it is an undoubtedly controversial story, however it’s additionally a narrative that many within the Bigfoot discipline purchase into. Though the story of Ostman’s alleged seize and escape is well-known within the discipline of cryptozoology, much less effectively know is that, in accordance with Ostman, the Bigfoot that whisked him away used the “phrase” of “sooka-sooka.” What it meant is anybody’s guess.  Micah additionally discusses a 1955 case by which these concerned within the affair could have been fortunate sufficient to have heard a Bigfoot communicate. The witnesses acknowledged that: “The sounds have been all mixed in, and it sounded as if no matter it was, have been making an attempt to place phrases of types collectively.”

Now, let’s check out the submissions from the aforementioned Loren Coleman, writer of Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America. There’s a connection – of types – between the 2 articles, regardless that the places and conditions are considerably totally different. We’re speaking about accounts of Bigfoot caught on movie – whether or not through footage or pictures. A type of articles is targeted on the well-known “Patterson Movie” of October 20, 1967. You do not have to be a Bigfoot fanatic to know what I am speaking about: the movie has been seen on numerous documentaries, whereas stills from the movie have made their method into various books. After all, the massive query surrounding the controversy is that this: does the movie present a Bigfoot or a person in an “ape go well with”? Loren gives us with a wonderful, balanced research of how and why the controversy has endured – in addition to the particular claims which have circulated in regards to the footage. Loren’s second article revolves round what have turn out to be referred to as the “Myakka Skunk Ape Images.” They’re a pair of photos that purport to indicate a big, unknown kind of ape, lurking within the darkness of a selected space in Sarasota County, Florida, in 2000. It is a fascinating article that nearly reads like a detective-style story, such are the genuinely fascinating twists and turns that dominate the matter.

The submissions within the ebook additionally deal with a particular space of Bigfoot analysis that – on one hand – intrigue and amaze folks, however alternatively create big controversy and ship blood-pressure skyrocketing! If you have not guessed but, I am speaking in regards to the alleged supernatural/paranormal Bigfoot facet of the general thriller ape phenomenon in america. On this specific part of the ebook, now we have options that debate nothing lower than the Males in Black, aliens, UFO exercise, and issues relative to Bigfoot being a creature that is ready to soar from one dimension to a different. On this class, too, there’s a paper from the late John Keel, which was written again in 1999. The title is “Bigfoot, Stenches and UFOs.” Keel drew parallels between the “ugly odors” skilled in instances of supernatural exercise, poltergeist occasions, and paranormal phenomena with the usually reported nauseating stench that the Bigfoot creatures exhibit. Agree with Keel or not, he was somebody who clearly thought there was far more to Bigfoot than meets the attention.

Add to that, papers on the Russian model(s) of Bigfoot; the controversy surrounding the near-legendary Minnesota Iceman; the “Goat-Man” of Lake Price (which is tackled by Lyle Blackburn); Bigfoot and President Theodore Roosevelt; and far more, and what you’ve gotten right here is a superb research of assorted elements of the Bigfoot controversy – and offered by among the main figures within the discipline and by others who’re not with us. Whether or not you’re new to the topic of mysterious apes within the USA, or somebody who has been within the discipline for years, Planet Bigfoot is a extremely entertaining and informative ebook that may have you ever musing on its contents for a very long time.

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