Possible Bigfoot or Giant Humanoid Seen and Photographed in Mexico

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It’s time for an additional version of “Studying a New Language By Cryptozoology.” Right this moment’s new language (for these not already fluent in it) is Spanish and the cryptid is Bigfoot, or “Pie Grande.” As you might need guessed, we’re speaking about Pie Grande as a result of one was noticed just lately in Mexico in an space often called Ojo de Agua (Eyes of Water). Wait a minute … Bigfoot in Mexico?

“Una sombra en la montaña, una visión entre los árboles, un monstruoso hombre que vive alejado de todos y que centenares han buscado sin encontrar nada, excepto huellas en la tierra, se trata de la leyenda de Bigfoot o Pie Grande en el mundo. En zonas frías del mundo prevalece la historia del Abominable Hombres de las Nieves o el Yeti. Nunca antes se había abordado el tema en San Luis Potosí y mucho menos en la cultura indígena Tének cuya tradición se apega a historias de nahuales.”


“A shadow within the mountains, a imaginative and prescient among the many bushes, a monstrous man who lives removed from everybody and that a whole lot have searched with out discovering something besides footprints within the earth, it’s the legend of Bigfoot or Bigfoot on the earth. In chilly areas of the world the story of the Abominable Snowmen or Yeti prevails. The difficulty had by no means been addressed earlier than in San Luis Potosí, a lot much less within the indigenous Tének tradition whose custom sticks to tales of nahuales.”

OK, this story is chock stuffed with fascinating information, however let’s begin with Pie Grande. El Sol de San Luis reviews (with a photograph) on the account of a “Mrs. Antonia” who was out along with her husband and little one close to Ojo de Agua when she heard an explosion, noticed a landslide after which an “hombre grande y Delgado … “Como un gigante” (a big, skinny man … “Like an enormous”) that was very far-off – as is evidenced by the blurry picture included with the account (see it right here).

354px Pie Grande
Drawing of a Pie Grande

El Sol de San Luis interviewed Agustín Hernández, described as a consultant of the native indigenous folks often called the Huastecs or Téeneks (Téneks), of which Mrs. Antonia is a member. This pre-Columbian tradition dates again to at the least the tenth century BCE and there are estimated to be some 280,000 folks in Mexico who nonetheless converse the language. He claims that tales of a “Pie Grande” or an enormous man have been circulating by the realm just lately, and he’s undecided in the event that they’re actual, associated to latest UFO sightings or all simply manifestations introduced on by the stress and tedium of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

Hernández factors out that the indigenous Tének tradition custom “sticks to tales of nahuales.” A nahual or nagual is believed to be a shapeshifting human who obtained the flexibility by a pact with the satan – one thing typically attributed to magicians or shamans. (You could bear in mind studying about them within the works of Carlos Castaneda.) These nahuals can shapeshift into numerous animals (canine, owl, bat, wolf, turkey (!)) which will drink the blood of human victims, steal property, trigger illness, and create different types of mayhem. Then again, they’ll additionally do good and even take away the curses of different nahuales.

600px Codex Borgia page 22 570x570
Nahuales drawings from the Codex Borgia

So, what did Mrs. Antonia see and {photograph}? Something greater than ‘a tall, skinny human or humanoid’ could be pure hypothesis, and even that could be a stretch. Based mostly on most descriptions of Bigfoot, this Pie Grande is fairly scrawny. Is that because of the lack of waste meals from eating places being shutdown or might it’s affected by COVID-19? Let’s hope it’s innocent and different Huastecs get some higher images.

No matter it’s, it’s a gran misterio (massive thriller). Thanks anyway, Pie Grande, for the language lesson.

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